How to mount polycarbonate - various ways

Polycarbonate is a modern thermoplastic polymeric material that is produced in the form of sheet blanks of a given size and is widely used in industry and everyday life in the manufacture and finishing of light-weight structures. Products from thermoplastic polymers can be divided into two groups, one of which is monolithic polycarbonate, and the other is cellular.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Cell

Polycarbonate products are made in the form of a homogeneous sheet material, in appearance resembling ordinary glass . Like glass, they do not trap light rays, significantly exceeding it in terms of strength and reliability. In addition, products of this class are characterized by high resistance to shock loads, as well as ductility and flexibility of the source material.

Cellular polycarbonate is produced in the form of multilayer sheet blanks with internal voids reinforced with special stiffening ribs. Thanks to this original structure, products made of cellular polycarbonate are distinguished by high impact strength, which does not prevent them from being quite flexible and convenient to install.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Monolithic

Note that monolithic polycarbonate is widely used as a substitute for glass in institutions of various profiles, including commercial enterprises, schools, hospitals, gyms and swimming pools. In addition, in recent decades, this material has been successfully used in the construction of suburban buildings of light type (greenhouses, greenhouses and greenhouses).

Methods of mounting sheets

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Frame for polycarbonate

The main method of mounting monolithic products polycarbonate is the use of special thermal washers to fix it.

We also note that the supporting frame on which polycarbonate sheets can be mounted are typical constructions used for plain glass:

  • frames with special grooves used as fastening zones for sheet material ;
  • arched structures, which imply installation of polycarbonate sheets with diametral bending;
  • holders of various types ensuring fixation of sheets in a predetermined position.

Regardless of the type of base used, there are two ways of mounting and fixing monolithic polycarbonate, conventionally called wet and dry.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Connecting profiles

In accordance with the first of these methods, the material is fixed to the frame using a special polymer putty applied around the perimeter of the frame structure, as well as on the edge of the sheet. After their articulation, the seams of the obtained compound are additionally sealed using silicone filler. In this installation variant, special profile gaskets (or rubber strips) are also allowed.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Angle profile

The so-called dry method of planting the sheet uses mechanical fasteners represented by profiles or other type and used in conjunction with rubber seals. For fixing sheet blanks in this case, fasteners with a threaded connection, as well as screws or similar elements are used. Dry method of fixing sheet blanks is more accurate due to the lack of liquid components.

For any of the fastening methods we have considered, when laying sheets, thermal gaps should be provided to exclude the possibility of deformation of the material during its expansion.

Installation Procedure

Before you start fixing the sheets on the frame, you will need to prepare (drill) holes in them according to the size of the fastener you have chosen.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Fasteners

For vertical and horizontal fastening of sheets of monolithic polycarbonate in greenhouses, on verandas and in greenhouses typical bolted joints fitted with rubber sealing washers may be used. The pitch of their mounting on the frame base should not exceed 500 mm.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Roof of the veranda

The marking and drilling of the holes for the fasteners is made immediately before they are installed on the place prepared in advance .

The distance from the edge of the sheet to be mounted should be about 20 mm; moreover, its value should exceed the diameter of the hole by 2‒3 mm.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Fastening pattern of cellular polycarbonate

Typical drill bits can be used to prepare holes in polycarbonate a tree; at the same time, direct drilling of the hole should be carried out at low speeds of the tool used, ensuring the possibility of controlling the temperature of the working area.

How to mount polycarbonate - various ways Installation of

Proper fastening of the sheets to the frame implies the formation of a well-fitted connection, ensuring that they fit snugly to seat.


Method for proper installation of cellular polycarbonate and tips on choosing fasteners:


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