How to treat wood from mold and mildew?

The fungus damage to wood surfaces in the house, in the country or in the bath can cause not only a change in the structure and pleasant appearance of the surfaces. The vital activity of mold fungi is accompanied by the release into the surrounding air of toxic compounds. They can cause problems with the bronchi and lungs, up to the onset of asthma and rhinitis. Breeding fungi and mold, destroying the tree, can cause a decrease in immunity, allergic reactions and deterioration of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is important to fight mold on wood and carry out preventive treatment for protection.

How to treat wood from mold and mildew?

In order to get rid of the mold it is recommended to ventilate the room in sunny weather.

What measures are needed in rooms with a mold / fungus?

When treating wood from mold fungi, you must first reduce the humidity in the room where they appeared. After all, a small influx of fresh air and a large amount of moisture in the air allow these harmful microorganisms to develop. It is necessary to air more often, to install special devices for moisture absorption (air dryers or moisture absorbers, for example, "Ceresite Stop moisture"). To the maximum ensure the penetration of sunlight into the room, which will process the tree from mold more efficiently. If the fungus appeared on the furniture, it will be useful in sunny weather to ventilate it in the open air. It is better to process it on the street too, so that the tree can dry out better.

Folk methods of fighting the fungus

How to treat wood from mold and mildew?

The growth pattern of mold fungi.

Many people do not trust modern anti-fungal drugs and prefer to treat wood from mold with the help of recipes from popular councils. Some of them may be shocking. In some sources you can find recommendations for processing wood with urine. The recipe includes 1 liter of this vital activity product and half a piece of laundry soap, which you need to grate, and then apply for half an hour on the areas affected by mold. The "fragrance" of such a tool can be easily imagined.

It is often recommended to install bright lamps in the room where the fungus began to damage the tree and mold appeared. But these lamps must be disinfectant (such as used in operating rooms) and it is forbidden to be in the room during their work. Their price is high enough, and they can only cope with the fungus and completely get rid of the mold in the air. It showed itself well in the fight against fungal lesions on wood anthracene oil, but after its application it is impossible to paint the surface for several years. This oil can change the color of furniture or boards affected by the mold, and processing will cause irreparable damage to the appearance.

Most often used for the destruction of mold and flexible copper sulfate in various compounds and solutions that need to be prepared independently. If processing of furniture is planned, then a mixture is prepared, which is prepared from 22 g of ferrous sulfate, 18 g of common salt and 44 g of potassium alum. They are well mixed and diluted with 1 liter of water. Some used the Bishovit salt for the destruction of fungus and mold on wood.

But folk remedies are considered not only ineffective, but even dangerous when carrying out wood treatment procedures. Copper sulfate, which is so often proposed for use, is highly toxic. Therefore, it should be used in extreme cases and in compliance with all necessary safety measures. To process copper sulphate furniture means to lose its beautiful appearance, because the surface will be destroyed and the color will change a lot.

Synthetic antiseptics

How to treat wood from mold and mildew?

Wood impregnation scheme.

The best solution for protecting and controlling wood from fungus or mold is antifungal agents from proven manufacturers. These include brands Senezh, Neomid, Tikkurila and Pinoteks. These preparations destroy mold spores even in the very depths of woody surfaces. There are special preparations for furniture that destroy mold effectively but gently. They can safely handle furniture without worrying about its appearance.

There is one type of fungus that can be controlled only with the help of "Wood healer", a special brand for the destruction of white house fungus. Only this tool showed sufficient activity in the laboratory. Previously, with the appearance of this pest, it was easier to burn wood than to get rid of it completely or for a long time. Now, mold and house fungus will not cause the disposal of damaged furniture or floor / wall covering of wood.

Wood should not only be treated with antiseptics to get rid of the fungus - it must be protected with special solutions.

All the above brands offer high-quality protective agents that need to be treated with surfaces. There is enough protection for several years to prevent mold from returning. This term depends on humidity and compliance with sanitary and hygienic measures.

How to treat wood surfaces from fungal lesions and mold, so as not to harm health, you can use the example of Neomid 400. The treatment should be carried out in two stages. First you need to thoroughly clean and dry the surface. It is better to do this in a bactericidal medical mask so that mold and fungal spores do not get into the respiratory tract. After that, apply a layer of the product with a clean cotton fabric not only on the areas covered by the mold, but also 10-20 cm around the radius.

It is necessary to work with an antiseptic with gloves and not allow the product to get on the skin. After treatment, the room must be thoroughly ventilated. If aerosol is used, then you need to work in a protective mask. This will protect the respiratory tract from accidental antiseptic ingestion in the body.

Synthetic preparations for the destruction of mold and fungal spores are a much more effective and safe method of control and preventive protection. They act much longer, do not destroy much of the surface and are applied as a finished product.

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