How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

A huge assortment of circular saws with a wide variety of sets of characteristics is on the market today. Manufacturers are constantly working to improve the quality of their models, gradually bringing it closer to the ideal. So choose a saw for you is not difficult.

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

Combining high maneuverability and high productivity, the hand-held circular saw is an indispensable tool for smooth cutting of various materials.

In most cases, a circular saw is used to slit wood and materials based on it. That is, using a circular saw you can cut the chipboard and oriented chipboard, plywood, MDF, fiberboard, etc. In addition, the circular saw perfectly performs the tasks of transverse cutting. And special additional discs and settings will turn the circular saw into a great tool for working with sandwich panels, laminate, various plastics and even slate. And knowing how to choose a circular saw, you without any problems will choose the optimal model for you.

Saw selection according to the diameter of the cutting disk

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

The diameter of the cutting disk is an important characteristic with which the size of the saw, its power and torque are directly related.

There are main parameters that must be taken into account when choosing a saw blade. One of these characteristics is the size of the blade. The depth of cut depends on it to the greatest extent, according to which it is customary to divide all models of circular saws into several classes conditionally. The power of the saw is also associated with such a characteristic as the diameter of the disc. In addition, the larger the blade, the more complex the tool design will be, since a serious diameter requires the provision of adequate torque to maintain speed at the desired values. Complicated and stabilization system, through which prevents jamming of the working disk, reduced vibration, noise, etc. All this leads to an increase in the total weight, dimensions and the final price of the tool. However, along with this high-end circular saw will allow you to work with a variety of materials and saw large pieces.

The classification of tools by cutting blade is rather arbitrary. They are classified according to the diameter of the circle. It also takes into account the maximum cutting depth that can be achieved with the tool in question. You can find out these characteristics in the technical certificate of the circular saw. Thus, tools are conventionally divided into classes:

  1. Saws with a disc with a diameter of 4-5 cm. They are used for cutting sheet materials. Belong to the category of household tools.
  2. Saws with a disc of 5-6.5 cm. The most common and wide category. Such tools can be used to do most jobs.
  3. Saws with a disc with a diameter of 6.5 cm. This group includes a professional-class tool.

The classification is very conditional and is introduced rather for greater convenience of choice.

Power of the saw blade

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

Manual saw blade device.

When choosing a circular saw, it is imperative to pay attention to such an important characteristic as its power. The more powerful the engine will be, the:

  1. The tool will be more stable in operation.
  2. It will be possible to work longer without interruptions.
  3. Faster materials can be cut.

The diameter of the saw blade is directly related to its power. There is a classification for this indicator, also very conditional. It looks like this:

  1. Household circular saws. This category includes tools whose engine power does not exceed 800 watts.
  2. Universal models. These are circular saws with a motor of 800-1200 watts.
  3. Professional circular saws. This class includes tools that are equipped with an engine more powerful than 1200 watts.

The speed of rotation of the disk

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

The speed of rotation of the cutting disk affects the quality of the cut and the time spent on it.

Choosing a circular saw, one cannot but pay attention to such a parameter as the rotational speed of the disc. The purity of the cutting performed to some extent depends on this indicator. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the rotational speed is directly related to the torque value. The higher the first indicator, the lower the second. The degree of heating of the workpiece depends on the speed of disk rotation. This is especially important to consider when cutting some plastics that can melt when machining with a high-speed model.

Thus, selecting a circular saw, it is necessary to make a choice in favor of tools with the same tool diameter and the most suitable speed of rotation. It is important to think about what materials will most often be processed using a circular saw.If desired, you can buy a circular saw with the ability to adjust the speed of the disk, but this option is not the best way affects the cost of the tool.

Protection system

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

The important functions of the circular saw include presetting the idling speed, protecting the saw from heavy loads, electrodynamic brake.

The circular saw is an increased danger tool, so you should definitely not save on your own safety. Currently, manufacturers equip their tools with a number of special functions and add-ons that provide almost complete safety for the wizard.

First you need to know about the so-called. constant electronics. Its function is to maintain the speed of rotation of the disk at a constant level as the load increases or rises. For example, a number of models are equipped with a special sensor to track the shaft's rotational speed and the change in output power. This allows you to maintain the rotational speed at a constant level and almost completely eliminate the risk of disk seizure. Accordingly, the quality of the cut increases.

However, in order for the rotational speed to be maintained at the required level as the load increases, the tool must be equipped with some power reserve. In the budget models, it is usually not.

Some models of circular saws are equipped with the function of pre-setting the idle speed. This option can be useful when processing a variety of materials. Stabilized under the influence of this system will be a preset frequency.

Another useful added feature is the protection of the saw blade against excessive loads. For example, overloading can occur if the master is overly diligent or if there is a sharp voltage surge in the power grid. The system will turn off the power and prevent damage to the working tool.

Modern models of the middle and high price category are equipped with an electrodynamic brake. Thanks to him, the disk almost instantly stops rotating after the master releases the power button of the saw. This prevents damage to the workpiece and the tool itself and protects the operator from injury.

Additional mechanics

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

Auxiliary button of the saw blade prevents the mechanism from being inadvertently turned on.

Those who often work with a circular saw, know such an unpleasant phenomenon as jamming of a disk in a workpiece. Because of this, the workpiece may deteriorate, the motor breaks down and a back kick occurs. To prevent such troubles created the so-called. slip clutch. When the disk is jammed, the clutch will release the motor shaft and it will continue to rotate. Due to this, the winding will be prevented. The system is very reliable and works only when necessary.

A very common mechanical security element is an additional button that the operator must hold while working with the main one. Thanks to it, accidental switching on of the instrument will be prevented.

Periodically, there is a need to replace your cutting disc. To do this, you have to fix the shaft and loosen the nut. A number of models are equipped with a mechanism to lock the shaft in any position, which makes working with the saw more convenient.

One of the most important elements of any circular saw is the base plate. On this plate are installed various kinds of fasteners and control mechanisms. It can be made by casting or stamping. The first option, as a rule, is installed on more expensive models, and the second - on household tools. However, there are exceptions.

The saw must be equipped with an automatic cover. This element will move when it starts to work and automatically return to its original position upon completion.

Any circular saw should have a riving knife. It will not allow the part of the workpiece that has already been machined to squeeze the cutting disk, which will prevent its jamming.

Ergonomics of the tool

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

Circular saws are available for sale in a wide range, which allows you to choose the model that will work with the most comfortable and easy .

Despite the fact that circular saws were designed to facilitate the processing of wood and other materials, it is still quite difficult to work with such a tool. Therefore, the ergonomics of the circular saw is very important.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to such a moment as the location and shape of the handles. Choose the model that best suits your physique, habits and preferences. On the modern market presents a huge range of circular saws, so the choice is not difficult.

The shape of the front handle deserves special attention.You can buy a tool with a straight handle and a handle installed perpendicular to the plane of the material being processed. The most preferred and popular is the second option. However, someone might like the first one. Here everything is individual.

Handles can be made of different materials. Among users, tools with rubberized handles are most appreciated. This option allows you to provide maximum control over the tool.

How to choose a circular saw: characteristics

In addition to the quality characteristics, when choosing a saw blade, it is important to pay attention to its ergonomics.

When choosing a particular model, be sure to consider several options, hold each of them in your hands, think about how much weight you will be most comfortable, which pen is best suited, etc.

Working with a circular saw implies the organization of an effective blowing of the cutting place, since if it becomes littered with sawdust, you will be uncomfortable. There are circular saws with a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner and a bag for sawdust. Sawdust can be collected in a special container.

Pay attention to how the power cable is located. It is important that it cannot be cut carelessly during operation. It is best to place the cable behind the saw. The length is better to choose about 3-4 m. This eliminates the need for the use of carriers, which may interfere during operation.

Periodically, it will be necessary to replace the motor brushes. It is better to buy such a model, which will provide quick and easy access to these brushes, which will allow you to replace them yourself, without contacting the service center.

Be sure to turn on the saw before buying. Listen to how noisy it works, how strong it emits. Compare several models with suitable specifications and costs.

If you use a circular saw from time to time to perform various small tasks, it is better not to spend a lot of money and choose something from the average price category.

The assortment of each manufacturer includes a large selection of such saws. The cost of this tool is much lower than professional models, and the warranty period is usually longer. The only drawback is that the amateur household saw cannot work for a long time without a break. Be sure to check this point before purchasing and pay attention to it when choosing a tool.

And the last significant criterion is cost. Here everything is individual. Do not trust too tempting offers from dubious manufacturers, but otherwise focus on your budget. Have a good choice!


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