How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors

Today, sliding doors have become very popular. Even the owners of one-bedroom apartments are wondering how to install a sliding door. But more recently, compartment doors were used mainly in offices. Installation of this design is more complicated than installing a simple interior door. However, subject to all instructions, you can do everything with your own hands.

What you need to cook

How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors Mechanism

To install the sliding door you will need:

  • self-tapping screws;
  • finishing nails;
  • anchors;
  • door sets.

The door set includes:

  • lower and upper rails;
  • lower and upper door frames;
  • door leaf;
  • profile handle;
  • upper and lower rollers;
  • seal.

When everything is ready, you can get to work.

Preliminary stage

How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors Doorway size

Before installing new doors, you must dismantle old ones Removed everything, including the box. However, the box can be left if it does not interfere. After dismantling the walls are aligned, in the opening all cracks and gaps are filled.

In order for the door to be installed smoothly, without distortions, it is necessary to level the floor. Only then can you start marking.

It is advisable to install the door after finishing the walls when the surfaces are even and smooth.

Measurements are made at several points. Width measured at the bottom, top and middle. Similarly, the height is measured. The opening is checked for verticality. Each side must be flat so that no problems arise during installation.

Installation of guides

How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors

First, the installation of the bottom guide is made. Its length should be twice the width of the opening. On one side, a 50 mm guide extends beyond the opening line.

Next start with the top guide. First, it is attached to the timber. After this guide is installed in the opening.

Installation of the top rail is carried out only by strict preliminary marking. It is made like this:

  • after the lower guide is installed, you need to put a canvas with pre-cut rollers on it;
  • you can set the optimum position of the upper guide by the position of the blade.

When the upper guide bar is installed, the stoppers should be strengthened on its sides, which will prevent the door from opening spontaneously.

When everything is ready, you can install the door leaf:

  • the canvas is taken and put in the trim strips;
  • it is installed on the upper rollers;
  • next canvas set on the lower rollers.

At the last stage, decorative panels are mounted.

After the installation of sliding doors with your own hands is completed, you need to check the quality of work. The leaves need to be rolled to the sides to make sure that they open and close easily and smoothly.

How to choose a sliding door

How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors How to choose

Before you install the sliding interior doors, you must first select the desired structure. Coupe doors allow you to create an original interior and save space.

Sliding doors are not without significant drawbacks, and this should be known before purchasing. Such structures do not protect against noise at all, they are not as strong as ordinary doors, and certainly do not seal the room from various smells.

  1. The first thing to do is choose the type of sliding system you want. Such systems are different. In one case, the sash can move along the surface of the wall, in the other - go deep into. In the latter case, time and labor will have to be spent on installing the construction of the canister inside the wall.
  2. The door manufacturer is a very important feature. The most famous are the sliding systems made in Italy.
  3. Door material. The door and decorative elements can be more or less durable depending on the materials from which they are made. So, if the design has glass, then it is desirable that it be triplex or tempered glass. This ensures that you will not need to install a new one soon.

The frame itself may also consist of a particular material. This may be veneered or metal profile, wood and other materials. Today, the lightest and strongest aluminum door.

How to decorate the door

How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors Stained glass

If the apartment already has a door- coupe, but it is unpresentable, then you can decorate it. It is easier to do this by drawing a picture on the glass. In order to make such a pattern, you need:

  • PVA glue;
  • aluminum wire;
  • stained glass paint.

How to install a sliding door - do-it-yourself sliding doors The scheme of the sliding mechanism With this composition, you can decorate not only the compartment door, but also the usual interior door.

  1. First you need to pick an ornament. You can come up with a drawing yourself or pick it up. After the ornament is chosen, it should be applied on a sheet of graph paper.
  2. Then you need to remove the glass from the door. A moistened paper with a pattern is applied on the glass.
  3. Next, you need to take aluminum wire, bend it along the contours of the design and smear it with glue. After gluing the wire to the glass, you must wait until it dries.
  4. When the wire has stuck, it remains only to color the drawing.

It is possible to make glass paint from aniline dyes. To do this, dilute them in distilled water, and then strain the composition to remove all the lumps.

Sliding doors are convenient if you want to visually expand the room. They are often used in such a design direction as high-tech. This is where aluminum compartment doors became so popular. By the way, such designs are practically not decorated with drawings, this is a requirement of style. But in the eastern interior you can experiment.

One of the main advantages of such a door is its absolute security. Therefore, it may well go to the nursery. In order to open it, no need to make special efforts. Also, compartment doors serve as mobile partitions. To transfer such a structure, having the skills to work with it, is quite easy.

Coupe doors break stereotypes. Most people are accustomed to simple swing structures. Sliding doors - an alternative, which will have to get used to.


Technical details of the installation of sliding interior doors are discussed in detail in the following videos:


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