How high to install sockets

Modern home appliances have densely entered our life. It allows you to speed up and simplify many processes. But as you know, their work is connected with electricity, so in order not to run around with carrying around the apartment, it is worthwhile to correctly place the sockets. From this article, you can learn more about how high to install sockets.

Basic provisions

How high to install sockets

Although everyone can independently decide where and at what height to install sockets, it is still worth considering the main nuances:

  • First of all, it is good to have a project of an apartment on which the location of furniture and basic electrical appliances will be indicated.
  • Based on this, you can designate the location of sockets on the project, including telephone and Internet.
  • In each apartment there is a stationary equipment, which for years has been in one place. So, for a refrigerator, TV, computer, etc. Sockets must be placed so that they can be easily reached. But at the same time you should not have them in a prominent place so that they do not spoil the look of the room and do not interfere. Well, when electrical appliances hide them.
  • As for outlets in open areas, it is best to place them at the same level from the floor.

How high to install sockets Sockets at the work area

Now, take a closer look at where to install sockets in different rooms .


How high to install sockets

  • For household appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine and fridge, sockets should be installed at a height of 20 cm from the floor. This height will be ideal even in cases where the device has a short cord.
  • When arranging the working area (apron), you must also take care of additional outlets. Usually the kitchen uses an electric kettle, a mixer, a slow cooker, a blender and other appliances that are needed for cooking. So, from the floor the installation height will be about 110 cm.
  • To connect the hood, the socket must be positioned so that the connection wires are not visible. After all, you see, it will be ugly if the cord hangs over the working area, especially since it is not safe over the open fire of the stove. Thus, the optimal height of the outlet is 200 cm from the floor.

How high to install sockets Sockets in the kitchen

Do not install sockets on the work area by the number of household appliances. Otherwise, the whole apron will be flooded with them. Also, do not follow the path of minimalism, and then put tees or carrying. If the working area is large enough, then from two sides you can put 2 blocks of sockets, each with 3-4 pieces. Also do not forget to keep the symmetry.


How high to install sockets In the Bathroom

When planning the location of sockets in The bathroom should take into account the peculiarity of this room, in which there is always high humidity and there is a risk of flooding. Therefore, the height from the floor should be reasonable. So, from the sink or bath rosette should be located at a distance of not less than 60 cm, but preferably 100 cm. Also, you should think about the amenities when using a hair dryer or an electric razor. Calculate so that when using these appliances, the wire from them is not tight.

So, you can focus on the following parameters:

  • For a washing machine no less than 50 cm from the floor.
  • For razors, hair dryers and other appliances, the height is about 100 cm.
  • For an electric boiler in the region of 150 cm.

If there are sockets in the living rooms lower to 15 cm, then in the bathroom this is undesirable.


How high to install sockets In the bedroom

As for the bedroom, The orientation of the outlet is a bedside table, which stands near the bed. It is necessary in these places to charge your tablet or mobile phone. A night light is also installed on the bedside table, for which a separate exit is required. Often, a telephone jack is mounted here. European standard mounting height - 30 cm and higher.

Also, additional power sources are needed in the bedroom. For example, to connect a vacuum cleaner or ironing things with an iron. And if you want to hang a TV on the wall, the socket should be behind it. From an aesthetic point of view, this is a plus. The very same wire can be hidden in a plastic box that is mounted in the wall. To do this, you must first do the strobe. Also required sockets for connecting a computer, printer and other equipment.

How high to install sockets In the corridor

Remember that the power source must be accessible for you. If necessary, de-energize this or that device should not be difficult.

Also note the fact that if you have small children, choose such outlets that will be protected by special curtains or covers. They will serve as protection against direct contact with the current.


How high to install sockets

So, let's summarize how to install sockets and switches so that they are convenient to use. Regardless of the choice of mounting location and height, be sure to make a diagram. It will help to make all the preliminary work with high precision, and in particular the wall shaving.

So, the diagram should indicate:

  • door and window openings;
  • the location of the electrical wires on the walls;
  • the installation sites of the electrical distribution box ;
  • the presence of a household appliance;
  • the location of the furniture.

How high to install sockets Take care of the safety of children

With accurate data, there will be a very small likelihood that when working you make a mistake.

If you know about other intricacies of installing an outlet, write comments at the end of this article. We hope that the information provided will help you to do the work correctly.


In this video, you will learn more about determining the height of installation of sockets:


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