How to install the tank on the toilet

A bathroom is an integral part of every modern home. To install the flushing cistern should be taken seriously. In this article we will discuss the types of cistern and how to install the cistern on the toilet.

Selection of tank and drain equipment

In order to install the tank correctly, special attention must be paid to the choice of drain equipment and the tank itself. Although there may be no special problems. In most cases, toilet bowls are sold complete with cisterns, so you just need to choose in size and shape. But in some cases, the tank has to be bought separately. In this situation, it is necessary to pay attention to several factors. As you know, there are three types of cisterns. They differ from each other by the drain method: the upper non-float valve, the side valve with the float valve, and the lower one similar to the second one.

How to install the tank on the toilet Methods for supplying water

For the system to work properly, you must also install valves that will adjust the flow water and its descent. This system is driven mechanically.

How to install the tank on the toilet Drain tank vintage

If you decide to install modern drain fittings on the old tank model , then this will not work. Modern tanks differ in their configuration.

Types and features of installation

How to install the tank on the toilet Separate tank

On the plumbing the market can find three types of cistern. Between themselves, they differ in appearance and method of installation:

  1. A separate tank from the toilet.
  2. Tank on the shelf.
  3. Built-in tank.

How to install the tank on the toilet Elements of the structure

Consider the standard device of the drain tank:

  • drain fittings,
  • plug,
  • mechanism for filling with water and for adjusting the filling: filling valve, inlet fittings, float and ball valve,
  • button or lever.

How to install the tank on the toilet Drain Valve Scheme

There will be just such a set of mechanisms in each purchased tank. Now analyze the stages of installation of the tank.

Installing a separate cistern from the toilet

The work process is as follows:

  1. The height of the cistern will be marked on the wall.
  2. The height must correspond to the length of the pipe that will connect the tank to the toilet.
  3. As standard, a pipe is used for draining with a diameter of 32 mm.
  4. After marking, holes are drilled in the appropriate places in the wall, and the tank is fixed with dowels. Often, fasteners come with a tank, so do not rush to buy it.
  5. After the drain fittings are mounted.
  6. At the end of the work, check the entire mechanism for leaks.

There is nothing complicated in this process, it is important to perform all the actions in the correct sequence.

Tank on the shelf

How to install the tank on the toilet Installing the drain tank on the shelf

This type of tank installed directly on the toilet, which has a special shelf. For this purpose, a special rubber seal (cuff) is placed between the tank and the shelf. It must be of high quality, as the tightness of the structure will depend on it. As a rule, for such purposes a soft elastic material is used, which to the touch resembles rubber. It is important to make sure that the cuff has the appropriate shape. In some models, the tank cuffs may be oval, in others - round.

How to install the tank on the toilet Installation Procedure

Pay special attention to the surface of the toilet bowl. It should be free of chips, cracks, potholes. After mounting the sealing cuff, the tank should fit snugly to the shelf. All this needs to be checked before the final installation of the tank.

To increase the quality of the connection of the cuff, it is recommended to use silicone sealant. Apply it in a thin layer on the shelf of the toilet and place the cuff on top.

How to install the tank on the toilet The design of the tank on the shelf

Then look at the inner holes of the tank. They must exactly match the holes on the toilet bowl. Through them fastening bolts are put on. The bolt on both sides must be equipped with rubber seals. Using a wrench, carefully tighten the nut.

How to install the tank on the toilet Water supply

Do not forget to put the rubber gasket. Otherwise, it will lead to splitting of the tank or leakage. A rubber gasket should also be equipped with a hose with water supply to the tank.

How to install the tank on the toilet Tank with

button At the very end, it remains to mount the cover. After completing the work, check the tank by drawing water into it. Do not drain the water for several minutes, so you can be sure of the tightness of the structure. When draining, pay attention to the shelf, often in these places a leak is formed. If a leak is detected, then it must be eliminated.In most cases, you have to remove the tank and reinstall the cuff.

If everything is working properly, it means that you have done an excellent job with the task of installing the cistern on the shelf of the toilet.

Built-in tank

How to install the tank on the toilet Installation system: frame with flushing tank

Built-in tanks due to its compactness, it has become the most popular in recent years. Such a tank is completely different in its design from ordinary tanks. It is made of polymeric materials. The tank itself is fixed on a metal frame and mounted on a draft wall.

How to install the tank on the toilet Installation installation

Its installation is not so simple, unlike the two methods described above . For this reason, carefully study the installation instructions, which are listed below:

  • The main requirement for installing a built-in tank is an exact vertical. You can check this by level.
  • A frame made of metal is attached to the wall with dowels. If the structure cannot be hidden in the wall, the frame is mounted on the floor, and a box is constructed from the blocks.
  • Before installing the tank, it is first necessary to bring sewer and water pipes. They must be displayed at the correct distance.
  • To prevent condensation on the tank, it is recommended to carry out insulation work.
  • When all parts of the structure are installed and secured, communications are connected and functioning, the built-in tank is closed with a plasterboard sheet. The sheet is pre-made three holes: to drain the water from the barrel, to drain the water from the toilet and to the button. Additionally, the holes for the brackets, on which the toilet bowl is mounted, are measured.
  • When connected, check each mechanism for tightness and tightness.
  • After installation, fill the tank with water and drain the water.

How to install the tank on the toilet The flush button provides different water consumption

Some built-in tank models have additional function - dosing. There are always two keys on the drain button. For example, one flushes six liters of water, the other nine liters. As a result, in addition to saving space in the bathroom, a built-in tank allows you to save water consumption.

Useful video will help you to better understand all the features of editing technology.

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