How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Currently, there are many different types of houses. Many people prefer to build their homes from modern materials. An example would be aerated concrete or foam. However, building a log house is also very popular at the moment. Natural materials will always be in price. If we are talking about building a house made of wood, then it is preferable to use a rounded log for these purposes.

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

In order to choose a high-quality building material, you need to pay attention to the following nuances: the color of the log should be yellowish, the cracks in the cut should not exceed 1/3 of its size , logs should be perfectly level.

The process of building a log house itself is greatly simplified. Such a house will always delight its owner. The technology itself is much simpler if it is to use a round log. About how to build a house of rounded logs, and will be discussed further. Will be considered all the main points that accompany the construction of such a house.

Preparation for the construction process

Of course, before proceeding directly to the construction of a house of a rounded log, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare for this process. Everything is done quite simply, if we act strictly in accordance with the technology. So, at the preparation stage, it is imperative to make all the necessary calculations and get a drawing of the future structure. For calculations it is best to contact the experts. The drawing itself can be done independently, of course, if you have the skills to carry out this kind of work. In any case, for the correct result, it is better to contact the specialists who will execute the project on paper fairly quickly.

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Types of round logs in diameter.

After that you need to purchase all the material. The rounded log is expensive in our time, so the problem of its choice should be treated very carefully. In order to choose a really high-quality building material with which the rounded log stands, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the color of the log should be yellowish;
  • it should have a minimum number of knots and the absence of resin pockets;
  • logs should be perfectly flat throughout its length;
  • cracks in the cut should not exceed 1/3 of its size.

It is precisely these factors that must be taken into account when choosing round logs for your new home. In addition to this, you should pay attention to the equally important characteristics of the log. It must be coniferous, as this breed is best suited for the walls of the house of rounded logs. In addition, it is best if the logs come from Siberia or from other cold regions.

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Tools required for work: tape measure, level, hammer, screwdriver, Bulgarian.

At the same time, they should be cut down in winter. In this case, the moisture resistance of the log will be at its best.

At the same time consider the necessary tool:

  • saw;
  • hammer;
  • tape measure;
  • level;
  • screwdriver;
  • Bulgarian;
  • lacing and others (as needed).

Foundation filling: features

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Laying out the foundation for a house from a bar.

So, the project is ready, now you can safely proceed to the construction of the foundation of a house from a rounded log. Such a house will have significantly less weight than most other types of structures made from other materials. That is why there is no need for a rather complicated foundation. It is possible to do with piling or belt variant of the foundation. This foundation is made extremely easy.

Pile foundation foundation must first be marked out, that is, determine the position of all the piles to be used. They must be installed at the corners of the walls and under all bearing elements. In any case, they will be quite a lot. Next, you need to dig a ditch under the pile. At the bottom of each ditch, a sand pillow is poured After that, you can mount the piles themselves. They are installed on a sand pillow. At the same time it is very important that in the course of the work all height differences on the ground be taken into account. After that, the piles can be concreted, and then covered with sand or soil.

After the piles are installed, you can proceed to the installation of the upper part of the strip foundation. It is best to use concrete pillars or fill the ceiling with concrete. The second method is more economical.

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

The foundation is shallow-depth tape for the house from a bar.

To do this, you will need to pre-equip the strip foundation formwork. It can be made either from wooden plates or from metal profiled sheets.In the case of wooden shields it is worth considering how then the formwork will be removed.

Do not leave nails protruding from the surface of the shields. It’s best to bend them all. Then polyethylene and fittings are placed in the formwork. Steel bars will give greater structural strength. Further, you can already engage directly pouring concrete. It is best to do it in one go. In this case, the entire mixture must be regularly mixed using a mixer or vibrator to eliminate excess air from the solution.

They can make the foundation very weak, since its structure will be porous. It now remains to wait a few days until the solution is completely solid, and then proceed to further work.

Walling: nuances

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Scheme of the reference node of the log wall.

Now it is worth discussing in more detail how to build a house from a modern rounded log. A very important step is the construction of walls. From this depends largely on the warmth and comfort in the future home.

It is first necessary to lay waterproofing on the foundation. Almost any material from those that are currently known can be used. It is best to use inexpensive materials. This most often is ruberoid. In this case, the insulation material must necessarily lie flat on the surface of the base. In the case of roofing material for high-quality waterproofing better to equip several layers. Two will be enough.

Next, the bottom trim is being laid. The ideal option would be beams made of aspen or linden. At the same time, they are arranged in two rows in the middle of the foundation. After which they should be fixed. This is done with the help of powerful screws or rebar pins. Previously it is necessary to make holes in the beams using a perforator.

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

The wall decoration scheme of the house from a bar.

Next, you must put a semi-log on this crown. They are made exactly by semi-woods, since whole rounded logs that will be used for laying the walls themselves from below have a crescent shape, and here a flat bottom is obtained. This measure is necessary so that there are no gaps near the base of the house. After that, the logs must be fixed. For this, metal pins or screws are also used.

Next, you can proceed to the immediate laying of the rounded logs on each other. At the same time it is necessary to maintain the sequence of laying, so that all the logs lay exactly on top of each other.

Before you put the next log, the crown of the previous one must be insulated.

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Building a wall in a house of laminated veneer lumber.

This is done most often with the help of hemp or tow. Further, the construction of the walls is made in accordance with the drawings that were obtained at the design stage of the project. It is very important to take into account the fact that there are no gaps. They must be closed with insulation. It is worth noting that this work happens quite quickly, since the rounded log has standard mounts, which are developed at the factory.

A nog is used to join several logs. It makes the structure more rigid and durable. It is through such wooden stakes that all the logs are tied together. In order to install the nog, it is necessary to first secure the log with nails. Then a hole is made in it using a perforator through which the nog will be driven. Due to this structure of the house from the rounded log they are strong and durable. When conducting the whole complex of works, it is imperative to control the strict horizontal position and verticality of all logs.

Interfloor overlappings and a floor

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Cuts of a rounded log.

When it comes to building a house from a rounded log, we can say that here you need to equip the floor on the logs. This is a rather complicated technology. For arrangement of a similar floor it is necessary to be the real professional in construction skill. For arranging the floor using this technology, it is worth taking care of the installation of the beams before laying the crowns. To install the beams along the crown of the house is to make the corresponding grooves in the logs. You can do this with the help of a chainsaw in those places where the beams will be mounted. After that, it is necessary to treat the beams with an antiseptic to prevent the formation of rot on the floor. Then all the beams are tightly installed in their rightful places, after which the first floor is made from planks. After that, you can continue to build the walls of the building.

If it is a question of building a house, in which there will be not one floor, but several, then all the ceilings can be equipped in exactly the same way as the floor of the first floor.Here, too, all the beams cut into the walls of the house using a chainsaw. It is very important that the floor and floors were smooth. In order to achieve this result, it is necessary to use a level when building a house made of round logs. It is with its help you can achieve the perfect horizontal location of all structural elements.

Roof mounting: what to take into account

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Roofing a house from a rounded log.

Roofing can have a wide variety of shapes. Most importantly, it had a truss system, a heat insulator and the roofing itself. Rafter system in a wooden house settles down quite easily. It always uses wooden bars, which have a sufficiently large thickness. Only in this case the roof will turn out really strong and rigid. The roof itself is quite simple. Here, initially, the first two truss boards must be raised to the ridge at a certain angle.

Then propyl is made in the mauerlate, where the rafter leg is placed. The same is done with the second pair of truss boards. Only after they are aligned horizontally, they can finally be fixed in its rightful place. All other rafters are installed through a certain distance.

Then on the crate, which turned out in the course of work, it is worth laying insulation. Do not interfere and waterproofing. On top of this layer is placed another crate, to which the roofing material will be attached. The most various material can be used, including a tile.

Caulking of walls and installation of window openings

How to build a house of logs - instruction (video)

Caulking of a log from a rounded log.

The final stage of building a house from a rounded log is caulking the walls and installing window openings. Caulking of walls is carried out by means of a specialized tool (for example, a spatula), with the help of which a heat insulator is mounted at the wall joints. In fact, this stage can only be called a pre-caulk of walls, since it must take at least a year for the final shrinkage of wood.

Only after this can one more caulk process be performed. Only after some time has passed, you can proceed to the installation of windows and doors. This is done quite easily. At first, a crest is made vertically, and then a casing box is installed on the windows, which is fixed in this position. This box is necessary in order to compensate for changes in the size of the house after shrinkage. The distance that forms between the opening and the wall is closed with a double layer of insulation.

Thus, it is possible to build a house from a rounded log in a relatively short time. To do this, you just need to have a little idea of ​​how this is done. This instruction was created specifically for those who decided to build such a structure on their site. Now everyone can build a house without the help of specialists. As this instruction proves, all work can be done independently, and in the shortest possible time.


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