How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood

In the manufacture of fences and fences are widely used wood materials of various types.

Moreover, a reliable fence made of precious wood was at all times a symbol of prosperity and abundance and represented the face of the owner of a country plot. But before you start making a wooden fence, you should familiarize yourself with some of the varieties of building structures of this class.

Types of wooden fences

The following types of fences made of wood can be assigned:

  • fence under the fence;
  • fence in style "ranch";
  • in the form of a paling;
  • trellised;
  • wooden picket fence.

Consider each of these items in more detail:

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Fence-fence

Fence-type fences are a hedge of twigs intertwined in one way or another. They are traditionally used as an element of decorative design of suburban areas. Such designs, made in retro-style, originally look at the background of the natural landscape, but, unfortunately, not enough durable.

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Fence-ranch
Fence in the style of "ranch" resembles a fence, mounted from nailed to wooden pillars of boards or poles (their number usually varies from 2 to 4 pieces). This fence is sometimes called the horizontal fence.

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Fence-fence
Fence-type fence can also be attributed to fencing, performed in retro style. This construction consists of poles pointed at the top, which, after digging into the ground, are fastened together with the help of special crossbars.

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Lattice fence
Due to its lightness and openwork, lattice fences can also be classified as decoration elements plot used simultaneously for its zoning. Such a fence is usually recruited from intersecting diagonally narrow planks (laths) and cannot be considered as a capital fence providing reliable protection from unauthorized access to your site.

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Picket fence

Wooden picket fence also belongs to traditional type fences and is made of crossbars with boards nailed to them vertically. Being one of the most economical projects, such a fence is still very popular among consumers.

The dignity of the picket fence is its "transparency" for the sun's rays, which ensures minimal shading of the enclosed area. At the same time, such barriers are quite attractive and can decorate any suburban area.

Manufacturing technologies

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Wooden fence

Wooden fences are divided into two classes:

  1. Without base, made in the form of separate pillars with elements of an obstacle fixed on them. Various modifications of fences of this class differ only in the type of fencing elements used in them.
  2. With a base, equipped with a small foundation, on top of which the pole supports themselves are mounted.

Despite its thoroughness and respectability, the barriers of the second class are rather laborious in execution and will require considerable expenses from the performer.

Plan of construction

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Construction of the fence

The wooden fence is bright representative of the fences, made in the traditional style. Due to the simplicity of its shape, such a design looks quite elegant and modern. At the same time, the process of making such a fence is extremely simple and will not require any supernatural efforts from you.

To begin with, you should decide on the material that you expect to use when building a fence.

It is necessary to take care that the harvested wood is reliably protected from decay (i.e., treated with an antiseptic).

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Installation of pillars for a wooden fence

Next, you will need to outline the proportions that will affect on the appearance of the future structure. And only after all these preparatory procedures are completed, you can proceed to the installation of the barrier, including the following operations:

  • Preliminary marking of the land plot for the fence.
  • Accurately calculating the number of elements required for the construction (pillars, shtaketin, and crossbars). When self-fabricating support pillars, be sure to sand them and sift the vertices properly. The crossbars should be chosen so that rainwater can flow freely from them.
  • The part of the pillars recessed into the ground will need to be thoroughly treated with heated pitch (tar).
  • Next, using a strong thread and pegs, the location of the fence supports is marked (the distance between the supports recommended by specialists should be 3 meters).
  • Then, in accordance with the marking, pits are prepared for poles with a depth of about 1.0-1.5 meters. To speed up the preparation of holes, you can use a mechanical drill.
  • In the case of a high picket fence on the pillar base, additional supports should be provided to increase the stability of the whole structure.
  • Poles placed on a twenty-centimeter sand cushion should be calibrated strictly vertically and then sprinkled with soil. As the bedding is applied, the soil should be thoroughly compacted (if desired, the structure can be strengthened with cement).
  • After that you can mark out the fixing points of the crossbars, and then securely fix them on the pillars.

How to make a wooden fence - a fence made of wood Pickles



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