Do-it-yourself wooden entrance doors: how to make

All designs from a tree differ in high strength characteristics and quality. This material is natural, which means that it does not have any harmful effects on the human body. In addition, it is durable and reliable. Entrance wooden doors have long been installed by people in their country houses. They allow you to create amazingly beautiful designs. Virtually everyone can build a door for a barn or garage. For this, a lot of skill is not needed. However, wooden entrance doors, made by hand, are much more complex elements in terms of design.

Do-it-yourself wooden entrance doors: how to make

If there is a suitable material, you can make the entrance door yourself.

Very often speech about doing the work with your own hands comes mainly when you need to install a new design in an old house. In this case, standard doors often do not fit the door frame. Man has to install this item to order. This is quite a big problem, as the cost of the door increases significantly. Here you have to think about alternatives. Entrance wooden doors, made by hand - this is the optimal solution to the problem.

Tools and materials

First you need to take care of buying all the tools and materials you need for work. These include:

Do-it-yourself wooden entrance doors: how to make

Door scheme with keys.

  • hardwood;
  • dowels;
  • bars;
  • Fiberboard;
  • loops;
  • handles;
  • hacksaw;
  • self-tapping screws.

This is only a part of the materials that may be needed to make a wooden door for the house. Next will be considered several options for mounting this kind of structures.

How to make the door yourself

Today there are a huge number of different types of wooden entrance doors on the market. All of them are in fact conditionally divided into only two types - panel and shield.

For the manufacture of original designs, most often, framed doors are used.

Do-it-yourself wooden entrance doors: how to make

Entrance door device.

In this case, the frame is made of massive wood species. Here, all bearing elements are interconnected by means of dowels. In order to avoid deformation of the structure, it is worth cutting the grooves in such a way that the panels could easily fit into them. In the process of shrinkage, this will affect the structure as a whole. As the panels most often used an array of the same wood that was used for the manufacture of the crown. However, other materials may be used for this purpose. Not bad copes with the task of chipboard. In this case, the inserts need to be fixed inside the frame with the help of beadings.

The wooden panel door has a much simpler design than the one presented above. Most often it is a frame made of timber, which is sheathed on both sides with thick plywood. Inside the cavity is filled with insulating material. Such doors are less rigid than those presented above. However, this parameter can be improved by complementing the construction with overlays in the area of ​​the castle and canopies.

There is a more complex technology for the manufacture of shields. They can be made of boards that have certain outlines and structure. Here you can use carpenter's glue to join all the elements of the shield design. It is perfect for connecting structural elements together.

Do-it-yourself wooden entrance doors: how to make

Types of panels.

Now you can move on to the most difficult stage of work, namely the assembly of the box. Before you do this, all its parts must be laid out on the floor around the canvas with gaps equal to 2 mm. At the same time, it is necessary to control the shape and size of the structure using measuring instruments. Marking for canopies is done when the door is tightly located inside the frame. Then you can go directly to the fastening of the loops. Their lower part joins the box, and the upper - to the canvas. It is better to install the hinges in such a way that they are flush with the structural elements. For this purpose, special grooves are made in the wooden elements. Now you can do making holes for the lock and eye. After that, the design can be assembled into a single unit. If any defects are found somewhere, they must be immediately repaired with a grinding machine or sandpaper.

Finishing a wooden door with your own hands

Once the door has been assembled, you can finish it. This can also be done by hand. In this process, there is nothing supernatural and complex. Pre-wooden door is treated with various compositions, which then will protect it during operation from a variety of adverse factors.This measure is a necessity, since the wooden door is exposed not only to moisture, but also to ultraviolet radiation. Then follows the stage of painting the surface.

This is done with a translucent paint or varnish. It is best to use colorless materials to preserve the pattern of natural wood. At the same time, if desired, the inside of the canvas can be sheathed with artificial leather. Foam rubber is suitable as an insulating material in this case. It is not necessary to upholster a door with artificial leather, however, in this case its heat-insulating and sound-proof properties are greatly improved.

Do-it-yourself wooden entrance doors: how to make

It is better to paint a wooden door with varnish or transparent paint in order to preserve the picture of the tree

The installation of the entrance door itself is carried out in a strictly defined order . First, it is necessary to mount the box. It is attached to the wall around the perimeter with anchor bolts. They allow you to make the design of the most reliable and tough. In this case, it will serve for many years faithfully to its owner. After that, in any case, there will be gaps between the wall and the box. They need to be filled with foam.

It should be done very carefully so as not to damage the aesthetics of the door. Only after this loop must be hung on the canvas. Now remains the very last stage of work, which is the installation of a canopy and slopes. We can talk about this later, but now we can state the fact that the wooden door, made by hand, is completely ready for further use.

This is a great solution for almost every home. The tree in any case will look much more elegant than metal. However, in this case the door will be less durable. To improve its characteristics is to use solid wood in the installation process.

The result of the work done

Thus, the work can be considered completed. As is clear, there is nothing difficult in the process of installation and installation of the door. Wood is a fairly simple material that is easily subjected to various kinds of processing. It will always create a unique interior and exterior of any home.

In the course of work, it is necessary to constantly check the correctness of all the geometrical parameters of the structure so that it does not turn out unpleasant situations during its operation. These include, for example, creaking or the impossibility of closing. All these nuances should be considered even before installing the door, so that after installation you do not have to redo the system.

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