How much does it cost to build a brick house

A brick house has always been associated with wealth and durability. However, many are frightened by the expectations of the high cost of not only the building material itself, but upcoming works. So how much does it cost to build a brick house today?

Project of the future house

How much does it cost to build a brick house Design

To correctly calculate the cost of building a brick house, you need to consider that the full price is formed from the total cost of the following items:

  • The cost of drawing up a project to build a house.
  • The cost of the work of the foreman and other workers.
  • Cost of building materials.

Before building a brick house, you must first determine the construction of the structure. First, the more complex the shape of the house — the ledges, the notches, the turrets — the more bricks it will take, hence the price will be higher. Secondly, the quality of the brick also matters. For the construction of walls, it is preferable to use a ceramic or silicate brick.

How much does it cost to build a brick house Laminated

Brick is produced in two main types: building or facing. It has a high thermal conductivity and heat capacity, which requires additional heating at home during the cold season. To preserve heat, you should additionally insulate the walls or make them too thick, which, accordingly, increases the number of bricks used.

How much does it cost to build a brick house Brick cladding

Not everyone can afford to build a house entirely of brick. Therefore, in construction, a combined box is often used: brick cladding, and a steel frame with insulation or reinforced concrete. This significantly reduces the cost of building a house.

How many bricks will it take to build a house?

How much does it cost to build a brick house How many bricks will

One need of the main tasks of calculating the cost of building a brick house is to determine how many bricks will be required for this:

  1. The number of bricks is affected by the option of masonry. If you plan to build a house only of brick, without the use of other structures, then brick laying is made in 4-5 rows. When building a combined box at home, the external wall is laid out in 2 rows. This saves the amount of bricks by 2-3 times.
  2. It is necessary to carry out an exact calculation: determine the perimeter of the building, the height of the walls, taking into account the number of planned floors of the house. The product of the perimeter of the building to its height will be the total amount of the area of ​​the walls of the future house.
  3. Each type of brick has its own value by the number of units of building material contained in 1 square meter. m taking into account the coupling solution. The number of bricks must be multiplied by the value of the area and the cost of 1 brick. Thus, an approximate price will be obtained for the construction of a brick house.

Cost table

Type of work or construction material

Approximate cost

Buying a plot of land, preparing it for building a house, taking out garbage

About $ 1,550 in the country. In the city and surrounding area prices are much higher.

Drawing up a house project

About $ 1,000. For $ 300 you can buy a finished project.

Preparing temporary accommodation for workers (as a rule, a trailer is enough, summing up communications - water, electricity)

About $ 600 if you do it yourself.

Preparing the foundation pit and all related work

Within $ 450-700

Preparation for the installation of the foundation and all related work

About $ 12,000. At this stage, the foundation of the house is completely ready.

Construction of the house frame and brickwork of the external wall (middle two-story house)

About $ 20,000. Approximately one third of the amount will go to pay workers.

Construction of internal partitions, their decoration and exterior decoration of the house, including door and window openings

About $ 20,000 .

Construction of the roof

About $ 10-12 thousand.

Additionally, you need to calculate the delivery of bricks, the cost of work performed and other building materials necessary for the construction of a brick house.

The total amount will show how much it costs to build a brick house for today.

How much does it cost to build a brick house Wall construction option

It is possible to save on the purchase of the main building material: make calculations in advance, and six months before construction, order a batch of bricks from the plant at reduced prices. When ordering, the brick manufacturer must have a certificate for the building material produced.

Not only bricks, but also other building materials are subject to seasonal price fluctuations.Therefore, it is desirable to provide on the site the possibility of storing building materials or negotiate with suppliers on deferred delivery.

Calculations of how much a brick house is building build show that the cost of a brick is from 10 to 15% of the price for the complete construction of the house. As a rule, prices for an average two-storey brick house fluctuate around 80-100 thousand dollars.

How much does it cost to build a brick house House made of bricks

You know how to save on building a house out of bricks without losing in the quality and reliability of the structure? Share with us by leaving comments on the article. The creators of the site is important to know your opinion.

If you want to get more accurate data, then you need to know the cost of building materials and the price list for work in your area, as these figures are approximate and help to have a general idea of ​​how much construction will cost. houses.


How much does a house cost to build a brick? This video provides a calculation to the penny:

We offer to watch a video about one of the options for building walls of brick, which allows you to save money on the consumption of building material and preserve the quality of the building.


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