How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

The rules defining how to make a laminate floor resemble a well-known puzzle game, as a result of which the entire floor surface becomes covered with a common layer of finishing material. In the modern market of finishing and building materials you can buy laminate having various shapes and sizes, suitable color and pattern, which can, for example, resemble a marble coating, etc.

How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

Installation of laminate is quite simple, but requires preliminary preparation of the base surface.

Preparatory Stacking Stage

The laminate on top has a layer of solid film coating, so its useful life will directly depend on the degree of reliability of the film, which determines the possibility of abrasion of this material. To lay the laminate with your own hands, you need to have on hand the following tools with materials:

How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

Layout of the floor of the laminate.

  • laminate;
  • wide adhesive tape;
  • glue;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • saw;
  • square;
  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • substrate;
  • sealant;
  • measuring tape;
  • wedges;
  • square.

All work begins after surface preparation, leveling and scrubbing it. On a flat surface, the laminate coating will last longer and creak less. When purchasing this material, you should carefully read the instructions on its packaging. The maximum shelf life in the package is 48 hours indoors, so you should carry out all the preparatory work in a timely manner, clearing the floor under the laminate.

It is necessary to continue preparation for installation by laying the substrate, that is, soft rolled material, which serves as a sound insulator. The substrate, as a rule, is realized together with the laminate. The best would be laying the substrate across it.

Choosing the direction of laying laminate in a room

You can arrange a laminate when it is laid both in width and in length. At the same time, one can begin not only from the walls, but also from the middle of the floor. If you already have some experience in styling, then you can make a diagonal styling.

Laminate is connected in 2 ways: slot and lock.

Glue can be used for the mortise method, and locks are used for the locking connection. In addition to the preparation of the above tools, you should decide on the technology of laying, which implies:

How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

Step-by-step guide to the installation of laminate.

  1. Assembly by the piece method. If one element of the floor fits, it snaps onto the lock from the end and along, and then proceeds to the next panel.
  2. You can also make a laminate floor in a row from the ends, as well as in the places where the joints are marked, you should glue them together with a wide paper tape.

Then the entire rank is inserted at an angle in the longitudinal lock. It is best to perform this operation with a partner. By pressing it is necessary to align the rank completely until the lock is fully latched. It is preferable to carry out the assembly of the panel, in which the lock is directed forward, that is, towards itself, but it is possible from itself. In this case, it is necessary to calculate the number of rows. And the width of the last row should be 5 cm more.

When starting to stack the first row of panels, it is necessary to connect it at each end, measuring the last piece. This will be needed to position the cut off part closer to the wall. Laying the second row is more difficult than the first. It must start with the remaining length of the panel, given the smaller amount of waste.

How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

Rules for laying insulation.

When assembling, all the seams are made-up, not less than 15 cm. If its pitch is uniform, the floor will become more beautiful. In the 2nd row, wedges should be placed between the wall and the panels. At the same time, the first row will be even, since wedges will be under it, which will facilitate the assembly process of the second and subsequent rows.

To lock the locks it is necessary to use a hammer, but do not force the locks themselves, as they are fragile. If there is an unnecessary section of the panel, then you can use it to snap the laid laminate by hitting its piece. When moving an unnecessary section of the panel, you should gradually latch each lock. The lock is fully latched in a horizontal position of the panel when pressure is applied to it from above.

Since there is a door in the room, and the lack of a threshold at the door implies laying the panels without a joint, so you can go to the center of the next room, from where to start assembling the floor, which will look more beautiful. If the area of ​​the room is quite large, the presence of a compensatory seam under the doors will be the best option for assembly.

If you intend to lay the number of panels that is an integer, then start each subsequent row best with a cut board.When laying the last row, one can experience difficulties due to the close location of the wall, to which cardboard or plywood should be attached, so that it is not accidentally scratched. A special wedge should be installed between the plywood and the panels. Pressing on the laminate from the top along the length of the entire row, it is necessary to latch it.

Technology of installation of baseboards on laminate

How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

Technology of installation of baseboards on laminate.

As the laminate begins to expand under the influence of an elevated temperature level, it should not be laid close to the wall. It is necessary to leave the distance from the ends of the panels to the wall at 1-1.5 cm, which will be a compensatory seam. It will not be visible under the baseboards. From this we can conclude that the panels should not be fastened to the wall or to the floor, they are only placed on the substrate with the subsequent installation of wood plinths.

Wooden baseboards are attached to the wall, not to the floor surface. Put the plinth to the installation site to make the necessary marks on the wall with a pencil. They will mark the attachment points. After that, begin to drill marks on the walls of a large drill 150 mm across.

When the holes are ready, wooden plugs with a diameter repeating the size of the drilled hole are clogged in them. If there are discrepancies, then other holes should be placed. Putting each plinth at the level of each label, drill special holes, providing for such a diameter that screw heads could sink into them.

Installation of baseboards on the laminate should be started by selecting one of the room corners. Then continue to move from left to right. The first plinth should be washed down to the left at an angle that will be internal. On the right side, the 1st element should connect to the next. Observe an even gash is required, taking into account the height of the squatt, which should not be lower than the plinth.

How to make a laminate floor with their own hands: technology

Scheme of insulation of the balcony floor.

When the angle of 45 ° is observed, make a gash of the next element, allowing the connection to continue. All places of fastening plinths hide among themselves. Strengthening the second plinth, the first must be attached to the wall, which will measure the distance for the next element.

Next, similar filings of the following elements are carried out, taking into account the connection on the left side and the presence of an inner corner on the right. If the sawing of the plinths is inaccurate, then gaps may appear, so initially gash should be made only to install the plinths on one wall. Washed down with baseboards for installation is better to start from the inner corners. This facilitates the subsequent markup when gouging baseboards for the outer corners of the room.

Principles of Laying Laminate Panels on a Balcony Floor

Panels are ideal for covering the floor on a glazed balcony. It is quite easy and simple to arrange the floor with your own hands, it does not take much time. On the floor of the balcony is better to make the laying of laminate panels, whose class is 31-33. Therefore, it is more resistant to abrasion and high mechanical loads.

Panels should be laid on an even and clean base. All bumps on the floor should be hidden, and the cracks cover up. The basis for laying should be concrete or plywood. Before starting work, the laminate is left on the balcony floor for 2 days. Work begins with laying the substrate on the floor under the laminate. It should not be overlapped, and to connect the seams should choose a wide paper tape.

The laying of the panels is carried out from the wall, which is opposite to the doorway. It is necessary to interconnect the required number of panels along their length, but not along the width. For laying the 2nd row of panels again, a certain number of panels are connected by one strip along the entire length of the balcony floor, then this strip is connected to the fortified row. Overlapping seams should be more than 20 cm.

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