How to choose a cast iron bath - which of the high quality cast iron baths

The problem of choosing a new bath for your apartment is usually associated with the wear and tear of the old product, the enamel of which is no longer recoverable; and this problem is not all has a unique solution. Since the vast majority of modern apartments use cast-iron baths, mounted directly during the construction of the house, their replacement with a similar product for many users is the most attractive option. And indeed, a bathtub made of cast iron is distinguished by enviable reliability, durability and with careful care and competent operation can serve you for many years.

But before choosing a cast-iron bath and then installing it in an apartment, it is advisable to get acquainted in detail with the proposed range of relevant products on the domestic market, as well as with the requirements for a new product.

When studying possible choices of a cast-iron bath, the following factors are usually guided:

  • how well the chosen product type fits into bathroom bathroom interiors;
  • compatibility with drain communications;
  • dimensions (dimensions) and shape of the bath;
  • color and quality of the enamel coating.

It is necessary to think in advance how the installation and fixing of the cast-iron bath will take place.

Consider each of these factors in more detail.

Accounting for the interior of the room

How to choose a cast iron bath - which of the high quality cast iron baths Choice for the interior

Of course, much simpler pick up a bath for the interior of the room than try to rebuild the situation under the newly assembled product. That is why before replacing the old bath, first of all, you should consider the details of the bathroom decoration, as well as the features of its interior.

If you want to install a large bath, you may need to re-design the bathroom.

In this case, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the type of bath. According to this characteristic, cast-iron baths can:

  • Fitted separately with four decorative legs supported.
    Immediately make a reservation that this option is only suitable for larger bathrooms.
  • To be embedded , which is a more familiar option for us, the implementation of which takes into account the design features of the room. Most of the body of the bath is usually hidden under a special screen or tile.

Compatibility with communications

How to choose a cast iron bath - which of the high quality cast iron baths Bath connection

One of the responsible The factors that are always taken into account when choosing a cast-iron bath are the location and condition of the drain communications in the bathroom.

In the event that you are not going to completely change the pipe layout in the room, the following considerations are best for choosing:

  • the opening for draining should coincide with the location of the existing sewer pipes;
  • the body contours of the bath should allow for its installation without dismantling the pipes;
  • in some cases it will be necessary to make a pipe box.

In the case of a major overhaul, a new bath is first selected and installed, and only after that the pipe installation is made.

Choice of size and shape

How to choose a cast iron bath - which of the high quality cast iron baths Unusual design of the bath

In order to clearly decide on what kind of cast-iron bath is better to choose you need to thoroughly consider the color, shape and dimensions of the new product. In this case, you will again have to take into account the interiors of the bathroom (available or planned), as well as take into account that cast iron baths are usually made in white.

Regarding the shape of the new bath, it should be said that it should be in harmony with the shapes of other sanitary ware (sink, bidet and toilet). As for its dimensions, when considering this parameter, the dimensions of the bathroom itself, as well as the build of future users should be taken into account.

When choosing, it should be borne in mind that the majority of products on the domestic market have standard dimensions (from 120 to 180 cm in length with a width of about 70‒80 cm). As for the external contours of cast iron baths, the majority of their samples have a cup-shaped elongated shape.

Quality of surfaces and coatings

How to choose a cast iron bath - which of the high quality cast iron baths High-quality manufacturing of the cast-iron bath

After choosing this or another model of the bath product, you should thoroughly examine its specific specimen for the quality of its surfaces and coating. At the same time, it will be especially necessary to check it for the smoothness of the surface of the cast-iron walls, indicating that the product conforms to current quality standards.

During their visual inspection, no irregularities (sinks or chips, for example), as well as other visible defects, should be observed.The most attractive option is considered the bath, the walls of which are treated with powder enamel, providing a pleasant appearance to the product, as well as reliably protecting the cast iron from corrosion damage.

Also during the examination, due attention should be paid to the quality of the enamel coating, which should be uniform over the entire surface, sufficiently smooth and have a characteristic luster.


Which is better, acrylic or cast iron bath? This video contains an analysis describing the characteristics and forms of each product:


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