How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands + video

The construction of a fountain in the dacha or backyard plot (or simply in the home yard) is not as difficult as it sometimes seems.

Such a construction is a closed-type water circulation system, part of which is mounted in the open form, while its other part (most) is usually hidden from our view. The simplified design of the fountain and its principle of operation look like this:

That part of the structure, which we usually call the fountain, is nothing more than a simple decorative bowl with a nozzle placed inside, through which water is thrown out. Moreover, the shape of this bowl and jets can take the most bizarre outlines (think of the famous fountains of Peter the Great and Bakhchisarai).

After ejection from the nozzle, water is again drawn into the bowl, from where it enters the coarse and fine filters through a special drain hole and with the help of a pump is directed back to the nozzle. To regulate the level of water filling the bowl it provides emergency overflow device.

Decorative part

How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands + video From a stone

Consider decorative (open) in more detail part of the fountain design.

Let's take as a basis a decorative fountain of a small size, made of wild stone. For such a design, any “waste” stone is quite suitable, as which you can use the following materials:

  • scrap of finishing stone;
  • river pebbles;
  • bottles and tons . p.

How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands + video Scheme

How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands + video All that is required of you for making a solid construction base for the fountain is to knead the selected scrap stone on a solid cement mortar and add some liquid glass to the resulting mixture.

An interesting option for consideration is also a suggestion of a design solution designed in the form of two bowls located on two floors. With this design of the fountain, its upper bowl can be used as a storage device (receiver). The conceptual basis for the development of such a design can be considered an improvised waterfall, consisting of a series of cascades.

It is well known that the fountains of Peterhof are provided with water from natural reservoirs (ponds) whose level is significantly higher than the plane of the system of interconnected fountain complexes. Such a difference in levels and the corresponding calibration of the holes in the flow tubes create the necessary pressure difference that provides a pressure head, under the action of which the jet is ejected to a height of up to 5-10 meters (without using any additional pumping systems).

Technical part

How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands + video Technical equipment When designing a hidden (clean working) part of the structure, the waterproofing of those components of the fountain that play the role of flow channels or collections of water. Usually, in practice, the system is based on standard plastic profiles, from which the main part of the structure is assembled. As a rule, silicone in a frost-resistant version is used to seal joints in the joints; the profiles can be designed for the following types of decorative materials:

  • decorative ceramics;
  • ordinary glass;
  • stone.

In addition, commercially available plastic tanks or trays of various configurations can be used as the base. If you clearly determine what you want to get in the end, then with the commercially available plenty of materials you will succeed without much difficulty.

The same pipeline, for example, can be made of plastic pipes with a working diameter of 16 mm, which are usually connected by simple soldering.

Plastic pipes are very resistant to corrosion - which is why they can easily be embedded in the hidden communications of the fountain, without worrying at all about the possibility of access to them.

This option is also convenient because you will not need any special equipment at all for pipe installation (welding machine, for example). You can easily do with a rented soldering iron.

As a pumping unit for your fountain complex, you can use a typical water pump used in individual residential heating systems.

Professional Tips

How to make a fountain in the country with their own hands + video Construction Tips

  1. When drafting a project, special attention should be paid to the arrangement of its foundation. Despite the small load exerted by this structure on the soil layer, it is desirable to go deep into the foundation base, so that it is below the level of the vegetable layer and excludes the likelihood of soil washing away.
  2. If necessary, you can equip the fountain's water supply system with an additional pressure tank (the so-called receiver).A standard plastic tank with a capacity from 50 to 100 liters, which is usually placed somewhat higher than the level of the nozzle, can play the role of a receiver. In this case, with the help of a pump, it will be possible to pump water into the tank, and only then direct it by gravity to the nozzle. This complication of the design is fully justified, since it ensures the constant pressure of the jet to the nozzle and increases the stability of the system as a whole.

It is imperative to drain the water from the fountain with the approach of even slight frost, and also try to cover it for the winter from dirt and snow.



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