How to make a playground (+ photos)

Do you want to please your child? There is nothing better than making a playground for children! Remember yourself in childhood. Did you not like to spend time in the sandbox, on slides and swings? Here, probably, it was, like everyone else - your child's heart just exulted! So, why not make your kids happy with an excellent platform on which they will play and have fun? And you can fulfill your childhood dream with your own hands!

Where do we start? Naturally, with the idea! You will also need time, patience, diligence, some knowledge, and some tools. Yes, just a little money, do not think that the playground is expensive. Not everything that is beautiful is measured by money, and in the construction of a playground, everything that is not right on the garden is useful to you.

We draw up an action plan

How to make a playground (+ photos) Where to place the sandbox

so that the idea would have that outline, you will have to develop a plan of action. If you have a good memory, then all events will remain in your mind. But for more persuasiveness, you can create a project that will allow you to clarify details with the household. Also consult with children. Tell them about your plans, maybe they will make some changes to the project. And in the end, who will have to spend time on the playground, if not them?!

First of all, think about where the playground will be located exactly on the plot.

Both the sun and the shadow must be present. After all, kiddies are not very helpful to be in the sun all day, as this may threaten them with a sunstroke. In addition, your chosen place must be protected from the wind.

How to make a playground (+ photos) The layout of the playground

Excessive distance from home is also not welcome, because better so that the kids were always in sight in adults. From the big children's curiosity, too, should be protected.

The playground must be located on a more or less level surface. This will protect children from injury.

Do you want children to run around the playground barefoot? Then take care of the improvement of the green grass mat.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Rubber cover for playgrounds

Raspberry, rosemary, bramble and other prickly plantings should remain far from playgrounds for children. If you plan to develop a love for the sport in a child, you can equip it with a rubber tile that is not traumatic and aesthetically appealing. In addition, install a basketball hoop, horizontal bar and other sports equipment on the court. If you can allocate some space for the site, then consider creating a gravel garden covered with small pebbles. Children love to play with gravel no less than with sand. On the diagram to scale depict all the planned objects.

Safety Technique

How to make a playground (+ photos) Self-Built Swing

If you decide to make swing, then note that they need additional free space - not less than 2 m. To protect the child from injury, take care of coverage on the playground. This may be a green grass mat. But if you wish, you can also use synthetic coating sold in specialized stores in your city.

Swings, slides, houses and other structures deepen into the ground by not less than 0.5 m. They should also be carefully strengthened, for example, with metal “crutches” or concreting. Any reliable method will be appropriate here.

If you are using wooden parts on the playground, pre-polish them thoroughly. Then cover them with cold-resistant paint or varnish.

The size of all structures should be appropriate for the age of your children. For example, 2- and 5-year-old kids have a sandbox with a size of 1.7x1.7 m, and the height of the slide should not exceed 1.5 m. If your children are of primary school age, then the slide for them can have a height of 2 , 5 to 3.5 m, swing - from 2 m.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Drawing of a swing

What no matter what you think of, the obligatory attributes of each playground are a sandbox, swings and slides, a children's hut or a house. And remember, first of all it is important to observe safety precautions in order to minimize the possibility of children getting injured on the playground!

We build a sandbox for kids. We take into account the important!

How to make a playground (+ photos) Sandbox from a tire

The main types of sandboxes are limited to only two options: closed and open . But here you can realize your exclusive ideas!

How to make a playground (+ photos) A sandbox with a comfortable lid-bench

To create a unique sandbox that differs from its traditional counterparts, you can use the following ideas:

  • A sandbox that can be easily mounted and dismantled. To do this, pick up about 40 of the most identical stumps. Treat them with antiseptic and dig into the soil.Here the shape of the sandbox can be very different. Everything here rests on the scale of your imagination. For example, you can create small sand tracks, on which your child will run.
  • Sandbox of a tire from a tractor. It can be arranged in the form of a sailboat. To do this, select the wooden stick that will serve as the mast. Then secure it to the tire and decorate it with a sailboat.
  • A sandbox in the form of a table. Such an unusual decision will be the workplace of the crumbs. Here the child will be able to create houses from the sand and sculpt various figures.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Sandbox-table

If you decide to make an open sandbox, then first of all , you need to prepare a place for its arrangement. Then dig a hole. The most common size is 2x2x0.4 m, the last figure here indicates the depth of the pit. After the recess is ready, make a pebble, rubble or rubble cushion that will serve as drainage for the sandbox. In the corners of the pit, drive in 4 bars serving as supporting posts for the structure.

Now nail the planed boards from all sides. Of course, they should first be soaked with an antiseptic, and then painted with a cold-resistant paint or varnish. If you want to create seating in the sandbox, then on the edges of the hammered bars, fasten a few more horizontal boards prepared in advance. Now the design is ready. It remains to fill in the sand with a layer of about 20 cm.

It is better to use career, river or shop sand. This is explained by the fact that it is in these types of sand that the minimum amount of construction waste, such as stones, glass, and so on. Before sanding, sand it through a special fine-mesh screen.

If the open sandbox does not quite suit you, then you can make a closed version of it. To do this, you will need planed boards having a length of about 1.2 m (4 pcs.), As well as a meter-long block, which must be cut into pegs. In addition, you will come in handy door hinges, agrofibre and plywood sheets.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Sandbox Marking

So, when building a closed sandbox, you need to repeat the same processes as with the arrangement of the open sandbox, inclusive, up to the moment when you nailed the wooden boards from all sides of the pit.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Set the boards

After that, nail another level of the boards to the supporting bars. Now you can begin to manufacture the roof. To do this, measure the sides of the constructed sandbox and cut the appropriate dimensions of the plywood sheet. Cut the finished sheet in half and screw the hinge hinges to it.

How to make a playground (+ photos) We put geotextiles

Attach the agrofibre to the boards, it should be spread to the bottom of the sandbox. Attach both plywood sheets to different sides of the structure using hinges. Thus, you and fix the agrofiber. Now the roof of the sandbox will be ready! Paint it in a bright color, and after drying paint pour sand. Now children can play in their new sandbox!

How to make a playground (+ photos) Fix the cover

By the way, you can make a roof and from wooden boards. Simply put, it should be done on the principle of a two-part door.

The main advantage of a closed sandbox is that it is protected from small debris. In addition, it will not be able to arrange a toilet for cats and dogs.

A few more ideas:

We set up a house or a children's hut

Children love to secret things, to hide from the whole world and create their secrets. If you are a skilled craftsman, then you will be able to create a house from the remaining boards and roofing material on the site. But if you wish, you can buy a finished structure, for example, from plastic, wood or fabric.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Treehouse

Happiness of children there will be no limit if you make a treehouse for them . However, for this purpose it is necessary that the site had a tree with spreading branches. Yes, and the house should be positioned so that it was safe for children. But, believe me, your children will rejoice in its most primitive analog, made of cloth.

You can make a simple hut from twigs, polished boards or ordinary stretched curtains. If it is easier, lay out the usual tent for the children. She is well ventilated, and protects children from the scorching sun in hot summer days. The only restriction is that your children will have a house of film in it in a greenhouse that is dangerous to health!

If you decide to build a house of fabric yourself, then first make a frame for it. It is recommended to make a prefabricated frame. Its main advantage is the ability to quickly remove it if it started to rain. You can also quickly install it when sunny days come.If you are not limited financially, then it is better to buy a ready-made fabric house, which is equipped with windows, chairs, loopholes, sliding tables and other useful accessories. Although all this you can do yourself, of course, if you have a fantasy and have the appropriate skills.

How to make a playground (+ photos) A house between the trees

Maybe you want to make a house for your child that looks like the who lives your family? Then you will need more durable materials. Wood, plastic and foam are best suited here. The house can be ground, on pile or wooden legs.

If you decide to make a house for your baby at the height, then do not forget to make him a ladder, a rope and loopholes, thanks to which the child can climb inside the structure.

To create comfort, add a house with a slide, a hammock and a table with chairs.

Swing. Making them comfortable and attractive!

Creating comfort on the playground, do not forget about building a low rocking chair, which can be made in the form of fabulous animals, for example, a pony, a sheep, a rooster, or a donkey. Making a rocking chair is not so difficult.

For this, you will need a concrete mortar, a spade, a large spring and the figure of an animal that your baby will saddle. First dig a hole for the foundation. Fill it with a solution and insert a spring into it to a depth that ensures good stability of the future structure. After cooling the solution, attach the figure to the upper edge of the spring. It is important that it is equipped with a seat, because this way you can ensure the safety of the child when swinging.

How to make a playground (+ photos) Spring Swing

If you have limited yourself to arranging a classic swing, then you need to prepare in advance for this 2 bars with a length of 3 m. In addition, you will need a galvanized pipe having a diameter of about 7 cm. You also need a rope and a seat with a back. To start, dig 2 pits. Place the pretreated wooden bars in them and fill them with concrete. After the base has hardened, fasten a galvanized pipe to the cross-beams from above, to which you subsequently attach the ropes with a seat. To ensure greater safety, take care of the seat angles. It is better that they have a streamlined shape.


How to make a playground (+ photos) House with slide

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How to make a playground (+ photos) The scheme of the children's house from the tree

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How to make a playground (+ photos) Wooden swing construction

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How to make a playground (+ photos) The gravel

How to make a playground (+ photos) Wooden slide


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