How to clean the sewer in a private house

Some people, trying to take a break from the bustle of the city, spend their free time at the cottage or move out of town altogether. Having become accustomed to civilized comforts in the house, and not in the yard, autonomous sewage systems are often arranged, however, cleaning sewers, like in an apartment, cannot be avoided in a private house, even if you are careful with sewers.

Are there any differences in technology?

The methods for cleaning the system in an apartment and house are almost the same. But the presence of a sewage plan in a private house will allow to clean the pipes outside.

In most private houses, an autonomous sewer system is installed, which assumes that there is a vessel for waste and pipes with fittings in one area. The waste container can be represented by a cesspool or septic tank. Sewerage of this kind is ideal for homes that are far from central communications. For efficient operation of the sump, pipes with large diameter and characteristic parameters will be suitable. It is this feature that distinguishes sewer systems of private and multi-storey buildings.

Causes and signs of clogging

How to clean the sewer in a private house Main nuances

Any plumbing is distinguished by its clogging ability at a wrong time. The presence of blockage is determined by the following features:

  1. An unpleasant sewer odor from the holes in the sink.
  2. Reduced water flow rate.
  3. Water in the sink or bathroom does not go away.
  4. The water in the toilet rises above normal levels.

Depending on the reason, choose the most suitable method for cleaning. The main causes of clogging include:

  • Hitting a large object in the pipe. In a house where small children live, this situation can be observed quite often.
  • Deposits of solid deposits on the walls of pipes formed as a result of inorganic and organic human waste.
  • Hitting particles of fat. These particles form a sticky film, which, according to experts, is considered the most dangerous cause of blockages . It contributes to reducing the throughput of plumbing, gradually accumulating and causing clogging. As a result, an unpleasant odor appears, which will disappear only after cleaning. Such congestion occurs due to the constant draining of broths when washing dishes. Such clogging is dangerous for metal communications.
  • Hitting soap into the sink. Congestion occurs due to washing dishes in the kitchen and hands in the bathroom. Soap, falling into the sewer, mixed with other contaminants and deposited on the walls of pipes, and then freezes. Getting rid of this mash is quite difficult.
  • Hair in the sink. Matted hair forms a mash, which can only be removed by chemical or mechanical means.
  • Errors in the design and installation of a sewer system. Cleaning will only be a temporary measure.
  • Composition of water. When hard water deposited salt deposits.
  • Human stupidity. Disposing dried fruit from compote to the toilet is the most common mistake a woman, a child, and a teenager can make.
  • Even toilet paper, softened with water, is capable of clogging.

Cleaning methods: household and professional

The main methods of cleaning the sewage system in a private house include:

  1. Master's call. This method is the easiest, but too high the cost of such services will convince any man to deal with blockages on their own.
  2. Mechanical.
  3. Hydrodynamic.
  4. Chemical.
  5. Rinsing with boiling water.
  6. With a vacuum cleaner.
  7. Cleaning with improvised means.

The effectiveness of the sewage purification method depends on the degree of blockage. Do not despair if the effect is not observed immediately, perhaps when choosing another method, the result will not take long.

Rinsing with boiling water

How to clean the sewer in a private house

With boiling water you can eliminate blockages caused by the ingress of grease into the pipes. Previously, before starting the procedure, it is necessary to determine the type of blockage. At the place of localization allocate a common or local. In case of general blockage, you will have to completely clean the entire sewer system. In case of local blockage, it is enough to clean only the problem pipe. When determining the type of blockage should observe the pipes throughout the house and make a conclusion.

Pour boiling water into the clogged pipe (approximate amount of water is 6 l), then check the drain. If the water began to leave, the problem of sewage clogging is solved. However, this way it is impossible to cope with a more complex problem. It is strictly forbidden to clean the toilet with boiling water, otherwise you may damage it.

Use of available tools

How to clean the sewer in a private house Methods for cleaning

Every housewife in the kitchen has soda, vinegar and citric acid.

The process of preparing the cleaning solution is as follows:

  • Half a glass of soda and a similar amount of vinegar is poured into the pipe.
  • Close the drain hole with a stopper for two hours.
  • Pour several liters of boiling water.
  • Check the status of the drain.

When cleaning the sewage system, a combination of citric acid and boiling water or a pack of edible salt and hot water, as well as a pack of salt and a bottle of vinegar, is allowed. Citric acid copes with fatty particles no worse than soda.

Video: cleaning of pipes with soda ash

Using a vacuum cleaner

How to clean the sewer in a private house Cleaning with boiling water

This method is quite original and unusual. To perform this action, a vacuum cleaner with the ability to blow air back is necessary.

To clean the pipes in this way:

  1. Remove the wooden handle from the plunger.
  2. Cut a hole in the bowl that is compatible with the vacuum cleaner hose.
  3. Secure the hole with metal clamps.
  4. Connect the vacuum hose to the hole.
  5. Press the rubber part of the plunger to the hole of the blocked pipe.
  6. Turn on the appliance to the maximum possible power.
  7. Check the condition of the pipes.

Mechanical method

How to clean the sewer in a private house

For the mechanical method of cleaning the sewage system, special devices are used, such as cables, ventures, spirals, drills, loops, hoses. It is advisable to use this method if an item is stuck in the system. Starting to clean the sewage system, you must first stock up with gloves, a rag, a bucket of water and overalls. Place of work it is desirable to cover with oilcloth.

The advantage of using a cable is the good penetration ability of the object, but this method is rather laborious. Plumbing cables differ in parameters such as construction, length and diameter.

Using a cable, it is necessary: ​​

  • Disconnect the sewer pipe in front of the blockage site.
  • Insert the cable into the drain hole.
  • Rotate the tool clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • In case of difficulties during rotation, push the cable back and forth.
  • Continue the above actions, even if the congestion is broken.
  • Turn on the water and rinse out the residue.
  • Pull out the cable and flush the pipes.

Cables are divided according to their intended purpose - for a bath / washbasin and for a toilet bowl. It is more expedient to purchase a toilet cable, because it has a handle.

A worthy replacement cable can be a special cleaning machine that is designed to clean sewer pipes in automatic mode. But this technique is mainly used on an industrial scale.

The simplest household sewage cleaning option is to use a plunger.

How to clean the sewer in a private house

The technology of this method is as follows:

  • If there is a plug with a filter, then it should be removed from the drain hole.
  • A bowl of a plunger is smeared with vaseline or grease.
  • Fill the sink or bath so that the bowl is immersed in water.
  • Enter the plunger into the water at an angle.
  • Close the drain hole with a plunger.
  • Make 10-20 pushes up and down, holding the plunger in a vertical position, making sure that the water does not leak under the plunger.
  • Quickly remove the device from the water.
  • If the water started to quickly go to the drain hole, it means that the cleaning was successful, if not - repeat the procedure several times.

Use of chemicals

How to clean the sewer in a private house

This method involves the use of chemicals during sewage treatment. Such means include: "Mole", "Mr. Muskul", "Domestos", "Steril", "Tiret Professional" and others. In any hardware store some assortment is presented. When choosing, it should be noted that the main component of these products is caustic soda, and it eliminates the cause of blockage, eating away at it.

It is strictly forbidden to mix two products that differ in composition. It is dangerous for health.

Carefully refer to the instructions on the packaging of the product, which indicates for which pipe this tool is intended. The cleaning process consists of the following stages:

  1. Preparatory - the necessary substance is selected and the instruction is studied.
  2. Sewage cleaning - at this stage, the tool is poured into the drain hole and a chemical reaction is expected over a certain period of time.
  3. Final - the pipe is flushed with running water. There should be plenty of water.

Do not forget about safety rules:

  • Follow the instructions for the use of chemicals and proportions, otherwise there is a likelihood of damage to sewage pipes.
  • Wear rubber gloves when handling.
  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing.
  • Ventilate the room.

Video: on the composition of chemicals for cleaning sewage

Hydrodynamic cleaning

How to clean the sewer in a private house Using a plunger

The hydrodynamic cleaning method involves washing the pipes with water that is supplied under high pressure. To increase the water pressure in the hose using electrical or gasoline-powered equipment.

In this case, adhere to the following sequence:

  1. Insert the hose into the pipe and attach to the installation.
  2. Turn on the water and the compressor.

The jet, being under high pressure, will push the blockage to the exit. If such a device is not available, then you can use an ordinary watering hose. After inserting it into the sewer and opening the water until it stops, you should attach the hose to the garden pump and perform similar actions.

How to clean the sewer in a private house Use of chemical preparations

Thus, choosing any of the methods of cleaning the sewage system, you should prepare in advance and purchase all the necessary materials so that the elimination of blockages does not become a global problem. You can face the problem of blockages less often if you carry out preventive measures.


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