Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

If you are tired of the monotony of gray concrete cubes and parallelepipeds of the city, then it makes sense to build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands. Make it difficult, but quite feasible. In such a house, the walls breathe, smell of wood. You can safely forget about urban affairs and fully surrender to naturalness and nature.

Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

A wooden house has long been considered to be the best. It is completely safe, environmentally friendly and has a beneficial effect on health.

From what to build a house

Some types of coniferous species are used mainly for construction:

  • fir,
  • larch;
  • pine;
  • cedar.

But in the central part of Russia, deciduous species are also used. For example, oak, ash (thermowood). The tree has various advantages that are used in the construction of houses:

Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

The wooden house scheme.

  1. The elasticity and strength of this material is very high.
  2. Low weight.
  3. Low thermal conductivity.
  4. Even the untreated trees of some species have a beautiful appearance.
  5. Easy to handle and assemble.

Low thermal conductivity is one of the main advantages of this material. In the cold in such a house will be quite warm, even warmer than in the construction of brick. The thermal conductivity of wood is 5 times lower than that of bricks.

Of the negative aspects, it is worth highlighting:

  1. Inhomogeneity of the inner layer of some rocks.
  2. Rotting.
  3. Curving and warping due to humidity.
  4. Low fire safety.

But some of the drawbacks are easy to fix by treating the wood with different compositions designed to eliminate these shortcomings. For example, antiseptics are used to eliminate decay, and wood should be abolished or painted to eliminate water absorption.

How to build a wooden house

Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

Screw pile foundation for a wooden house.

The very first steps in creating your environmentally friendly design are creating a project and choosing a place to build. In both cases, you can contact the experts, but this will lead to costs. It is easier to find a suitable project on the Internet, and choose the place yourself. The building can be located anywhere in the yard, but if there is a hill on the plot, build there:

  • this will allow the waters (rain and melted) to leave the house without difficulty;
  • it is easier to build a sewage system natural slope

After that you should decide on the foundation. A wooden house is built on a columnar foundation of reinforced concrete, brick or concrete, which, depending on the soil, is reinforced (solid soil) or unreinforced (soft soil).

There are two ways to make a wooden house:

  1. For those who do not know how to proceed with the construction, but are ready to assemble the structure themselves. Call the factory. You bring a ready disassembled house, which is assembled thanks to special marks. The bars each have their own mounting pins and are arranged according to the affixed numbers. You are issued documentation, drawings and a plan for the sequential assembly of the structure. Advantages of this method:
  • do not pay construction companies;
  • do not have to wait for the workers every day (many live quite far away), have (if they came for the whole construction period) , feed them;
  • construction times are reduced: you can get up early and go to bed after dark.
  1. Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

    Floor insulation scheme in a wooden house.

    For those who know how to proceed with the construction, and are ready to assemble the structure themselves. With at least basic information about the architecture and knowing the sequence of works, you can build a house yourself. To build a house will have to gradually. Dragging the bars and installing them one on the other is hard (especially if you are alone). You yourself must produce gash, cut through windows and doors, adjust the material (for example, work with a plane). Because of this, the construction time of your building will increase. They can be reduced by mechanizing work with the help of a grinder with a nozzle or by agreeing with workers of the sawmill. Advantages of the method:

  • budget cuts due to the independent performance of many operations (zapily, cutting, drilling);
  • any work schedule: you can work half a day or skip a day.

Design and calculation of materials

Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

Scheme of interior decoration of a wooden house.

Designing a house is quite difficult if you are not an architect. Therefore, either contact a knowledgeable person, or find a project on the Internet and print it. Taking a pencil, a calculator and paper, determine all the data and count them to fit your house. For example:

  • house 7x7 m 2 ;
  • the distance between the floor beams is 0.7 m;
  • the used beam is 15x15x700 cm;
  • height 2.7 m.

In this case, the number of bars in height will be:

2.7 / 0.15 = 18 pcs.

4 pieces fit around the perimeter. then the total number will be:

18x4 = 72 pieces.

But the rest of the materials are not indicated in the calculations.

For a complete coverage of all data, make a plan-calculation of materials. Write down the correct sequence of installation points. At the side, assign the materials necessary for the execution of an item.

Operation Material
Crown installation 4 beams, 4 pins, moss at the joints
Installation of floor beams (0.7 m) 10 beams, moss at the joints

Thus, having counted all the data, you will find the total amount of materials for the construction. Multiplying the data on market prices and adding them up, you get the amount needed for construction. For convenience, you can add a "Price of Material" column to the table.

After finding the project and all the necessary calculations for materials begin to build the house.

In this case, it is necessary to perform all the work consistently and accurately.

For fast and high-quality assembly, you need to listen to the advice of experienced craftsmen. Some recommendations are given below.

Tips for installation of light construction

Build a wooden house in the suburbs with your own hands: tips (photos and videos)

Roofing a wooden house from a bar.

  1. Perform construction on site by beams or logs treated with antiseptic stacking. To reduce water absorption, the material is impregnated with linseed oil. Popular dimensions are 10x15, 15x15.
  2. Begin work with laying ruberoid (roofing paper) on the foundation, when casting it is desirable to leave the corners with pins 15-20 cm high.
  3. Next, put the lower crown. Drill holes and put on pins. In the corners they connect the boards of a crown in a half-tree and reinforce them with pins made of oak or birch.
  4. The rest of the dowels are connected at once by 3 bars at a distance of 30-40 cm. For easy driving in, a hole is drilled at once in all the fixed bars.
  5. On top of the first crown in a half-tree, every 0.4-0.7 m, a row of bars is installed on which the floor of the house is laid. It is not recommended to fill in or lay insulation under the floor. Beams must be ventilated.
  6. To insulate the floor, it is necessary to make a draft floor, on it to lay the transverse bars, between which to place the insulation. From above steal the main floor.
  7. All gaps between beams should be laid and caulked with moss, hemp, felt, felt or jute.
  8. After the walls reach a height of 2.7 m or more, they construct the ceiling, then the attic, the next floor or attic with a roof.

Materials and tools

  • bars, planks, slats;
  • pins;
  • roofing material;
  • saw, chainsaw;
  • Bulgarian with nozzle;
  • hammer, sledgehammer;
  • plane;
  • drill, electric drill.

The main thing is to observe safety precautions.

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