We decide what is better house or apartment + Infographics and Video

Previously, 20 years ago, living outside the city in your home was not considered prestigious. Now everything has changed - a country mansion with all modern communications has become a symbol of prosperity. Instead of modest "amenities" on the site are a sauna, swimming pool, elegant gazebos. However, supporters of urban life is still a lot. To argue about what is better - a house or apartment, it makes no sense. To each his own. But if in doubt, why not consider the pros and cons of these types of housing and make the final choice.

We decide what is better house or apartment + Infographics and Video

The main aspects of choosing

The reasons for choosing between an apartment and a private house are different. Newlyweds want to leave the village to the city where they work or study. Or a family with children dreams, on the contrary, to leave a small apartment in a spacious country house. An elderly couple moves closer to the ground, leaving the apartment with the bustle of the city to the children.

The main criteria that should guide the choice of housing are:

  • There should be enough space for everyone - each family member has their own personal space.
  • Clean air, greenery, a body of water are undeniable advantages.
  • Excellent, if there are shops, a school, a kindergarten, entertainment and medical institutions nearby.
  • It should be possible to get to the place of work without any problems.
  • The absence of a criminal situation in the area and ensuring adequate security is the most important condition.

What are the advantages and features of a private house

The question is: what is better - a private house or apartment? Let's consider the features of living in a country house.

1. The house is more spacious and free than in the urban dwelling. It is possible not only to allocate a room for each, but also to equip a library with a dining room and a winter garden.

2. Small children will live freely in the house only. It is easier to accommodate it and the family consisting of several generations. In a city such conditions can be achieved if rooms 4 or 5, and no more than four people live in an apartment. But the apartment is cheaper to keep than a house.

3. The area in front of the house will allow more frequent air. In the summer there you can take guests, and the kids will find a place to play. You do not have to spend a lot of time deciding to go on nature - it is already side by side. But all the charm of suburban life will manifest itself only if the place for the house is selected environmentally friendly. It is not very pleasant to live near a dusty highway or railway.

4. The plot can be useful even when home owners have a hobby. For example, grow flowers or vegetables. In addition, on the site you can put the car and equip the pool, and a sauna. However, the cost of a vast area will require considerable. Yes, and time will take pretty.

5. In your own home, unlike in an apartment, you will not hear how neighbors swear violently behind the wall or someone turns on the drill early in the morning. Moreover, cars, trams and other sources of sounds are constantly noisy in the city, so you can enjoy the silence in full outside the city. However, only if the neighbor behind the fence is not a rowdy - check this in advance, by the way.

6. It is possible to receive guests in a country cottage in any quantity - the area allows. For them there are separate rooms, and even a guest house. There is one "but" - guests prefer to come when it's warm. And in winter, when the day is short, the house may seem lonely. Therefore, those who love society, it is better to live in the center of the village.

7. A country house can be expanded by adding a veranda or another floor. And on the site you can not only build a garage or a workshop, but also build another house. True, it can cost you a pretty penny, and unskilled builders can spoil everything.

What about safety?

Which is safer - a house or apartment? Of course, in a country cottage you are much more likely to undergo a robbery. Especially if he stands apart from other buildings. It is safer to live in a cottage settlement with security, but also more expensive. You can take precautions yourself. Start a guard dog, for example.

A good way is to install a video surveillance system. You can install a special automatics, which in your absence and the light will light periodically, and lift the curtains. And it is better to invite someone to stay in your absence - then the thieves will definitely not turn up. Due to the fact that it is more difficult to get into the apartment, she will still win in terms of security.

Housing maintenance and costs

A serviced apartment is easier. No need to worry that the roof will leak or the heating system will fail. Experts are engaged in it. And you need only time to pay the "communal". True, its prices are constantly creeping up. And to set yourself something, starting with the boiler and ending with water meters, will be long and expensive.Also a bunch of documents will have to be coordinated.

Living in a house, you have to worry about any small things yourself, warming, equipping and repairing your home. Yes, it does not have to pay for the services that were not provided, but in the event of an accident or natural disaster, you will only have to rely on yourself. For example, to repair a roof blown off by a hurricane, a wiring burned out during a thunderstorm, or a boiler burst from frost. Sophisticated engineering systems that need to be regulated can fail more often, requiring a specialist call. We can not allow and overflow sewage, in time inviting the sewage service.

Conclusion: in case of an accident, the residents of an apartment need only walk to the telephone and call the housing office. The cottage is more complicated - the necessary specialists may not arrive very soon, or even not at all. Therefore, it is necessary that a technically savvy person live in a house. Comparing what is cheaper - a house or apartment, you realize that a country cottage will cost more.

How much attention is required by the plot

Even it takes a long time to clean a spacious country house, especially in comparison with an apartment. But even more time is spent on work on the site. In the summer it is necessary to water and weed, in the winter - to clean the snow. You can not leave the land ownerless, otherwise it quickly weeds overgrown. But you can greatly facilitate the care of the site, if:

  • Some processes on the site are automated (for example, watering). No need to mess around with a heavy hose. A lawn mower will allow once a week to quickly cut the grass, not waving oblique.
  • Plants growing on the plot are unpretentious. They will not require as much attention as people from exotic countries, but look just as good.
  • The tool for work has excellent quality.

And if a pond has been dug out on a plot, a summer kitchen has been built, or a pool is equipped, then there will be more work on it. Do not forget about the repair of tracks, benches and canopies, necessary from time to time.

Conclusion: the site will not tolerate a scornful attitude - it needs care. You can facilitate it by purchasing mechanisms and unpretentious plants. Therefore, if you do not like working on the land and do not know what to choose - a house or apartment, choose the latter.

Far or close?

Everything is close to the city, from shops with pharmacies to cinemas and a polyclinic. But in the cottage with this may be a problem. Therefore, buying a house in the country, you should think about the following things:

  • How much time will be spent on the way to work? If you need 20 kilometers to go, and then stand in traffic jams, then this is not the best option.
  • Does public transport to the city go nearby? Even if you have your own car, it may be necessary.
  • Is there a good kindergarten, school, sports section nearby? It will be hard for children to get up early to go every day to the city.
  • What are the shops, hospital and clinic in the village? Better if they can be reached on foot.
  • What communications are brought to the house? Especially important is the presence of gas, as well as centralized sewage.

Conclusion: Living in the wilderness, you can get a lot of problems with going to work, educating children, and even buying food. It will be easier if someone from the family has free time, and communication with the city is good. Residents of apartments do not have such problems.

Who lives well in his house?

Several categories are able to rate all the delights of such housing.

A young family with above-average incomes, in which the wife can work with children without working. Such a family will be suitable for a cottage village, in which there is a good school and enough entertainment.

A large family consisting of three generations. Old men will take care of the plot, and children will earn. It is important the presence of clinics, schools, shops nearby.

High school children or students will not require as much attention as babies. Parents will be able to work quietly. This family is suitable house near the city.

A family of elderly people who like to mess around on earth. It is important for them that the polyclinic is available, there was a shop next door and the bus went to the city.

We decide what is better house or apartment + Infographics and Video

We decide what is better house or apartment + Infographics and Video

How to combine both options?

When he thought hard about building a house or buying an apartment, many dream of a house within cities. But it costs a lot of money. However, there are a few more solutions.

Low-rise houses built on the border of the city will allow you to get closer to nature while living comfortably. The territory has security, parking, playgrounds. For large families there are apartments with two levels. There is no need to follow the city, there is no need to monitor the site, there is also public utilities behind the house too.

Townhouses are interconnected houses of 2 or 3 floors. They have small, up to two acres, plots of land, general engineering communications, a garage and a separate entrance.

Cottage villages have a common style and a different area of ​​houses, and they are built at different distances from the city. Good roads, streamlined infrastructure, public services and security make living in them very comfortable.

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