How much does it cost to build a garage - calculating the cost of building a garage

A garage is an important and irreplaceable structure, especially in private properties. To give preference to a particular structure, you need to know its value. But to calculate the approximate amount that will have to spend, take a little time and estimate. When calculating the cost, it is necessary to take into account several important components, including the quality of the material, the cost of work, the size of the building and the price of equipment.

Remember that the cost we calculated is approximate, as it depends on many factors and varies widely. Find out how much it costs to build a garage only by looking at an example. For the calculation we will take a detached garage on one floor with standard dimensions of 4 by 7 meters, while its height will be equal to 3 meters. We will build the structure from scratch, so you will need to lay the foundation, build the walls, do not forget about the plinth and the laying of the roof, as well as finishing inside and outside.


How much does it cost to build a garage - calculating the cost of building a garage Material cost

  • Cost of space. Even in the garage cooperative you have to pay, but it will be cheaper than buying land.
  • Cost of materials. The price of the same materials varies in different places. But choosing a brick garage, you definitely will not lose.
  • Salary to builders.
  • Shipping cost.
  • Rental of special equipment.
  • Renting or buying electric equipment.

Approximate cost

How much does it cost to build a garage - calculating the cost of building a garage Approximate cost of the garage

At each stage, you will need to pay a certain amount:

  • You will have to spend $ 400-550 on the foundation.
  • Walls will cost $ 750.
  • The base with the gate will take a little less - just $ 700.
  • And on the roof and the floor will need $ 500.

If you have enough skills to build a garage on your own, then you can meet only $ 2300.

These calculations did not include the conduct of engineering communications, such as light and heating, nor the finishing of the building, nor the cost of transportation services, so it’s impossible to say exactly how much a garage should be built. In addition, prices in a large city and suburb may vary dramatically. Especially this difference is noticeable when paying specialists.

If you hire specialists, these are separate costs that can increase the cost of the garage by a decent amount. For example, bricklayers will ask for their services at least $ 700. But the walls will be of high quality and smooth, and you will not have to interfere with the solution and delve into the proper laying of bricks (if the choice fell on a brick garage).

Moreover, we gave an approximate cost, taking into account the use of cheap materials. For example, if the slate for the roof (as in our case) is replaced with metal tile or corrugated flooring, then the total cost of building a garage will be different.

Capital garage is not cheap to build. If you choose a built-in structure for our building, the cost calculation will be more accurate, but additional points will need to be taken into account (design). At the same time you can significantly save on the foundation and walls.


How much does it cost to build a garage - calculating the cost of building a garage Inspection pit in the garage

You can save on the following items and works:

  • If you abandon the plaster walls.
  • To abandon the concrete floor in favor of the ground.
  • Abandon the basement, replacing it with a viewing pit.
  • If you do not plan or do not know how to repair the car yourself, then you can also give up the inspection pit.
  • In the off-season, building materials are cheaper.

How much does it cost to build a garage - calculating the cost of building a garage You can not save on the screed

In no case can you save on:

  • The quality and quantity of cement. This is especially true for screed solutions, foundations and walls, if a major garage is being built.
  • The quality of the plates. The overlap should be strong and durable.
  • The strength of the stairs.
  • Gate constructions.
  • The quality of fittings.

Building a garage is a responsible and expensive business, so you need to prepare for it in advance by calculating the cost with the help of our advice. Hiring specialists or doing everything yourself is your decision, but you should not save on high-quality materials, because there are other ways to reduce the cost of construction.


In this video, the owner of the garage 5 * 6 tells how he built it for $ 500.


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