How to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house)

The need for a cesspool, located on the territory of a private farm and used to collect sewage from the sewage system of the house, is beyond doubt. And indeed, in the absence of this component of wastewater communications, it is unlikely that you will be able to create normal conditions for managing a personal plot. In the article we will tell how to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house) from various materials.

Choice of location

How to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house) Choice of place

First you need to decide on place under the pit, based on the following considerations:

  • the distance from the pit to residential buildings should be at least 6-8 meters (SES requirement);
  • sewage section, running from house to the pits should not be too long;
  • your cesspool should be located in a place suitable for arranging access roads for the assenizatorskaya machine.

Near the place of the planned placement of the pit there should be no sources of drinking water, the minimum distance to which is specifically regulated by SES standards (at least 30 meters).

We note right away that such an indicator as the level of groundwater at the site of the proposed location of the pit does not matter in principle. Its value will need to be considered only when choosing one or another structure of this structure (hermetic structure or cesspool with filter drainage).

Capacity of the pit

How to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house) Capacity requirements

Performance characteristics of the selected sump pits are also determined by the correctness of the calculation of its working volume. This parameter depends, as a rule, on the frequency of use of economic services in your dwelling, which in turn depends on the number of its permanent residents.

It is believed that on average per resident should account for up to 0.5 cubic meters. m volume of a cesspool, which is, of course, a fairly rough estimate. The value of this parameter depends to a large extent on the condition and quality of the soil at the site of the pit arrangement (loamy soils, for example, impede the normal filtration of drainage water, which will require an upward adjustment of this indicator).

In addition, the saturation of the soil in the area of ​​the sewage tank with grease drainage makes it difficult to filter the incoming wastewater and forces it to choose a volume with a decent margin (it is believed that a family of 3 people can be satisfied with a working volume of about 6 pits cubic meters).

The choice of material and form

How to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house) The cesspool of tires Properly deciding how to make a cesspool correctly involves choosing a material for its manufacture, suitable for your conditions. Note that for the arrangement of structures of this type the following materials can be used:

  • brick;
  • various types of plastic;
  • concrete rings.

The shape of your sump can be any, but usually it is determined by the configuration of the tank you have chosen. Practice has shown that the most optimal form is an ordinary cylinder, due to the mechanical strength of which it is possible to evenly distribute the load on the walls of the structure. Cesspools with rectangular shapes are noticeably inferior to cylindrical tanks, since they do not withstand heavy loads due to the unevenness of their distribution among the structural elements.

Pit from concrete rings

How to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house) Material for the manufacture of

How to make a cesspool in the country (in a private house) The device of the cesspool In our case, we will consider the procedure for installing a drain accumulator assembled from typical reinforced concrete ring-shaped blanks. Please note that the installation of reinforced concrete rings is impossible without the use of special lifting equipment, so you should worry in advance about its order.

The finish ring should rise approximately 20 cm above the cut of the ground.

The sequence of operations for arranging the pit looks as follows in this case:

  • First, you prepare the foundation pit, the size of which approximately corresponds to the diameter of the prepared rings.
  • From above, use the crane to install the first ring, and then select the excess soil so that the workpiece is fully seated in the ground (due to its weight).
  • After that, a second ring is installed on top, which has the same fitting size. The protrusions on the rings will allow you to join the blanks to each other and prepare a monolithic structure from them.
  • Soil continue to choose until the finished ring design finally settles to the bottom.
  • For installation of a typical cesspool, you will need no more than 2 or 3 rings (this depends on the chosen depth of the pit).

At a level of 20 cm above the ground, the finished well is blocked by a reinforced concrete cover with a manhole for pumping out waste, and a neat earthen bed is made at its edges.


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