How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen

Making repairs, the masters try to disguise unsightly pipes that spoil the aesthetic appearance of the room. Many do not know how to hide the gas pipe in the kitchen in the best possible way. This article will offer options used by both professionals and beginners. It should be remembered that in no case gas pipes can not be hidden tightly in the wall, hiding under a layer of plaster or hidden in a stone niche. This is fraught with consequences, because you can never rule out the possibility that the pipe will deteriorate and begin to poison gas. And in the niche of this will not be noticeable, which in the future may lead to an accident and even death of people. But let's not talk about the bad.

We use furniture

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen The horizontal pipe runs along the back of the

One of the good ones The options that can be taken are to close the gas pipe with furniture, as most people do. For example, you can hang around the pipe several cabinets on the sides, and close the space between them with a board of similar material, or make a cabinet whose depth will be less than the others. Thus, behind the wall of this locker will hide our pipe. In the case when its location is practically under the ceiling, you can simply mount kitchen furniture directly under the pipe, which makes it invisible to someone who will stand on the floor.

Plasterboard box as a disguise

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen Plasterboard box for a gas pipe

Another A great option that can be played with your own hands - this is a drywall box. However, it is best to use it in cases where the pipe passes in the corner of the kitchen. For its manufacture, it is necessary to take a profile and install it around the pipe so that the resulting structure, which will be supplemented with plasterboard, completely covers the pipe.

The box cannot be made solid if there is a gas valve in such a pipe. Access to it should always be left so that it is possible in the event of a long absence in the house of its owner to cut off the gas, and thereby secure housing.

What can be done with the box made? You can paint it with oil paint, it will also look more beautiful if you put a little more effort, namely, to finish it with ceramic tiles of the same color and size as in the rest of the kitchen. Well, you can paste over the wallpaper, if instead of tiles in the kitchen they are used. The drawback of such a box is that if the pipe suddenly deteriorates and needs to be repaired or replaced, it will have to be broken, which will be very unpleasant.

You can familiarize yourself with the technique of making a drywall box here:

How to hide the pipe against the background of the wall

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen Disguise magnets

One of the most accessible ways to mask a gas pipe in the kitchen is to paint it to the color of the walls. In addition, it is one of the safest options, as claimed by gas workers. Of course, this does not mean that the pipe will not be visible at all, but at least it will not be so conspicuous.

It’s possible not to turn to experienced designers, but to turn your imagination on a little. We take a little paint, white, and first paint it, applying paint over the entire surface. Then apply a brush of black paint with a brush. What we see in the kitchen? Yes, great like a birch tree. Now you can take the green paint and finish the leaves. Or buy a branch of artificial grapes and twist it around the pipe. Or try to portray a snake crawling up its leisurely affairs. Undoubtedly, the guests will be surprised by the original fabrication and may want to repeat this decor at home. The main thing here is not to be tasteless, but at the same time not without imagination. In a word, it is worth experimenting.

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen You can use as a railing pipe

There are other options. For example, you can purchase a plastic box according to the diameter of the pipes in the kitchen, in which electrical wires are laid, mount it on the wall under the pipes and fix it. This will provide a more or less decent look, as well as easy access to the pipes. The box can be repainted from the factory color (as a rule, it is white) to any other suitable interior for the room, or to glue the wallpaper.

You can use rails. What it is? So called special devices on which you can hang kitchen tools, such as scoops, cups, plates and so on. But, of course, this does not mean that all these utensils will hang on the gas pipe. In fact, the rails are hung almost flush with the pipe. Before that, it should be put in order, well cleared, if necessary, from the old paint, apply a primer and paint it with metallic - a special paint to imitate stainless steel.For the best effect, you should buy paint in a can, which is used for painting cars and bicycles - it is sprayed, unlike conventional paint, applied with a brush, and does not leave stains. After we hang the rails so that the dishes hanging on them partially overlap the pipe.

As you can see, there is always the opportunity to hide the pipes in the kitchen, using some kind of design technology or turning on the imagination or imagination. Do not be afraid to experiment, because disguise can always be redone.


How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen Narrow box for pipe

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen Pipes in the box

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen Gas pipe behind the furniture

How to hide a gas pipe in the kitchen Decorative boxes


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