How to attach curtain holders

The interior of a house or apartment largely depends on the design of the windows. They are sources of light, which means they should look the most attractive. Windows are most often decorated with curtains and tulle. However, curtain holders are a more “talking” part of the interior.

These are special hooks or clips that can be attached to the wall. Holders for curtains hold curtains or curtains, at the same time being a significant decorative part of the interior. They play such a prominent role in the design not only of the window, but also of the room, that they need to be located carefully and thoughtfully.

Types of holders for curtains

How to attach curtain holders Types of holders

Today the choice of holders for curtains is quite complicated. A large variety of these decorative elements makes you think not only about your preference, but also about the acquired holders to reflect the interior of the entire room, responding to its spirit and style.

Holders for curtains or curtains differ in manufacturing material:

  • Holders are made of wood.
  • Plastic holders.
  • Holders of their metal.
  • Cloth holders.
  • Combined holders.

The choice of holders is directly dependent on the weight and type of curtains. If heavy curtains are used to decorate the window, then the holders should be more massive, able to hold exactly this fabric.

Options of fasteners

How to attach curtain holders

When determining the location of the holders for curtains, every detail matters:

  • Sill height;
  • Fabric of curtains or hailstones;
  • The color palette not only of the textile design of the window, but of the whole room;
  • The style of the room design.

Large holders are ideal for a room furnished with antique furniture. They will perfectly fit into the interior of the room, giving it the charm of antiquity. Modern style of the room requires the use of modern holders for curtains - metal, unusual shape. For children's rooms, the best choice will be special fabric holders for curtains in the form of small fabric toys.

How to attach curtain holders Original fastening

Before you attach the curtain holders, you need to decide on their location on the wall near the window opening. It plays a big role in the overall interior of the room. There are three main options for fixing decorative elements to hold curtains or curtains:

  1. At the level of the window sill - the most common method of attachment. With this method, the windows do not seem too wide, and there is enough light in them. Holders for curtains divide the space of a vertical wall exactly in half, which looks as harmonious as possible. This method is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms and children.
  2. Above the middle of the wall, dividing the space at the window into the upper third and lower two thirds. Ideal for narrow windows. Such placement of holders for curtains or curtains visually expands the window, while retaining all the light entering the room outside. However, not too heavy fabric is suitable for this type of fastening.
  3. Below the middle of the wall, as well as the sill line. This way of placing holders effectively narrows too wide a window. At the same time part of the natural lighting of the room is lost. Heavy curtains are remarkably suitable for such an attachment.

How to attach curtain holders The style decision

The choice of this or that method depends on the style of the room, its target appointments and desirable room lighting options. For example, in the kitchen, where the tulle comes down only to the window sill, and there are no curtains, the mount above the middle of the wall will look natural and attractive, thus increasing the amount of light coming into the room. On the contrary, an office or library needs heavy curtains that can be held by fixtures below the sill line. This will give the room the appropriate attitude - working, secluded. For a usual bedroom or a living room, the traditional method of fastening curtain holders is suitable.

How to attach curtain holders Decorative element

To determine the mounting method that suits you, you need to try to assemble curtains or curtains in a certain place and evaluate the resulting effect. Selecting the desired point for attaching the holders, you need to fix it - with a pencil or a narrow strip of adhesive tape.

The main motto in determining the location of the holder: measure seven times, attach once.

Experts recommend not to rush to make a decision, but try to temporarily fix the curtains or curtains in one way or another and live with each of them for several days. The method of fastening curtains, which will be the most harmonious, and will be the most successful for a particular room.

How to attach curtain holders Accessories

Each holder for curtains is equipped with special holes for attaching it to the wall with a drill .

Video instruction

To learn how to choose a decorative ornament for curtains correctly and fix it in the right place, look at the video selected by experts.


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