How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet, and is it possible to prevent it? In fact, clogging of the toilet bowl is quite a natural phenomenon, and it can occur even if the plumbing is not used too intensively. This may be due to various reasons, including a large amount of salts in the water supply system, which are deposited on the walls of pipes. The small diameter of the pipes also leads to the fact that the blockage appears faster. What to do if the toilet is clogged?

How to determine the clog

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet Water does not go away in the toilet

To begin with, it is necessary to determine whether there is still a path for the passage of water from the toilet bowl, or everything is clogged tightly. To do this, drain a small amount of water into the toilet. You should not use a cistern for this, since a full drain is a few liters of water, a huge flow that cannot be stopped after pressing a button. If the toilet block is not partial, but full, then some of this water may be on the floor of the toilet. It is much easier to type in a jar of water and slowly pour it into the toilet.

Now you need to carefully look at whether the water level is being restored or whether it is rising. If the water level has risen, then this indicates a complete blockage of the toilet, and here we must take drastic measures. If the water level is restored, then it means that some of the water still passes in a small stream into the sewage system.

Now you need to see if the water flows in the bathroom, kitchen or other areas where there is running water. If water from other sources freely passes, then it can be said with confidence that the location of the blockage is in that part of the pipeline where the toilet is connected to the general system of water discharge.

Main causes

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet Something got into the toilet

  1. Paper. Many people are sure that the paper disintegrates into the smallest particles of cellulose in calmly water. In part, this is true, especially when it comes to branded soft toilet paper. At the same time, even the softest paper can create a lump, for example, if the toilet is not used for a long time after the last flush with pieces of paper. Paper in this case can be a provoking factor that can create a huge problem.
  2. Fat. It would seem, from where fat can appear in the drain system? In fact, many people throw the leftover food into the toilet, completely without thinking that this is how they clog the pipes. Fat does not dissolve in cold water, but slowly accumulates on the walls of pipes. Particles of food additionally help him in this, forming real barriers in the cavity of the pipe. In addition, fat can get from the drain from the kitchen. Many systems in apartment buildings are designed so that the water that is flushed in the kitchen sink, then gets into the drain system, which is connected, among other things, with the piping from the toilet bowl. Fat clogging is the most common, and therefore many people have the experience of eliminating it. There are several answers to the question, how to remove the blockage from fat.
  3. Filling trays for cats. They consist of clay, which is practically insoluble in water. Under the necessary conditions, in combination with fat, an emulsion is obtained, which can stand firmly on the walls of pipes. In this case, you will need to know what to break through the blockage of clay.
  4. Construction waste. Of course, reasonable people do not throw what remains after repairs into the toilet. But some believe that it is quite possible to pour out part of the unspent cement, albeit with a small crumb, and sand, and other building materials that practically do not dissolve in water, and in some cases become an absolute obstacle to the movement of water.

Mechanical methods of cleaning the clog

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet Cleaning with a plunger

How to clean blockage in the toilet, if the water still has a drain? Such cases can be called the most favorable and not allowed. The first method is the good old plunger. This item should be in the obligatory arsenal of toilet care items. To use it is quite simple. You must tightly attach it to the drain hole, and to make this fit maximum. Lowering and raising the movable rubber part of the plunger leads to the formation of a difference in pressure (when lowering, the pressure in the pipe increases, and when it is raised, it significantly decreases). If the blockage in the pipe is mobile, then it will easily move from its place and pass further along the pipe. Now you need to wash everything off with water from the drain tank so that a large volume of water creates the necessary pressure. In this way, they usually clean the blockages of the toilet bowl of organic origin.

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet Cable for cleaning

You can also remove the clog mechanically with a plumbing cable. This method is considered one of the most effective, albeit unpleasant in action.At one end of the cable should be a wire in the form of a spring or spiral. The reverse side of the cable is equipped with a handle so that it is convenient not only to hold it, but also to rotate it if necessary. The cable is lowered into the toilet with the end of the spring wire until the barrier is felt. Now you need to twist the cable in a clockwise direction, holding it by the handle. This job requires effort. This is quite an effective remedy for clogging the toilet.

Chemical methods for cleaning clogging

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet Chemistry for cleaning the toilet bowl

They are usually preferred women for whom mechanical cleaning work seems difficult. How to clean the toilet from clogging, if you want to avoid dirty work? Today there are many means that almost always act on the same principle. The active substance must be poured into the toilet, wait a few minutes or hours, according to the instructions, and then wash off with plenty of water. Unfortunately, this way you can only remove the blockage of organic origin, for example, fat, but it will not work on building mixtures at all.

How to eliminate the clog of the toilet - how to eliminate the blockage in the toilet The use of available tools for chemical. cleaning

How to remove the clog, if there are no special purchasing tools at hand? You can use the popular recipes. It is necessary to fill a pack of soda in the toilet so that it is completely in the pipe. Now you need to pour it with undiluted vinegar. It is necessary to stay away from the toilet, because this process is accompanied by a violent reaction. After five minutes, you need to pour a few liters of hot water into the toilet.


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