Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

The future peace and comfort of the whole family depends on how well the floors are made in the wooden house. This stage of work should be taken very seriously, so that then there would be no different overlaps in the work. Consider how to make the floor in the wooden house. There are several floor designs. You can make wooden floors as well as other materials for this.

Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

High-quality floor finishing allows you to enjoy your home in comfort.

Depending on the chosen option, you may need:

  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • punch;
  • screwdriver;
  • chainsaw;
  • square;
  • level.

Installation of the floor for the log house along the ceiling beams

Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

Floor construction on logs.

This option of mounting the floor in a wooden house is the most logical among all the others. The method is considered the most common. Even professionals are advised to do just such an overlap, since it is mounted quite easily. There are other advantages to this kind of flooring. There is a possibility of raising the floor to almost any height. You can think about the arrangement of the basement. Another plus is that the overlap will not come into contact with the ground, and therefore it will last long enough.

If it is a question of erecting a floor in a wooden house made exclusively of wood, then you need to install floor beams on the third or fourth crown of the logs. If in construction bricks were used to organize the foundation, then the beams are placed immediately behind the basement floor.

The end parts of the beams, on which the floor will be located, can be either end-to-end arrangement or installed in the log frame array.

The second method is considered less successful. If the beams are arranged on the end-to-end principle, then they necessarily go outside. Excess condensate will be able to evaporate. This option allows you to make the design of the floor more rigid and reliable. All beams that go outside must be treated with special antiseptic compounds that will protect against rot and mildew.

If the beams that are used to organize the floor in the house are longer than 3 m, they must be installed with the use of additional supporting devices. This will help make the structure more rigid. Below you can install wooden or brick pillars. It is also worth remembering that if the beams touch the ground or the soil, they must be treated with antiseptic compositions.

Some features

Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

The scheme of double and single sex.

If brick columns are used as support, they must be installed on a firm and level base. Here you can pour concrete and use ready-made reinforced concrete poles for leveling. At the same time between the brick and wooden beams need to lay a layer of waterproofing. This measure is necessary.

Only after the beams have been installed into their places, you can proceed to the further installation of the floor. It is made either in one layer or in two. The second option is preferred because it allows you to make the floor warmer. All guests and relatives will appreciate this nuance. The floor must begin immediately after the wooden beams have been put in place.

To avoid the process of warping floorboards, they must first be prepared for installation. They must be stored for 6 months in a dry and warm room. However, this is not always possible, you have to work with the material that is available. If raw material is used, it cannot be immediately attached to the floor surface. Only pre-lay should be done.

If we are talking about a two-layer field, it is necessary to lay the finishing flooring in a perpendicular position to the draft. If we talk about the floors in the kitchen, they need additional waterproofing. In this case, you can use any material. It is placed between the finishing and subfloor. Roofing material has excellent waterproofing properties, so it is important to use it.

Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

Mounting sheet piling.

Very often a sheet pile board is used to set up a finished floor. It is distinguished by its beauty and excellent performance. It can be applied to virtually any paint materials.

This board is great for organizing the foundation for other flooring. It is easy and simple to lay linoleum, carpet or lay laminate on it. She will do an excellent job with the basics for them.

What is the purpose of a draft floor and how to equip it

Is it necessary to equip a draft floor in a wooden house? Thanks to the subfloor, the following advantages can be obtained:

  • strength and reliable ventilation, which is necessary so that the floor does not begin to rot;
  • it plays the role of an additional stiffening frame assume that it increases the rigidity of the whole structure;
  • is an excellent basis for laying insulation and waterproofing;

Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

Draft floor serves as the basis for laying insulation.

For the organization of the subfloor most often unedged board is used.

Now it’s worthwhile to talk more about how the subfloor is being laid. First you need to think about floor ventilation. For these purposes, you can make special holes in the corners of the overlap of the log house. They can then be masked with grids.

Next is waterproofing the floor. For these purposes, as noted earlier, it is better to use roofing material. This material is practical and unpretentious to various conditions. Of course, you can use other materials. Then all wooden structural elements are coated with an antiseptic solution, which perfectly protects them from the adverse effects of the external environment.

The installation of the draft ceiling itself can be done in a variety of ways. In any case, for these purposes it is necessary to use only dry wood.

Concrete floor in the made log house: nuances

In any log house you can make a concrete floor. This structural element will have a number of advantages over wood. These include:

Floors in the house: installation according to the instructions, features

Floor insulation scheme in a wooden house.

  • long enough life of the concrete floor;
  • highest reliability and durability if the foundation is properly cast;
  • it is possible to cover the concrete floor with almost any kind of finishing material which is used for the organization of a fair floor: tile, linoleum, laminate.

At present, concrete floors can be equipped in two ways. In the first case, it is worth talking about laying concrete floors directly on wooden logs. In the second version - about laying concrete floors on the ground. Both methods are widely used in the arrangement of the floor in the log cabins. This approach can be used not only in wooden houses, it is acceptable for any other types of floors.

It does not matter which floor arrangement option in the house will be chosen, as long as it has increased strength characteristics. This is quite difficult to achieve, but possible. To do this, be sure to lay the floor strictly according to the instructions. Above were given two main options for laying the floor in a wooden house or a wooden house. Both will last long enough if during the installation all the nuances are taken into account.

Otherwise, it is likely that the floor will soon have to be changed. If we are talking about the installation of a wooden floor, then all structural elements must be treated with an antiseptic. This substance penetrates the material and protects it from mold and the development of various microorganisms.

In the case of a concrete floor, it is worth treating only logs on which concrete floors will be laid. This will also protect them. Otherwise, you must strictly follow the instructions, then the floor will delight all those who live in the house for many years.

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