How to wash windows correctly and without staining

Every self-respecting mistress keeps the windows clean. On average, wet window cleaning is done every three months. But, if your apartment is located on the ground floor, then you may have to wash the windows more often, because more dust and dirt gets on them. Surely everyone knows how to wash the windows, but not everyone does it right. In this article we will discuss in detail how and how best to wash the windows.

How to wash windows correctly and without staining

The tools necessary for cleaning windows will be found in every home

Sponge. It is desirable that one side of the sponge be stiff. So you can easily get rid of heavy pollution.

Wiper. It is also called the screed or the screed. Thanks to this device, you will not only understand how to properly clean the windows, but also love this occupation. The wiper may be on a long handle, then you will not have to once again climb the chair or window sill. There are particularly comfortable models with a sponge on one side and a squeeze on the other.

Cleanser. It can be anything. On the choice of means for washing windows, we will focus more on the text.
A piece of dry cloth. The fabric can be used cotton, you can take a piece of natural suede, flax or nonwoven material. The main condition is that it should absorb water well.

Taz or bucket. You will need any container with water. First, in order to dissolve the detergent, and then to rinse the glass with clean water.

Spend a little preparation

First, free the sill from foreign objects (flower pots, vases, household appliances). And all the necessary tools are located within reach. Do not pour a lot of water into the bucket or basin, to avoid spilling it around. Decide in advance how you will wash the windows outside. Well, if it is a separate sponge, because the reverse side of the glass is much dirtier.

For wet cleaning it is better to choose overcast, calm weather. Otherwise, the glass will dry out quickly in direct sunlight, and then it will not work to clean the windows without staining.

Choice of detergent

So, my window. If you have windows with wooden painted frames, then use a liquid detergent for cleaning, a soap solution, or add ammonia in water at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 liter of water. Do not use soda, because the paint from it fades.

What is the best way to wash plastic windows? The main thing - do not use abrasive powders and coarse sponge. To avoid damaging the sensitive to mechanical stress plastic. To wash a plastic window, you can use any liquid.

There is one more time-tested method - this is the use of chalk. For this, it must be pounded and dissolved in water (2-3 tablespoons per 1 cup of water). Then wipe the glass with a chalky solution, let it dry for a while and rub it thoroughly with newspapers.

This method really works, but it is rather laborious. It is much easier to use modern synthetic tool for washing windows. It can be in any form - powder, gel or paste. The choice of detergents on the market is huge and they all do an excellent job with their task.

When choosing a product, pay attention to its composition, as some components may cause an allergic reaction. Basically, they consist of water, ammonia, surfactants and auxiliary acids and alcohols that dissolve dirt.

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Windows washing steps

My frame. Always start washing windows with cleaning and washing the frame and only then go to the glass. Very often make the mistake of starting to wash the glass, and then the frame.

Cleaning the window from the main dirt. Dampen a sponge in water with detergent dissolved in it and carefully wet the glass surface. Next, without missing a centimeter, clean the window, driving dirt down with a sponge. Remember that the main pollution is located at the joints of glass and frame. Therefore, in conclusion of the first stage, run a sponge around the perimeter of the window, increasing the pressure. When you wash the plastic windows outside, use a long-handled brush. Remember about safety measures, avoid sudden movements.

Fine wash. To wipe the window dry, you will need a wiper. Slide down the glass, starting at the top. Maintain a tilt angle of 20-30 degrees. You need to move horizontally, each time blocking the washed area a couple of centimeters. Dry the wiper gum dry after each pass. This is the most important point in the entire wash, and you may need a lot of dry rags. Wet screed will leave stains on the glass. Old rags can be used with rags.

If there is no screed, then the best and time-tested window cleaner will be a flannel cloth.

How to wash windows correctly and without staining

Wiper movement on the glass surface.

Some features of washing plastic windows

To properly clean plastic windows and preserve their functionality, pay attention to the following points:

1. If the design of your plastic windows provides for a special coating or spraying, then do not be afraid to wash them, as this is all applied to the inside of the glass.

2. Pay special attention to the care of metal fittings, rubber seals and drainage holes:

  • Fittings after washing and drying, lubricate with engine oil.
  • Apply a special silicone grease to the rubber seal. It will save from drying and cracks.

How to wash windows correctly and without staining

Lubrication of plastic window hardware. Photo - www. pvcwindow. ir

3. Drainage systems should always be clean. Clogging can cause the window to fog up and freeze in winter. On sale there are special kits for the care of plastic windows, which include all the necessary tools.

How to wash windows correctly and without staining

See where each of the elements of the plastic window hardware is located.
Photo revelationwindows. co. uk

Tips for caring for windows

1. After cleaning, wipe the windows with vinegar solution. The smell will keep the flies away and the glasses will stay clean longer.

2. Take a strong solution of table salt (2 tablespoons per 1 cup of water) and put it on the glass - this way the windows will not freeze longer if it is freezing.

3. Small cracks on the glass can be treated outside with colorless nail polish. It is invisible and lasts a long time.

4. To keep the windows clean longer, they can be wiped with a mixture of water (30g), glycerin (70g) and a couple of drops of ammonia. When the glass is dry, a thin protective film will remain on it.

After reading this article, you learned how and how to wash windows correctly, which detergents to choose, and how to fix the result. Being engaged in washing of windows, especially outside, do not forget about the safety precautions.

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