What is better flooring or flooring

Today, people increasingly want to trim their home with beautiful and safe natural materials. Therefore, do not go out of fashion or traditional flooring or floorboard. There is a lot in common between them - they are close "relatives". And yet: what is better - parquet or floorboard? Having asked this actual question for many, we will try to answer it.

What is better flooring or flooring

Features of parquet and parquet

Parquet is solid wood strips not longer than 50 cm and not wider than 7 cm. They can be made of various valuable wood species and have different shapes.

What is better flooring or flooring

The difference of the floorboard is that it is multi-layered. The lowermost layer is made of plywood or veneer, in the middle is softwood, and for the "front" upper layer they use expensive woods. The floorboard is longer and wider than the floorboard. It can be up to 13 cm wide, and up to 2.4 m long.

What is better flooring or flooring

When the flooring is wiped and loses its original appearance, it can be restored by otkiklevav and otlakyrovav. Just enough to slightly clean the working layer. Buying a floorboard, many believe that it can not be restored when worn. This is a common mistake - the working layer is here too. The top coating has an average thickness of 0.4 cm, and it is quite possible to clean it. And another thing: the advantage of the floorboard is that it is coated with a layer of varnish or oil in production. Parquet is covered with varnish or oil immediately after installation.

Comparative characteristics of flooring

So you can’t decide right away whether to use parquet or floorboard in your apartment or house. It depends on the goals you want to achieve. To make it easier to make a choice, you need to compare both floor coverings on various points.

Issue price

Naturally, monolithic wooden parquet will cost more than a floorboard. Indeed, in a multi-layer board, the layer of valuable wood does not exceed 4 or 5 mm. And inside is a cheaper spruce or pine wood. The base is made of cheaper wood species designed to increase stability and prevent atmospheric fluctuations.

As for the parquet, its board is made entirely of solid durable wood. For this purpose, quite expensive hardwoods are used. However, a multi-layered parquet board may well serve a quarter of a century. If it is carefully looked after, then the service life will increase by 2 times.

Easy installation

The floorboard leads here. After all, it, like the laminate, has convenient locks for connecting.

What is better flooring or flooring

Even a beginner can easily lay this cover. Therefore, you can save a lot - do not have to pay the master stacker.

What is better flooring or flooring

Laying parquet is much more complicated, requires additional skills and the involvement of specialists.

Peculiarities of treatment and care

When laying parquet, it should be undoubtedly ottsiklevat, and then sand and cover with several layers of varnish. It is necessary to look after him carefully, applying special means. A parquet board is a covering completely ready for use. Additionally, it does not need to be covered after installation, and care for such a floor does not cause much trouble.

What is easier to dismantle

You can remove the floorboard by stacking it in a new way, as many times as you like. The quality of the material while not affected. But with the flooring it can not even be done once. You should not try to take a beautiful parquet with you to a new apartment. Only in vain time will be spent, and the floor will be ruined as a result.

Variety of the range

And here again the floorboard is in the lead again - it boasts an enviable variety. Parquet has much less patterns, colors and types.

So, having considered the differences between parquet and floorboard, we can conclude that the latter ideally combines excellent quality and a very affordable price. And the parquet is a classic, refinement and nobility. If you treat him gently and gently, then he will please your grandchildren with elegant patterns. But first, think carefully whether you are ready for substantial costs. After all, the material itself, and its installation will cost quite expensive.

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