How to choose a laser level - laser level

Professional builders in our time make quite high demands on construction equipment, machinery and equipment. Therefore, numerous shops with building supplies are trying to ensure that their goods meet the high requirements of customers. In order to mark a line on the walls, on the floor, before laying tiles or sticking wallpaper, it is not necessary to use levels, rulers, cords, etc. This device will "draw" the line you need in the right place, eliminating the need for manual marking, which will save you a lot of time.

But before you go to the store to buy this wonderful tool you need to know and decide for yourself what the main functions in it should be, and what works it will be intended for.

Selection Criteria

How to choose a laser level - laser level Features of the Laser Level

First, decide which Specifically, the work will be used device - for exterior or interior work. Or maybe you need a universal device. It can be used to inspect walls or floors. The laser level should form lines or the setting axes.

An important parameter will be the range of the instrument.

For example, for stationary and positional levels, when using the receiver in open space, it will be 50-70 meters, and 20-30 meters indoors. In this case, the laser sector will be 110 degrees.

The size of the error that the device can allow during the construction of the planes is important.

How to choose a laser level - laser level Working with the tool

Levels equipped with an auto-compensator can have an accuracy reaching 0 , 2 millimeters per 1 meter. A laser level equipped with an electronic compensation system is 0.1 mm per 1 m. Often, high accuracy in such devices can be achieved by reducing some of the functionality.

How to choose a laser level - laser level Rotary laser level When choosing a level to be used for outdoor work, it is best to choose rotary devices. With the receiver, they can freely work at a distance of up to 1 km. The error of such a laser level will not exceed 3 mm, and it will directly depend on the cost of the selected device. Rotational laser level perfectly cope with the definition of elevations in the middle of points, it is able to translate design marks into reality, will help with the installation of engineering communications, planning and breakdown of land, will be an indispensable tool in planning road or landscape works.

When carrying out interior work, simpler laser levels can be used that can create a projection of different planes of a pair of prisms.

Choosing the necessary model of a laser level, you do not need to push into the background such criteria as price and design features. The most inexpensive are the devices in the case, made of plastic, which may indicate the absence of a finishing mechanism or metal stops. Often, such products are not equipped with protection of push-button mechanisms from moisture and dust, which is a peculiar disadvantage. Devices without such protection can not be used on the street, they will quickly fail.

How to choose a laser level - laser level Principle of operation of a laser level

At a laser level designed to work in open space when using a receiver , the body must be made of high-strength plastic, the device must also be equipped with a finishing mechanism, and the buttons must be protected from moisture and dust. Racks and base must be made of metal.


Comparison of various models of laser levels:


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