how to do it yourself (photo and video)

One of the most popular ways to finish the ceiling of any room is clapboard cladding.

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

Wall paneling is one of the most popular materials, as it makes it possible to emphasize the naturalness of the finish.

The specified building material is wooden or plastic panels, in the form of a rabbeted planking board. It is not difficult to carry out the ceiling from the wall paneling, if you precisely follow the proposed instructions.

Preparatory work

Before you make the ceiling of the wall paneling, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory work. It includes:

  1. Material selection.
  2. Selection of the required tools.
  3. Preparing the ceiling surface.
  4. Frame device.

Lining can be wooden, plastic (PVC) or from pressed hardboard (MDF).

Depending on the room in which the ceiling is settled, the material itself is selected. MDF and lining of wood is not suitable for rooms with high humidity, where plastic panels will be perfectly operated. Wooden paneling and of pressed hardboard is used for decorative decoration of dry living premises.

You should pick up in advance the necessary materials and tools for the job. In addition to the selected lining useful:

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

Tools for mounting the wall paneling.

  • wooden bars or metal profiles;
  • punch;
  • screwdrivers;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • dowels;
  • rubber hammer;
  • wooden wedges;
  • level;
  • corner;
  • pencil;
  • tape measure;
  • knife;
  • antiseptic;
  • decorative plinth.

After preparing the tools, you can get to work. First of all, it is necessary to clean the ceiling from dust, dirt and old coating. After that, you should proceed to the installation of the frame.

Wooden frame structure for clapboard

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

Layout of the wooden frame for clapboard on the ceiling.

To make the ceiling of the wall paneling smooth and beautiful, you first have to build a high-quality frame. He can be a choice - either wooden or metal. Experts recommend making a metal frame under plastic panels in rooms with high humidity, for example, in the bathroom. In living rooms, however, a wooden beam is best suited for crates. You can consider the installation of wood and metal frame.

A timber frame with a section of 50x50 cm, 20x40 cm, 40x40 cm is suitable for the wooden frame. Work should begin with a flat line about 10 cm from the ceiling down the wall, all the way around the room. The line is carried out with the help of a building level, measuring devices and a pencil. It will serve as a guide for the frame being created.

It should be noted that in advance all the wooden elements of the future crates are treated with an antiseptic and dried well. This is done to protect the tree from various pests, rot, fire.

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

The scheme of fastening wooden boards to the ceiling.

The parallel bars are fixed on the ceiling on opposite sides of the room with dowels or impact screws. Their evenness must be constantly monitored using the building level.

Then, the other bars are fixed to the ceiling at a distance of approximately 60-80 cm from each other. If in some places the timber is separated from the ceiling, then the free space is filled with special wooden elements.

After that, the structure is strengthened as follows: jumpers are installed between the main bars using the same beam. The places where the lamps will be installed are especially secured with jumpers. It should be noted that the wooden bars on the ceiling are installed in the direction perpendicular to the clapboard paneling.

Metal frame device for plastic lining

For mounting the metal frame you will need:

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

Scheme of the metal frame for cladding the ceiling of the clapboard.

  • CD-profile for the base;
  • UD-profile for forming the perimeter;
  • U-shaped mounts;
  • cross-mounts "crab".

Self-fastening will be done with metal screws. As is the case with the installation of a wooden frame, first of all a straight line is drawn as a guideline for the future construction.

Begin the installation of the metal frame with the UD-profile fastening along the entire perimeter of the walls, focusing on the marked line. You can fix the profile with dowels. After that, CD profiles are mounted on the ceiling from opposite sides approximately 10 cm from the walls. They should be located in the perpendicular direction of the future plating.Each profile is fixed to the ceiling using U-shaped elements every 40-60 cm. The distance between parallel CD-profiles should be no more than 60 cm.

After installing the main structure made of metal, it is necessary to reinforce it with bridges established with the help of prepared crosses "crab".

After the installation of a wooden and metal frame, electrical wiring is performed taking into account the fire safety regulations. In the required places the wire leads are left where the fixtures will be installed later.

Installation of the wall panel, taking into account the features for different types of

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

Layout of the ceiling cladding of the clapboard.

The technology of installing lining from any material is almost the same with minor features. As a basis, you can consider how to make a ceiling from wooden lining, and indicate some features of its installation from plastic and MDF.

At first, blanks of the required size are made of the prepared material using a jigsaw. The size of the panels will be equal to the distance between the opposite walls of the room minus 5 cm to the formation of gaps.

Installation of wooden paneling begins with the installation of the first strip, which is screwed along the entire length to each rail of the frame. Fastening can be carried out either with screws, or with nails.

All subsequent panels at an angle are inserted with a groove into the lock of the previous ones. The density of installation of the panels can be easily achieved with a rubber hammer. The other side of the lining strip is attached to the guide bars of the frame for the lower locking rim.

All panels are installed in a similar way to the opposite side of the room. It may cause minor difficulties to install the last panel. If necessary, it must be trimmed along the entire length. Then it is driven into the lock of the previous panel, using specially prepared wedges, which are hammered in with a rubber hammer between the wall and the panel.

how to do it yourself (photo and video)

Methods of fixing lining.

MDF panels on the ceiling are installed in the same way as wood. It should be noted that, if necessary, these panels, like plastic ones, can be cut with a sharp knife: first, small cuts are made on both sides along the entire length of the panel, and then a fracture is made.

A special feature of the installation of plastic lining is that, before starting the main work, the U-groove is fastened around the entire perimeter of the new ceiling. All ends of the installed plastic panels will be hidden in the specified groove. The rest of the panels are installed according to the general rule.

At the next stage of the work it is necessary to make the ceiling of the wall panel completed. For this, a decorative plinth is installed around the entire perimeter of the ceiling, which will hide the gap left. Mounting the plinth can be done with screws, nails or glue. Additional cladding work ceiling lining does not require.

Thus, the ceiling of the wall paneling, set according to all the rules, will take its rightful place in the decoration of any room.

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