Construction of houses from the mast: technological features (photo)

With modern buildings, the construction of houses from a gun carriage became popular. It came to us from Norway. The gun is not only a log of a semi-oval shape, which is sawn from two opposite sides, but also a type of connection. Such a connection is also called the "tricky lock", as it is considered the best.

Construction of houses from the mast: technological features (photo)

Laft houses are characterized by high durability and good frost protection.

Because of its shape and high-quality workmanship, such a stack of logs is able to provide optimally tight joints, which helps protect the corners from freezing and penetration of cold air. With a large shrinkage of the castle will be denser, then the design of the house will become even stronger and warmer. The flat shape of the walls makes the interior of the house larger and more spacious.

Technological features of the cutting of a carriage

Performing the cutting, in Norwegian they make preparatory works of a carriage for log cabins and their installation. The log house itself is the basis of wooden houses, while the logs are laid one on one in a horizontal position, so crowns are formed. Usually logs have a length of about 6 m. For durability of joining logs, grooves are made, which are located on top of the element, and an inter-heater insulation is arranged in them. In the corners of the logs special cuts are made - locks that have wedge-shaped profiles.

For the construction of log cabins, the tree must have natural moisture. Norwegian technology provides for shrinkage of the material already in the finished log house After installing the log house, it needs an extract for a certain time to dry it, after which it is disassembled.

Construction of houses from the mast: technological features (photo)

Features of the construction of log carriages.

Logs are laid using Norwegian locks, which self-wedge themselves in the process of shrinking under their own weight. Such a lock in the Norwegian buildings is considered the most reliable, since during self-jamming the carriage is strong enough and does not turn. The strength of the castle depends on how tight the shrinkage is.

Before installing the houses from the mast, it is necessary to take the selection of material seriously, since the logs should be undamaged and meet the standards and technical conditions that will allow building high-quality houses.

Timber, which is suitable in all respects, is cleared of bark, treated with resin or turpentine antiseptics. Especially carefully it is necessary to process wood from ends and in places of cuts and grooves. After that, the logs are sorted by size and shape. To do this, make accurate measurements and remove defects in the form of growths and protrusions. And only after all these processes have been completed, logs are transported to construction sites for logging for wooden houses.

The building is being cut to size. When logging is finished, logs must be marked depending on the assembly drawings. After that, the felling of the log house is dismantled, the material is loaded onto transport and the wooden house is delivered to the place of assembly. The assembly is made on the ready foundation, during installation, the installation of dowels, dowels, that is, wooden nails, manufactured and hard wood, which are located inside the bars, is provided. Nagel are necessary to prevent overlapping of the edges of the bars when drying wood, they preserve the verticality of the wood walls.

When the frame for the houses from the mast will be fully mounted, the roof will be installed, the windows and doors will be installed and all the finishing works related to home improvement will be done.

Tools in the manufacture of the wood beet

Construction of houses from the mast: technological features (photo)

Cutting logging schemes.

To make a carriage and build a wooden house, the following tools are needed:

  • tape sawmills equipped with electronic and hydraulic systems;
  • compasses with a built-in level;
  • drill with shock function;
  • chainsaw;
  • special configuration axes;
  • Teslo, planer, machine tool.

Special equipment is also needed:

  • a truck crane;
  • trucks;
  • lifting equipment.

What can be obtained as a result of building houses from a carriage

Due to the fact that a house from a carriage has a fairly smooth surface of walls and their thickness is 200 mm, the internal area of ​​the building significantly increases, which distinguishes them from bulk walls from a simple log. Despite the thinness of the walls of the gun carriage, they have a high level of thermal protection.

In addition, the Norwegian carriage is distinguished by flat and flat walls, which facilitates the installation of electrical wiring, communications, and furniture design.

Similar construction of wooden houses has strength and durability. Due to the complex construction of the lock fastening of the logs, the carpeting structures are not subject to deformation. Thanks to the Norwegian castle, the fixation of the logs is tight, they sit in the nests without movement.

This design is economical, since, using the carriage, they spend less construction material than on log houses. Lafeta buildings do not require finishing both inside and outside, which helps to reduce the cost of construction.

Wooden buildings from a carriage are very warm, since the principle of the Norwegian logging provides for a significant reduction in heat loss.

This is facilitated by the fact that the largest diameter wood is used in the manufacture of a carriage, therefore, fewer crowns are required for laying the walls. And by reducing the number of joints, the walls will be warmer and with denser tightness. In comparison with a simple log house, which has thinner walls at the joints, and this affects heat loss, the Norwegian cutting, on the contrary, is capable of providing a uniform thickness of the walls.

Easy installation: the carriage using Norwegian technology allows the construction of houses made of wood with natural moisture. With this construction, the carriage gives shrinkage in the collected log house.

Aesthetics and beauty are achieved through the processing of the material, which allows not to finish the walls with additional elements. It is an ideal material for use in its natural form.

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