How to cover the floor in the garage

Any equipped house must have a floor covering. The garage is a kind of home for a car. And without sex in it can not do. Qualitatively made floors - a pledge of comfort in the garage. A good coating will ensure cleanliness and protect metal parts of your car from corrosion. If earlier the floor was simply poured with concrete or covered with wooden planks, now there are a lot of new materials for flooring. Let's take a look at the order of how to cover the floor in the garage, and which floor is better to choose.

Floor concreting

How to cover the floor in the garage Concrete floor

Whatever material is used to cover the floor, still its foundation is made of concrete. This very strong base for your car can be covered with any materials. If during the construction of the garage you laid concrete slabs on the floor, all the same, you need to make a concrete screed on top. To do this, lay a reinforced mesh on the plates and fill the floor with concrete. The thickness of the screed must be at least 50 mm and have a slope towards the gate. Concrete screed is very strong, but it has its drawbacks. Over time, the concrete is erased and dusty. To get rid of this problem, the floors are painted. On sale there are many options designed for these purposes.

It is necessary to paint concrete floors at least once every six months, because the paint also tends to wear off. Sometimes, for the best effect, the paint is applied on a dry screed. Soaking into the surface of the concrete, it creates a strong top layer.

Painting of concrete is the simplest and cheapest option for flooring solutions. Who has the means, can buy more expensive and high-quality coatings.

Ceramic tile floor

How to cover the floor in the garage Ceramic tile

One of the low-cost coating options The concrete floor is ceramic tile. For performance of these works the floor tile of the increased durability is used. Laying ceramic tiles do on a flat surface of concrete. Therefore, if the floor has irregularities, it is aligned with a concrete screed at the beginning, and then proceed to tile laying. To lay the tile looked beautiful, it has rows. Using a level check the entire surface.

Tiled floors are a pretty good solution for your garage. However, the weak point of such a coating is the fragility of the tile. If you drop a metal part of the car on the floor, the tile may crack.

Porcelain stoneware coating

How to cover the floor in the garage Porcelain stoneware

As an analogue of ceramic tile, porcelain stoneware can be used to cover the floor. It is very strong and moisture resistant material. Not afraid of light shocks and heavy loads. Plates of porcelain tiles are easy to lay even for an inexperienced person because of their large size. The main thing is to choose a pattern and level the coating level. Thanks to a wide variety of colors and patterns, you can make beautiful and durable floors for your garage from these tiles.

Wooden coating

How to cover the floor in the garage Wooden floor

This type of coating was often used in old garages. At a distance of 50 cm stack logs across the garage. You take a cut board no thinner than 20 mm and process it with impregnation (if there is a minibus in the garage, then for the floor you will need to purchase a thicker board). After drying, fasten the board to the logs with self-tapping screws and paint it. Before painting, the surface of the floor can be sanded with a grinder. Some owners try to lay linoleum on the boards, so as not to paint them often. This is not recommended. Such coverage in the winter will be too slippery.

Rubber coating

How to cover the floor in the garage PVC tiles

Very good as a garage cover floors proved to be rubber. This material is presented in various versions. Rubber can be in roll or squares, with special locks to connect. You can choose the most suitable thickness for you: from 4 mm to 4 cm. The floor covered with rubber has excellent sound absorption and practically does not wear out. The damaged square can be easily changed to a new one. The rubber coating is laid on a flat concrete surface.

Bulk floor

How to cover the floor in the garage

Currently, self-leveling floors are gaining more popularity. The mixture for pouring the floor is made of resin and hardener. The process of casting occurs according to the method of execution of the concrete screed. Keep in mind that the mixture for self-leveling floor self-leveling. This is very convenient for inexperienced builders. The mixture is poured onto a flat concrete surface or a floor laid out of a new brick. After the mixture hardens, you get a perfectly flat, seamless floor, resembling a rubber coating. Bulk floor is designed for a long service life. The only negative is its high cost.

Coverage of the floor in the garage:

Which floor is better to choose

So, having considered some floor covering options for the garage, you need to make a choice . Someone is chasing quality, and someone wants to save. But remember that the miser pays twice. Asking what floor is better in the garage, the answer should be the same: durable, resistant to corrosion and having a long service life. Well, and you already select on the money.

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