How to make a sewer in a private house

During the construction of housing often have to deal with issues with sewage. If you want to save money, you can start the installation work yourself, besides, they are not very difficult. The main factor in the private sewage system is the lack or availability of access to the central highway. If it (trunk) is located near your home, installation work will not cause labor. In this article we will talk about how to properly make sewage in a private house, we will show diagrams, photos and video instructions.


How to make a sewer in a private house Private Sewer Device

The maximum amount of work you have to do when outdoor sewage device. First of all, it is necessary to dig out several trenches and lay the pipes to a depth of 50-150 cm. That is, the depth of laying should be below the level of soil freezing in winter.

If there is no central sewage system near your house, you will need to make an autonomous structure, which can be a cesspool, septic tank, filter well or local cleaning station.

Autonomous sewage

How to make a sewer in a private house

A cesspit has been used for a long time and it is easiest to build it with your own hands. For the interior walls should be used red ceramic brick.

As an alternative, you can build a pit of reinforced concrete rings, but you must first fill the bottom with concrete solution and cover the top of the hole with a lid with a ventilation hole and a viewing window.

Septic tank is often used in homes intended for permanent residence. This design is very reliable and easy to install, that is, subject to the attached instructions, you easily install it with your own hands. Polypropylene septic tanks do not require frequent cleaning, which significantly saves money on the services of a vacuum truck. Thanks to the latest technologies, domestic waters undergo repeated purification when released into the device.

Preliminary preparation

How to make a sewer in a private house Project for a country house Before you begin the construction work, you need to perform several consecutive actions:

  • decide on the location of the sewage well: it must be below the level of the dwelling;
  • mark the location of the sewer pipe from the house;
  • pay attention to the location of the collector pipe, because it will be all wastewater from the dwelling is concentrated. No defects, irregularities or distortions are allowed;
  • when designing the project, calculate all the bends and angles that pipes will run, especially the internal sewer system;
  • after completing the above steps, you can go to a specialized store for the acquisition of materials.


How to make a sewer in a private house Installation of Sewerage

Exterior Works

In the event that the house has an old system, it will be much easier for you. It is necessary to dismantle old pipes and install new ones on the already completed sewer paths.

How to make a sewer in a private house

However, it may require complete reworking, which involves raising the flooring and deepening the trench if necessary: ​​

  • Dig a hole under the foundation and measure the width from the top to the bottom edge. The optimal value should be at least 100 cm, only in this case you can not worry about the freezing of the collector pipe;
  • On the street side dig a trench to the drain hole. The depth of the trench outside should be greater than the inside and should be at a slight angle to facilitate waste flow.

You have to lay the sewer pipes both inside the house and outside.

  1. At the bottom of the trenches, it is necessary to make a sand pad with a thickness of 20 cm. This will reduce the pressure on the polypropylene pipes. That is, due to the sand, the buried soil will not put much pressure on the structure;
  2. High-quality installation is impossible without proper sealing and pipe joints. To do this, during installation, insert tees into the pipes, which will help you to eliminate blockages during operation. You shouldn’t save at this stage - it all pays off very quickly;
  3. Tees are installed in 4-meter increments, and the part that comes to the surface is plugged with a plug.

Domestic sewers

How to make a sewer in a private house Internal works

For indoor installation Polypropylene pipes are often used that are not susceptible to corrosion, and, accordingly, their service life is quite long, and the installation process is simpler than that of cast-iron or steel analogues.

If you have a lot of plumbing, you need to choose a pipe with a diameter of 10 cm, while a pipe from a sink is 5 cm. That is, you have to connect different pipes, which is done using adapters. Gaskets are used for reliability and tightness at butt points.

A revision (tee) is installed on the riser at the level of 1 meter from the floor, from which the exhaust pipe is drawn to a height of 70 cm from the roof surface.

Such a complex installation system will help you avoid unpleasant smells in the house that accompany the installation of the sewer system. If ventilation is performed according to all requirements on the riser, then foreign smells will not penetrate the room and cause discomfort.

By all means consider thermal insulation of the riser located in a cold room.

Outlets with a diameter smaller than the diameter of the pipe on the riser are used to dock the riser with the external sewer system. According to professionals, the release should be mounted in the direction of the sewage at a right angle and connected to the riser with two taps with angles of 135 degrees. If necessary, an additional riser will require the use of an oblique tee and an additional tap. If there is one riser or collector pipe, labor costs will be much less.

External sewage is made of polypropylene pipes Ø150 mm.

After reading the instructions and observing the technology of work, it is easy to equip your country house with the necessary communications.

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Sewage installation process for a private house in a video format:

If you do not want to install an independent sewage system for a private house on your own , we recommend looking for a reliable company on the Internet. Often on the websites of such companies there are calculators for calculating the cost of work.


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