How to make ventilation in the bathroom

Ventilation and good air circulation is very important for a person’s home. And such systems play a particularly important role in rooms with high humidity. These can be safely attributed to the bathroom, bathroom and kitchen. This article will explain how to make ventilation in the bathroom. What should be taken into account?

Do I need additional ventilation

How to make ventilation in the bathroom Condensate

Erecting a house, builders necessarily create ventilation shafts. They have access to the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Such designs create the necessary draft and normal air circulation.

How to understand if you need additional equipment for bathroom ventilation? If the ventilation shafts are made correctly and not clogged with debris, then air circulation should be normal. When you notice that condensation forms on a mirror or other surface while taking a bath, this means that the ventilation system is not doing its job. In this case, you need to install extras.

If you ignore this moment, then over time you can get unpleasant consequences. First, the bathroom finish will quickly become worthless from damp. Secondly, moisture and heat are an excellent breeding ground for harmful microorganisms and mold fungi, and this is even worse than a damaged finish.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom Ventilation scheme

If condensation has begun to form, then it is worthwhile to proceed to improving the ventilation system. This can be done in three ways. The choice will depend on the area of ​​the room and the number of people living in the house or apartment.

Ensuring the flow of air

How to make ventilation in the bathroom A simple option is in the bathroom door

Such the way is suitable for small rooms where taking a bath is not so often. It consists of installing ventilation holes in the door. To make sure that it suits you or not, you can slightly open the bathroom door while swimming - if the steam leaves, then you can do it.

For this you need:

  • a drill with special nozzles;
  • emery cloth;
  • a marker or pencil;
  • screwdriver;
  • ventilation rings (they can be metal, plastic or wooden;

First of all (of course, after purchasing the rings), we mark up. Attach the rings to the bottom of the door and mark their future location marker or pencil. Such marks need to make at least three pieces, but you can and more. The main thing is that they are symmetrical and do not spoil the appearance.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom The grille in the door

Tepe With a drill with special nozzles of the required diameter, we make holes. The inner part must be cleaned with an emery cloth. The rings themselves are inserted into the holes, for convenience, you can use a screwdriver.

In this case, the air circulation will be even better. And if you don’t want to spend extra money, you can simply make holes, process them with emery paper and improve them with paint or varnish.

Option for small rooms

This way of organizing ventilation in the bathroom is suitable for areas up to 15 m 2 . In this case, installing powerful equipment does not make sense, so you can do with overhead devices.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom Diagram of the device for active exhaust

Before you purchase them, you need to calculate the required power. To do this, use a simple formula - the area of ​​the room is multiplied by six, if up to three people live in the apartment. If people who constantly use the bathroom more than three, then you need to multiply the area by eight. For example, if you have a bathroom in 10 m 2 and three people live in an apartment or house, the required power will be 10 * 6 = 60 m 3 per hour.

Having bought an overhead type fan, prepare the tools necessary for its installation. You will need a screwdriver, drill, screws and two-core electrical cable.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom Connecting the

hood At first, the fan case is attached to the air vent. This is convenient to do with screws. Then the fan itself is put on the case, as a rule, for this purpose there are latches. Then you can connect the cable to the terminals and check the operation.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom Installation

Such overhead fans are made compact and consume little energy. In addition, they have an aesthetically attractive appearance. For ease of use, many people connect the fan to the switch. As soon as a person enters the bathroom and turns on the light, the ventilation system begins to work. Doing one way or another is just your wish.

Option for large rooms

If there is a large bathroom in a house or apartment with an area of ​​more than 15 m 2 , then you need to install more powerful ventilation equipment. In this case, ventilation in the bathroom is done with the use of centrifugal duct devices. They have sufficient power, but at the same time low power consumption and low noise.

How to make ventilation in the bathroom Channel fan

Such devices are powerful fans that can be installed directly into the ventilation duct. During its installation it is necessary to check the reliability of fastening and sufficiency of the installation depth.

Such fans can also be connected to a light switch. But, as a rule, a separate switch-on console is installed for it.


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