designs and features, drawings, diagrams (video)

The owners of private cottages are lucky that the house is the place where you can realize all your building fantasies, skills and creative potential. The house from natural material - wood looks very aesthetically pleasing. Accordingly, the overall concept should be respected not only outside the house, but inside as well. It has become very popular to build high-rise buildings, where, accordingly, there are stairs. Very often, this raises the question of how to make a wooden staircase with your own hands.

designs and features, drawings, diagrams (video)

Internal stairs in private houses are constructed on the basis of free space, convenience of location, configuration, and aesthetic considerations.

Construction of such a ladder will take some time and will require all efforts, however, self-installation will save financial investments. Of course, it’s good when you already have a finished project on hand, but you can order it if you wish. The main criteria that must meet the ladder design, reliability and safety.

Required qualities of a wooden ladder

The construction of wooden stairs has its positive aspects:

designs and features, drawings, diagrams (video)

Types of marching stairs.

  1. Wood is a very lightweight material for joinery, so even a beginner will have no difficulty working with him.
  2. Products from such material give an aesthetic look to the whole room. And if you really try, you can create a pattern of wood, which was originally laid in it.
  3. Such a ladder keeps heat very well, which is important for families with small children.
  4. Environmentally friendly raw materials that do not contain toxins. When heated, the resin emit its flavor, which has healing properties and gives the whole room a special fragrance.

But it should be noted that wood is a fire hazardous material. Therefore, during the construction of the house you need to calculate so that the wooden staircase is located away from open fires, such as a fireplace. Even as a disadvantage, it should be noted that over time, the wood dries out, which can disrupt the functionality of the stairs. To do this, you must use special solutions that will interfere with this process, as well as prevent the ingress of moisture and various woody parasites on the product.

Structures and features of stairs

designs and features, drawings, diagrams (video)

Elements of wooden stairs.

The construction of such an element of decor should begin with the choice of the structure of the product. There are two types: marching and screw.

The first option is often constructed with one or two marches and does not have any particular installation difficulties. In addition, such a ladder can be built either straight or turning. For self-installation, it is recommended to start with a straight marching model. Despite their simplicity, they have excellent reliability. Experts recommend that, in the case of more than 10 steps, divide the stairs with a platform.

But the screw models have a more complicated installation structure, which is why only professional workers can handle them. First of all, this is due to the complexity of the calculations, only they have the tools and experience with which it is possible to control the strength of the supporting struts and steps.

How to make a wooden staircase with your own hands of which will continue to consist of stair steps;

  • edged board, the parameters of the cross section of which must coincide with the indicator bars;
  • steel screws for fastening.
  • A wooden staircase is built with its own hands as follows:

    designs and features, drawings, diagrams (video)

    The calculation of the height and width of ordinary steps.

    1. A design of the staircase is needed, where calculations of height, width, angle of inclination and the number of steps in the product will be visible.
    2. If the ladder is of a marching type, then a bowstring or kosour can be used. In the first case, the fastening in the form of beams is under the stairs, and in the second - on the side. To create marching spans, you will need two additional bowstrings located on opposite sides, to which steps will be attached in the future.
    3. The next step, after fastening the bowstring, is the need to lay the bars at the same distance under the stairs, which are designed to maintain it. Alternatively, metal corners of the size 45x45 are used, in which you first need to drill holes for screw connections.
    4. Then the upper and lower parts of the string should be connected to the floor and wall, and in cases of other fastening - to the ceiling.
    5. It must be remembered that the wooden stairs must be treated with special substances before assembly. This will contribute to the fact that she will not be afraid of moisture, direct sunlight and the appearance of various insects.

    It should be noted that the quality of the construction will directly depend on the quality of the tree to be chosen.

    That is why it should be, firstly, dry, and secondly, with the least amount of cracks and knots.

    How to clean a wooden staircase

    After construction is completed, you must properly follow the staircase and ensure that it does not lose its attractiveness as an element of decor in a short time. To do this, you should follow the following recommendations:

    designs and features, drawings, diagrams (video)

    Attaching kosourov between themselves and to the upper overlap.

    1. For the first 10-14 days, the lacquer coating is very sensitive to any mechanical stress. Therefore, it is better to restrict cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, and even better to use only a dry, soft cloth.
    2. The use of aggressive detergents is strictly contraindicated for wooden products. Also, do not use a sponge with a rough surface, as this may damage the polishing of the stairs.
    3. From time to time the ladder surface should be opened with a polish or special wax varnishes. They provide additional protection from scratches and cracks, besides they create a water-repellent barrier.
    4. Airing of the room is also an important moment in the care of the wooden structure, as this helps to remove excess moisture. If the air humidity exceeds 60%, it will lead to unnecessary squeaks, and in extreme cases - to the deformation of the product or its individual elements. Usually there is enough natural drying by airing, but if this does not help, it is better to call a specialist, and not to use electric heaters.
    5. A ladder made of wood is very sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Therefore, it is recommended that the room temperature be in the range from 18 to 28 °.
    6. In the case where chewing gum or a drop of wax has fallen onto the step, an ice pack should be attached to this place. After which the contamination becomes fragile and brittle, it can be easily removed without using sharp objects.
    7. Walking on stairs with heels or similar shoes causes surface damage in the form of scratches or microcracks.
    8. Serious violations in the functionality of the staircase design require a specialist to be examined, rather than attempts at self-repair.
    9. But the most important thing that should be addressed first and foremost is fire safety.

    With the implementation of all the above recommendations, a handmade wooden staircase will last more than one year and will be a harmonious element in the home interior.

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