Dressing room do it yourself + photo

You were tortured by the eternal cleaning of scattered things? Are you dreaming about arranging a dressing room? Do not rush to abandon this thought, even if your funds are limited! After all, in fact, you can make a dressing room with your own hands without any special financial costs.

Given the size of the living space, a separate room or a corner of a bedroom can serve as a dressing room. Do not think that such a beautiful room interests only beautiful ladies; men are just as pleased when all things are neatly hung and laid out in their places. In such a room it is convenient to store things for a long time. Here they do not spoil, do not hesitate, do not fade and will not be damaged by pests.

Basic room requirements

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Basic requirements

Even if you can't to allocate a lot of space for a dressing room, you can equip it with many shelves. The minimum dimensions of such a room are 1x1.5 meters. Hangers, shelves and drawers will fit quite compactly here. It's great if in the dressing room you can make room for changing clothes with a mirror. If your dressing room is very small, then provide ventilation in it, because otherwise the probability of stagnation of air is great, which will lead to the impregnation of things with a stale smell.

The zone allocated for the storage of outer clothing as well as dresses can have a depth of 0.5 m, and a height of 1.5 m. The zone in which short clothes will be stored may have a little the smaller size is 0.5x1 m. At the top, place additional shelves for storing things that you do not use so often.

Making a dressing room in the closet, niche or corner of the room

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Wardrobe in the niche

The equipment of a quality place for the dressing room does not need to provide for a special separate room intended for this purpose. Select a zone under the dressing room, believe me, it is possible in an ordinary apartment. Do you have a non-applicable niche in which, apart from an unnecessary pile of things, nothing more fits? Then immediately free it from trash!

First of all, give up cabinet furniture, which takes up a lot of space in a small square. You can make or buy special designs "boiserie" and "loft". They have mobile cabinets, no extra walls. This approach will facilitate the process of creating a dressing room. Pay special attention to the choice of the door. If the niche is in the bedroom, then to increase the space, it is better to use a translucent or frosted glass. Arranging the pantry in the hallway? Then choose a door that matches the tones of the wall or decorate the doorway, because there are always several doors in the corridor.

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Corner walk-in

In small apartments, a dressing room equipped in the corner of the room is the most reasonable solution when allocating space.

The fact is that the placement of standard typical furniture in this case is simply unacceptable. In the corner dressing room you can fit a lot of necessary things, often much more than in the closets.

The functionality of the room for the wardrobe, namely, its internal structure must necessarily meet the requirements of practicality, convenience and spaciousness.

A storage room for small-sized wardrobe can be in the shape of a triangle, a trapezoid, the letter “G” or a five-wall. Center the bar in the center and on the sides of the shelf. Accessories and small items can be placed in specially designated baskets, lattice containers and mobile pedestals. As for shoes, it is more practical to store it, installing a special design on the door or in the lower part of the dressing room. Boxes for storage of all footwear, happen both closed, and open type. In addition, it is convenient to keep household appliances for frequent use from below. On the upper shelves it is better to stack those things that are used infrequently in everyday life.

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Corner version

The small wardrobe located in the corner of the room has many advantages. For example, in small rooms they are indispensable. In appearance, they resemble a wardrobe, but are placed in a place where its usual counterpart does not fit. Thus, you can maximize the use of space, for example, in the bedroom. The wardrobe room is incomparably functional, stylish and roomy!

For hangers, you can build a tubular structure of chrome-plated products. You can buy them at any hardware store in the city. You will need a pipe for a horizontal hanger and a vertical rack. In addition, buy a connector and 3 heels for pipes attached to the wall, floor and ceiling.

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Wardrobe in the closet

If space allows, position the bar on the right or left side of full-length entry.Practice shows that this alignment is optimal. Construct the corner shelves - they will occupy the space of a straight far wall and one of the sides from the entrance. Constructing shelves, you can also use chrome pipes, as this is probably the most economical option. In addition, this type of air construction allows you to easily get to each shelf. Chrome pipes must pass through all shelves. They will be attached to the ceiling and to the floor.

Leave a small space opposite the entrance. This will allow you to move around the room during operation. By the door you can attach a large mirror that will give you the opportunity to change clothes.

Mounting the plasterboard construction

Dressing room do it yourself + photo From drywall

  1. Before you begin assembling the frame, make a profile markup and cut out of it blanks for the ceiling, floor and walls. You can do this with the help of specially designed scissors, which can be purchased at the hardware store.
  2. You can install a floor profile using self-tapping screws and a screwdriver.
  3. Now proceed to the installation of wall vertical profiles, and then - horizontal ceiling.
  4. To improve rigidity and structural strength, fasten transverse profiles using self-tapping screws. Take care of the accuracy of the work in order not to damage the existing wall covering and not to injure yourself.
  5. After you have assembled the profile frame, make its plasterboard covering in two layers, between which lay the insulation.
  6. Lay the wiring in the same space. Instead of drywall, you can use chipboard or MDF board.
  7. After finishing the skin of the frame, apply a primer to the plasterboard walls, glue the seams. The easiest method of finishing plasterboard walls - wallpapering, but if you wish, you can carry out the decoration under the tree or use decorative panels. Opinions of experts agree that the most durable finishing option is painting walls, but for this you need to carefully pierce and polish the walls.
  8. The most practical way of laying the floor in the dressing room is tile. But you can also cover the floor with linoleum, carpet or put parquet.

In the dressing room made of plasterboard, doors should be installed, for example, sliding doors. Their main advantage is that they take up little space compared to the swing model. As for lighting, it is better to place it inside, and only one spotlight will suffice. Additional lighting is usually located near the mirror. Lovers of comfort will appreciate the special lighting built directly above the shelves and hangers.

Wardrobe rack

Dressing room do it yourself + photo

If you pick things up with taste, arrange them carefully and hang them, and keep them clean, the wardrobe rack will become aesthetic and stylish decoration of your home. There is a strict condition - the frame and the shelves must be inconspicuous against the background of the contents.

The constructive solution of the dressing-rack is extremely simple: the supporting frame is made of perforated profiles that are fixed to the wall, and the shelves for clothes can be made of ordinary dark colored laminate. For aesthetic reasons, it is better to install the mesh exclusively for storing shoes. And it should be fixed on the metal struts.

Bars for storing hangers can be attached to struts or on the shelf side. Metal fittings used for the decoration of wardrobe racks, usually has a fairly high cost. However, you can save. How? As the strut, you can use pieces of rod, having a diameter of about 0.6 cm.

They can even be rusty and not very even. Heat-shrinkable tubes, which are used for electrical insulation, are suitable for trimming bars. They are made of polyisopropylene of different colors. The diameter of the tube should be 2 times the diameter of the rod. Heat the heat-shrinkable tubing with a household hairdryer to 70-80˚. In this case, the plastic layer will be about 2-3 mm. You can remove the markings on the heat-shrinkable tube by wiping it with a cotton swab with alcohol or a scouring powder intended for cooking stoves, or with dish detergent. The tube will hide all the irregularities and roughness of the metal.

As regards the shelves, you can make them from ordinary cheap laminate, which you need to pre-cut to the specified length. To the width of the shelves was appropriate, laminate connect locks. Now you can do the layout of things.

We collect the wardrobe-case

Dressing room do it yourself + photo the wardrobe-case

the wardrobe-case is called a rectangular high case, equipped with a retractable hanger frame, which is also provided with shelves.For a long time, people have made unsuccessful attempts to create such a structure. All failures were associated with the guide mechanism. In all cases, the hanger, pushed to the limit or just to half, was twisted and jammed. But, not so long ago, the problem was solved. Now as the guides used the lateral ends of the shelves with PVC edgebanding of 2 mm. You will also need paired guide rollers. They are fixed on the side walls of the case from the inside, so that they are shifted as much as possible forward.

This design comes inside the case from a light hand push. Shelves on which it is envisaged to store small things provide small sides of PVC sheets. This is intended to ensure that arbitrarily dangling linen does not fall under the rollers, which can put the dressing room out of order.

During the installation process you should:

  • Assemble, first the hanger.
  • Fasten the rollers to the sides of the case.
  • Make a check for correct height of the rollers.
  • Now you can fasten to the sidewall, which will be flush with the wall, back and top walls.
  • Push in the hanger and attach the opposite sidewall.
  • Fasten the lower part of both sidewalls with a U-shaped strip made of galvanized bottom. She will be a stopper, which prevents spontaneous rolling out of the hanger with shelves.


Dressing room do it yourself + photo Capacious sizes

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Bright wardrobe

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Racking system

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Radial walk-in closet

Dressing room do it yourself + photo Hemispherical walk-in

Dressing room do it yourself + photo In dark tones

Dressing room do it yourself + photo In bright colors

Today, you can equip a dressing room in various ways, which often abut against the presence of space in an apartment or house. Still rests on the matter of taste. If you have already engaged in the development and arrangement of the wardrobe room, then share your ideas! Perhaps you had difficulties in the process of doing the work? How did you handle them? Maybe you managed to apply innovative technologies? Which ones? Write us your comments, we are always ready to replenish your knowledge!


If you still decide to order ready-made cabinets, first of all pay attention to the quality of materials and accessories (compartment doors for wardrobe, storage systems, bars).


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