Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation

Only experienced gardeners know that a butterfly is not only a beautiful insect, but also a reliable greenhouse with a large number of advantages. This word is called gable design. Inside, the entire area is used for growing crops. The main feature of the greenhouse is simplicity and accessibility to plants. So, you can water and collect the fruits without going inside. This will also save space on the paths and at the camp does not harm the green mass. It is quite simple to equip a butterfly greenhouse, besides, it does not require significant investments.


Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation Design Features

The product consists of the following components:

  • 4 beads;
  • the upper part (narrow);
  • 2 frames.

The side frames open in different directions, which resembles the flapping of wings. This was the name of the greenhouse. Frames can be made of several sections, depending on the total length. Thus, it is possible to regulate the amount of air for ventilation. Working in the greenhouse is quite convenient and practical, since access is organized to all plants.

When closed, the structure resembles a strong cocoon that a strong wind or heavy precipitation will not let through. The size and design of the butterfly greenhouse may vary. The frame and the coating can be made in several ways, which is important to consider.

With careful planning of the structure, it is possible to equip several separate sections inside the greenhouse and protect them with plastic wrap. This will allow you to create a certain microclimate and regulate the temperature for growing certain crops.


Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation Advantages of the construction

As already mentioned, Due to the unusual construction, the structure receives the main advantage - accessibility. But, besides this, there are several other positive aspects that a summer resident will receive when choosing such a greenhouse:

  1. Sufficient strength, which allows it to serve a sufficiently long period.
  2. With proper organization, you can use it in winter, or prepare it for rest.
  3. Installation does not require special tools or expensive materials.
  4. Use of 100% of the land for planting. There is no need for the arrangement of the tracks.
  5. Simple ventilation system. There is no need to make removable frames.
  6. The high strength of the cladding material will withstand strong winds, heavy rains, as well as frost and snow weight.
  7. Easy disassembly allows you to store all the items in the barn during the winter period.
  8. Compactness in a folding form will allow to transport it on the car.
  9. Optimum temperature will allow crops to grow faster.

Experts advise to set up a shallow foundation for a butterfly greenhouse. This is especially true for those cases when it is installed in the same place.

Rules for choosing a location

Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation Rules for choosing an area for arranging a greenhouse

Starting to study the question of how to make a greenhouse butterfly, it is important to choose the right place. Its effectiveness will depend on it. The selected place should be as lit throughout the day.

Experts advise placing a greenhouse along the north-south line. On a hilly area, preference is given to the top. There will be the greatest amount of sunlight and a minimum of thawed and rainwater.

In addition to the shadow, the low efficiency of the construction efficiency will be influenced by the lowlands. Large amounts of rainwater will accumulate here, which means that the planted culture will begin to lock and roar.

Tools and materials

Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation

A greenhouse butterfly belongs to simple buildings, so it will not take a lot of time and effort to arrange it. The main thing is to choose the right materials for the frame and trim. So, to equip a strong, but at the same time easy to dismantle frame, give preference to wood or metal. A reasonable solution would be to opt for small-diameter metal pipes. When choosing a tree should not forget about the additional protection against insects and moisture. For this purpose, special means of protection are used. A suitable option is pine.

Considering the range of materials for plating, you should stop at the honeycomb polycarbonate. Polycarbonate greenhouse will have many advantages compared to others. Pay attention to the presence of additional protective sunscreen. For installation of a framework from metal pipes the welding machine is required. Among other tools you will need:

  • tape measure;
  • marker;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • fasteners (nails and self-tapping screws);
  • circulation saw;
  • stationery knife.

Cellular polycarbonate is a relatively new material that has quite wide application. It is made of granulated polycarbonate. It can be different sizes, shades, transparent, flexible.


Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation

The entire construction is based on preliminary calculations and drawings. It is necessary to plan everything carefully and calculate the necessary amount of materials. To do this, the dimensions of the butterfly greenhouse are calculated first. Do not forget that the main task is the convenience of harvesting. The size of the greenhouse is chosen depending on the needs and the number of crops to be grown.

The most simple and accessible material for the frame will be wood. For its processing will not require special knowledge and equipment. The best option would be boards, 2.5 cm thick. First of all, it is necessary to make boards, they can be:

  • single;
  • double;
  • folding.

The frame of the wooden frame is covered with durable polyethylene (some gardeners use 2 layers of film to increase strength). There are also other options:

  • cellular polycarbonate;
  • glass.

To work with the latter, clarity and accuracy are required. It should also be noted that today glass is a rather expensive material. Both glass and polycarbonate will protect plants from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which adversely affects the growth and development of fruits.

Prepared framework elements are installed on the previously marked ground. All sides must be adjusted as tightly as possible. The frames are fixed to the base with metal loops.

The most common form of construction is an arch. It should be noted the high complexity of its installation. After the construction of the frame, all elements are treated with antiseptic or oil paint. To grow melon crops, the beads must be made of glass for maximum transmission of sunlight.

A greenhouse butterfly on a concrete base

Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation

The protection of the greenhouse must be not only from the sides and the top, but also from the bottom. For this you need to provide a shallow foundation. To accomplish this task you can use either a strip foundation or dig a foundation pit. Depth should not exceed 30 cm. Reinforcement and formwork will provide greater strength. Do not neglect the sand cushion and waterproofing.

After the foundation has completely hardened (it takes about 10 days), they start to fix the boards. In the central part mounted wooden or metal support poles. They will be used for the installation of the top and sheathing polycarbonate.

All stages of installation work are carried out quickly. The design opens with ease throughout the day and closes only at night.

Key points for installation

Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation

In the greenhouse, the entire structure must be completely sealed. Periodically inspect the coating material for cracks or crevices. Polycarbonate sheet can be bent only across the honeycomb. Otherwise the material will break. The material selected for the frame must meet a number of requirements:

  • resistance to moisture and high temperature;
  • ease and ease of installation;
  • low weight;
  • strength.

It is necessary to take into account such nuances: a galvanized profile for a greenhouse of medium or large size will not be able to withstand the entire load, and raw logs will shrink rather quickly. Nails are used to fasten wood, and screws are used for profiles. Metal pipes are welded together. Polycarbonate sheets are inserted into the U-shaped profile. Due to this, between them will not form a gap.

By following these simple rules, you can make a greenhouse butterfly from polycarbonate. Its quality will not differ from the purchase option.

Preparing for the winter period

Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation Preparing the greenhouse for the winter period

To take care of a butterfly greenhouse and prepare it for winter, it is necessary to use methods depending on the material taken for plating. So, if we are talking about plastic wrap, then it must be removed in late autumn. It is very important to rinse and dry everything thoroughly, only then fold it. Materials such as glass and honeycomb polycarbonate are also thoroughly washed.

for the frame, the whole frame of the greenhouse is freed from vegetation. Purify dust and dirt, as they can penetrate into the structure. During this procedure, cracks or other types of damage may be found. Repairs should not be delayed in the spring, as over the winter they can increase in size. The metal elements are lubricated with engine oil, and the rust ones are replaced with new ones. Due to similar procedures, in the spring pests will not multiply at the place where the butterfly greenhouse is located.

The soil also needs preparation. Throughout the summer, various bacteria and fungi accumulated in it. To get rid of them you need to disinfect the land.

A few tips

Greenhouse butterfly do it yourself - design features and installation

Quite often, in such buildings, there is a place for growing several types of crops at the same time. To make them feel comfortable and not to be pollinated, each zone can be separated using a plastic film.

In summer, the frames are opened for the whole day. If the night starts to get cold, then close the greenhouse. It will be rational to use not only the main structure, but also additional frames, presented in the form of battens and plastic film.

Plants are being planted in the greenhouse several weeks earlier, since the microclimate inside is several degrees higher than the outside. The term fruiting of many crops will last for a month. Watering can be both drip and normal (watering).

A double protection butterfly will have a high heat retention efficiency regardless of the outdoor temperature.

The provided materials in the article will allow everyone to build a butterfly greenhouse without much effort. Following the step-by-step instructions, using standard tools and available materials, in just a couple of days a universal design will be placed on your site for growing different crops. Inside it will always be maintained a favorable microclimate, so the plants root quickly, grow and bear fruit until late autumn.



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