Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

In one tale, a girl who happened to be in an empty house belonging to the family of bears could not sleep for a long time comfortably. Until Mishutkin chose a bed, so cozy and comfortable that she immediately fell asleep. However, this happens not only in fairy tales - and in life bed sizes play a significant role for us.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

What you need to know about bed dimensions

When buying new bedroom furniture, we look first at how it will fit in the room. And do not always take into account the size of the place to sleep, although it is no less important. To begin, remember in what position you are most comfortable to go to bed. Those who like to sleep on their stomachs or back clearly need more space than those who like to sleep on their side, putting their palms under the cheek. And another thing: the older a person is, the more personal space he wants to have, including in his sleep.

Beds manufactured today differ in their country of manufacture. Therefore, there are two systems of bed sizes:

  • The English system (which includes inches and feet) is mainly used by manufacturers from the USA.
  • The metric system (characterized by centimeters and meters) is used by manufacturers from Europe.

What is the optimal bed length?

If a person who chooses a bed for himself has a small or medium height, then he has nothing to worry about. Indeed, in a standard two-meter bed, it will fit perfectly. Another thing is when a tall customer comes to the store - for such a comfortable sleep you need more space in length. There is an easy way to determine the appropriate bed length, for this you need to add 30 cm to your height. However, if you adore big pillows and sleep on your back, stretched out with a string, you can add another 10 cm.

Most common standard bed sizes are 2 m and 1.9 m. The size of 1.95 m is offered by manufacturers much less often. Well, exotic bamboo beds are perfect for tall people - they usually have a length of 2.2 m. By the way, such customers are treated with all the attention, offering to lengthen the bed you like. Naturally, it will have to pay extra.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

Bamboo bed.

What you need to know about bed width

As a rule, this parameter indicates how many people can comfortably fit on the bed - one person, two or an adult with a child. Accordingly, these beds are called single, double or one-and-a-half. However, the complexion and habits of all are different, and the sizes of these products are different. About this - further.

Single beds

Domestic products have a single bed width of 90, 80 or 70 cm. Both a child and an adult (not of too much weight) can sleep well in such conditions. You will not have to either toss over or wake up from discomfort and tightness.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

A single bed with a soft headrest.

By the way, the standard size of a single bed in Europe differs in a big way - its width will be 90-100 cm. A similar bed of an American manufacturer due to their system of measures will have a size of 190 / 90cm and bears the label Twin. We have such parameters are available beds, referred to as teenagers. So, if you want to buy a bed from America, but of greater length, ask for the Extra Long brand (aka Twin X-Long). It will still be 99 cm wide, but its length will increase significantly - up to 203 cm.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

One-and-a-half beds

One-and-a-half beds are called beds, which for two is somewhat narrow, and for one - just gorgeous. The width of such products usually varies from 100 to 140 cm. However, about the crowdedness for two, someone can argue - passionate newlyweds who like to sleep in an embrace, this size sometimes fits best.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

Semi-double bed with original design.

The domestic size of a single bed is closer to European double beds with a width of 140-160 cm. If we compare it with beds from America, the Full model will be the closest in size (otherwise, Double). Its width is 137.2 cm, and its length is 190 cm. The Queen model has more comfortable, "royal" dimensions: 152.4 cm wide and 203.2 cm long.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

A classic queen-size bed.

Double beds

In this category, products of a width of less than 140 cm in width are not produced - so that they are not too crowded. In order not to disturb your soul mate, going to bed is quite enough a mattress with independent springs and a bed width of 160 cm - it is the most popular today. Wider models are also produced - 170 cm. By the same, whose build is rather fragile, you can buy products with a width of 155-150 cm

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

And if you are not satisfied with the standard size of a double bed, and you want something special, by its standards, the manufacturer can go to meet you by making an individual bed (with standard step in 5 cm). However, get ready for additional costs: mattress, bed linen, which also need to be ordered.

Europeans, producing products for two, do not stint on the width - it is 180 centimeters, or even two meters. In America, it is customary to call these types of beds "royal". Longer products are called Western King or California King. Their width is 182, 9 cm, and length - 213, 36 cm. Well, and King, Standard King models are wider - 193 or 198 cm. Their length is 203.2 cm.

Bed sizes - what you need to know about the sizes of double, single and single beds

Choosing a bed of the required size

Preliminary preparations

Going to the store and admiring luxurious products for sleeping, you can even get a bit lost. Therefore, consider some important points still at home:

  • Decide on the width. It depends on your preferences: sleep in proud loneliness, together on different sides, in the close embrace of a loved one. Or maybe you want the size of the double bed to fit the babies who came running to mom and dad in the morning?
  • The length of your double bed depends on the height of the one you are taller. You only need to add 30 cm.
  • Prepare a place for the future bed in advance, carefully making all measurements to fit it.

Choosing sizes depending on the country of manufacture of the bed and mattress

Depending on the size of the bed frame, you will need to select both a mattress and bed linen. And buying a mattress from Europe for an American-made bed is not worth it - it will not work. Here it is a matter of different systems of measures (American whole inches turn into fractional European centimeters). So, for example, 80 inches of length and 60 inches of width in terms of centimeters look like this: 203.2 cm and 152.4 cm.

So, having bought a bed from the USA, you need to look for a mattress to it from the same edges. And the Italian model of a mattress which has attracted to you will have absolutely not those sizes. The same situation will be with the European bed. You can, of course, order products with "special size", but it will be expensive.

We select the bed "by itself"

You can not make the final choice? Try lying on the bed right in the store. If you buy a bed for one, then lie down on your back, bending your elbows, and join your index fingers in front of your chest. If it is convenient, and elbows do not hang down - take it.

If your height is above average, then you should order a mattress in size - it will cost about 10 percent more than the standard size. Adding to the growth of 30 cm, we get the desired number. But the bed frame will have to be increased - do not forget about it. It should be discussed in advance at the factory if they can help you with this. If you refuse, then look among the standard products. For example, you can buy a model California King. It is convenient because it has no back in the legs.


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