cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

Despite the popularity of modern plastic windows, traditional frames, made of solid wood, for many people remain the best option for protecting an apartment. But in this case, the house craftsmen face the question of repairing wooden windows with their own hands, as it is rather expensive to order the restoration in a specialized workshop. In the meantime, such work is not difficult. Even a person with minimal skills and knowledge in this area will cope with them.

cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

Scheme of a wooden horse.

Removing the old coating

When repairing wooden windows with their own hands, the most problems arise with removing the old paint, since most often there are several perennial layers of an oil coating on the frames, which is removed with large by work To cope with this task, you can use 3 ways:

  • mechanical removal;
  • washing with special means;
  • dismantling the coating using a building hair dryer.

cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

The location of the pads for wooden windows with different types of opening.

The last option is the simplest. Under the action of heated air, the oil paint softens and can be easily removed with a conventional construction spatula or metal scraper. In this case, the hairdryer must be kept at a distance of 15 cm from the surface, and the room must be constantly aired. Do not forget: when conducting this type of work it is necessary to cover the respiratory tract with a protective mask.

But, despite the fact that this method is optimal, not every master will find such tools for window repair. Therefore, it is easier to use more accessible methods.

In modern stores selling products for construction, you can find a lot of chemicals designed to remove old paint. They are usually alkaline or acid based liquids or gels. This tool is applied to the surface with a brush (preferably from natural bristles), and then the softened layer is removed with a spatula.

This method has several disadvantages:

  1. An aggressive tool can damage a window.
  2. The consumption of such "washes" is quite high, since the surface has to be processed several times.
  3. During processing, persistent, unpleasant odors and toxic fumes can occur.

In addition, caution should be exercised in handling such products. Be sure to use thick protective gloves, goggles and a mask.

Removing paint with the tools

cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

Types of wooden windows.

The mechanical method of cleaning the surface is considered the most affordable (but also the most time consuming). Paint is scraped off with metal scrapers and brushes. You can use a grinding machine or a special nozzle on the drill, which is a brush-brushing. The blown up bubbles of the old coating and peeling paint are removed with a metal spatula.

At the same time, such work should be carried out very carefully. Take care not to damage the wooden windows. Otherwise, scratches and chips will have to be restored. Therefore, do not use force and click on the tool.

It is more reasonable to use a combination of the first and second methods. First, remove the thickest "beddings" with the tool, and wash off the remaining paint. This will reduce the time you spend on cleaning wooden windows.

Before removing the paint, remove all the fittings from the frame. It is better to replace old latches, hinges and handles with new ones. These items are cheap, and if after repair you put the old, deformed accessories, the effect of repairing windows with your own hands will decrease.

In addition, it is also wiser to remove the glass. Otherwise, during the work they can be accidentally broken. Fixing bead should be replaced, and not restore the old one. Otherwise, through the cracks in the room can penetrate drafts.

Restoration of window frames

cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

Scan of window frames.

For further restoration of windows with your own hands, you will need the following tools:

  • a small rubber spatula;
  • a small foam roller and paint brushes (it is wiser to purchase 2 sets : for primer and paint);
  • sandpaper set;
  • carpentry tools (plane, chisel, Bulgarian).

Window restoration begins with the repair of defects in the structure itself. Often the old frames are deformed and warp over time. In this case, it is necessary to remove excess wood and replace the corners. Make sure that the wooden window fits snugly to the box, but does not get stuck in it. If in the future you want to warm the structure with the help of "recessed" seals, then on the transom it is necessary to form a recess for the tape.To do this, first cut through the furrow (with the help of the grinder), and then choose the excess wood. Then the entire window is carefully primed.

Next, the frame must be carefully polished, remove dirt, grease and dust. Now you can proceed directly to the restoration of the structure.

For the repair of wooden windows with their own hands, as a rule, they use ordinary putty for working with wood.

cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

Window frame drawing.

You can also find specialized tools in stores. But there is no need to use them.

Restored wooden windows with a small rubber trowel. At its tip, a bit of plaster is gathered and smooth voids (chips, hollows, cracks) are filled with smooth movements. It is wiser to immediately remove excess material with a clean rag. In order to fill large holes, putty put in several layers, allowing each previous layer to dry completely. After all defects are eliminated, the wooden window is left to dry. It should last at least a day.

Then the frame must be sanded using fine-grained emery paper so that the pierced areas are flush with the wooden surface. The window ground again. After all the preparatory work carried out, you can proceed to the final design finish.

Painting of wooden windows

cover removal and frame repair (photo and video)

Explication of a wooden window.

As a rule, frame repair ends with painting the entire structure. To do this, it is wiser to use special paints that are resistant to temperature changes and the effects of precipitation. Usually for this purpose oil paints, alkyd or acrylic enamels are used.

If you want to get a smooth surface without drips, then you should paint the wooden window with a fine-porous foam roller, and handle the corners and hard-to-reach places with a small paint brush with stiff bristles.

The texture of paint should resemble thick sour cream. If it is too dense, then after drying the wooden windows will be covered with embossed inaccurate stripes. Too liquid composition will lead to the appearance of stains. Therefore, it is wiser to check how the enamel lays on unnecessary wooden pruning. Too thick composition diluted with solvents, and for the liquid use special thickeners.

Paint should be applied at least 2 layers, giving each of them to dry completely. After the final finish is complete, you can install the window hardware.

The holding bead is first stained and only then installed on the place intended for it. If you use small nails or screws for fixing, first drill holes for them. Otherwise, the rake may just burst. Silicone can be applied to the inner side of the glass bead. It will serve as an additional gasket that prevents the penetration of drafts into the room.

Last, install the seals. The most reasonable way to use silicone-based adhesive tapes. They fit snugly to the frame. In general, the restoration of wooden windows usually takes 2-3 days.

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