How to make doorways without doors

Each of us seeks to decorate an apartment or a country house in an original way, thereby demonstrating our designer taste and making the interior of the house unique. There are a lot of opportunities for this now, because the construction market is filled with modern various building materials, it only remains to add a little bit of your imagination.

In this article we will explain how to make doorways, consider various rooms (kitchen, hall), and also show photos and video footage.

Plastic panels

How to make doorways without doors

Plastic panels imitating a wooden structure and matched to the basic tone of the door are perfect for finishing the doorway. This style emphasizes the severity of the lines, creating a contrast with the painted or wallpaper pasted walls. At the same time, it will visually appear that it is slightly widened, and the ceiling is slightly raised. From the point of view of practicality, we note that on such panels, traces of touching them with hands are completely invisible. Plastic panels are fixed, as a rule, on a previously cleaned wall surface with liquid nails.

Polyurethane stucco

How to make doorways without doors Moldings of polyurethane

One of the common materials for finishing The doorway is a polyurethane moldings, which is very similar to plaster, but much easier than her. Polyurethane stucco perfectly glued to any surface. But in deciding on the use of this material for design, you need to be very careful. If the hallway or corridor is not too large in its area, try to choose flat elements for decoration, without relief, otherwise they may overload the room.

Polyurethane stucco in the form of an arched element above the door and pilasters on the sides of the opening looks luxurious in rooms with high ceilings. One of the advantages of this design is that this material initially has a white color that can be repainted into any suitable shade.

Decorative stone

How to make doorways without doors Finishing with a decorative stone

Decorating a doorway as a decorative stone is considered one of the most stylish. Pleasure is expensive, and even finishing is much more difficult than others, but it's worth it, because stone is a durable, practical and durable material. For decoration should choose a stone of small size. Along the perimeter, you can perform a flat edging of stone, cutting and spreading it along a delineated line. However, designers prefer a more interesting option when “torn” edges are created - in this case, the stone is not trimmed, but laid out in a natural manner. The color range of the stone should be selected according to the general tone of the room design. Glue decorative stone on tile glue.

In order for the decorative stone to be held very firmly, you must first prepare the wall around the doorway: clean it from other types of finishes and process it with a special primer coating.


How to make doorways without doors Designing doorways with a clinker tile As another design technique, you can use clinker (brick- "). Clinker is often used for exterior decoration of the facade of a cottage, as well as for interior decoration of window and door openings. Select the appropriate type of clinker and lay it "run", similar to the brickwork. This finish looks spectacular.

If during the repair you decided not to put a new door in place of the old one, then you need to dream up and come up with a beautiful design, because in this case the doorway becomes an important part of the interior of the whole apartment.

Without doors

How to make doorways without doors

If for some reason you decide to abandon the door, you should think about how to make the doorway so that it fits in interior design. As in the case of finishing the passage with a door, you can use clinker, plastic / wood panels, stucco. In addition, you can make an arch or get along with a simple finishing option.

Simple design

How to make doorways without doors Rectangular doorway

The simplest solution is to finish opening in the form of the letter "P". This is when the door is removed, the box is removed, everything is cleaned and finished in any way: wood or plastic panels, natural stone or clinker, polyurethane moldings.


How to make doorways without doors Arched opening

From the design point of view, the arched form is most interesting . Such openings in the narrow corridors of the apartment are particularly appropriate, as they help to visually expand the space and make it more airy.

  • For rooms with low ceilings, arches are well suited, whose corner radius is more than half the width, that is, rounding is flat. In this case, the arch will look visually wider, slightly “raising” the ceiling.
  • In a classical arch, the radius should exactly match half the width - this arch is perfect for rooms with high ceilings.
  • There are other various forms of arches: in addition to the classical, straight and round, they can be made in the form of an ellipse, a trapezoid, as well as an asymmetric shape with a bias in one direction.

A very convenient way to finish the arch is to purchase a complete set of wood, consisting of two arcs, four racks and panels. But you can make an arch and do it yourself from drywall.

Features of the design of the doorway in the kitchen

How to make doorways without doors Features of the design in the kitchen

If you have a limited budget, do not despair, because even with the most minimal investment you can beautifully arrange the door passage in the kitchen. You can not select it on the general background. In this case, the walls, as well as the opening, are plastered and painted / pasted over with wallpaper. Another option is to use textured plaster.

With an unlimited budget, you can use other materials. For example, in high-tech style, you can use metal sheets. Modern style provides for the presence of mirror and glass elements in the interior. But you do not need to trim the passages This is explained by the fact that the illusions that are created on the mirror surfaces due to the play of light can confuse a person entering or leaving the kitchen.

Brickwork and natural stone look good when decorated in Provence and Country style. The use of artificial materials that look like a brick and stone is allowed. So, you can maintain the unity of style with a limited budget. It should be noted that it is easier to work with an artificial stone than with a natural one. The doorway treated with artificial stone does not need to be strengthened, since the material has a relatively small weight.

Making the entrance to the hall

How to make doorways without doors

The hall is intended for receiving guests - noisy or quiet, formal or friendly meetings. It is the hallmark of the house / apartment, and therefore must be decorated accordingly. No exception is the doorway. Most often in the hall do not insert the door. If you also decide to save on this purchase, then you need to solve the issue of finishing.

The simplest option is to glue the opening with wallpaper or paint it to match the walls of the room, and then decorate it with textile curtains. And do not think that such a decision refers to the remnants of the past. In fact - this is a classic. However, the choice of curtains should take into account the color of the upholstery of the sofas, the carpet and the style in which the hall is made. The shape of the curtains can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. They can be freely falling or stuck on one side. So usually make a rectangular passage.

If your living room is made in the spirit of the East, then look at the bamboo curtains for decoration. They only emphasize the special oriental atmosphere. Such curtains are thin bamboo sticks strung on durable yarn. They are sold in a wide range of colors with different sizes, which will allow you to realize the most daring ideas.

Stained glass arches

How to make doorways without doors

Stained glass arches decorate doorways in the hall or in the kitchen. The design of the arch is made in the form of stained glass. Drywall is at the heart of such an arch. You can purchase this design in the appropriate store. It is easy to install, as all decorative covers and fasteners are included in the package.

Drywall Arches

How to make doorways without doors

Drywall is a material that allows you to make an arch of any shape and configuration. From classic to fantasy. However, if you decide to make such a construction yourself, then you will need to acquire some skills in working with the hyproc.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with this video. From it you will learn how to make a simple drywall arch:

You can decorate the finished arch with wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster, artificial stone, etc. You can also embed spotlights in the design . Drywall provides opportunities for the implementation of the most daring ideas.

As you can see, there are many options for the design of the doorway, the main thing is that your chosen option fully meets your aesthetic and practical requirements.


From this video you will learn how to install a pre-assembled arched set:


How to make doorways without doors Finishing the arch with decorative stone

How to make doorways without doors Ready-made arch construction

How to make doorways without doors Semi-Mark

How to make doorways without doors Sliding doors

How to make doorways without doors Decorating the opening with mosaic

How to make doorways without doors Unusual finish of the opening

How to make doorways without doors Beautiful arch

How to make doorways without doors Figured arch

How to make doorways without doors Decorating the opening with the tree


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