Baby chair do it yourself: materials, assembly

Self-made furniture keeps the warmth of its creator’s soul. It is especially pleasant when dear people use such man-made objects, again and again with gratitude remembering the craftsman. And the best way to show your abilities is, of course, to do a highchair with your own hands.

Baby chair do it yourself: materials, assembly

The highchair can be bought in the store. However, it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to the health of the child.

This miniature piece of furniture will faithfully serve the precious baby and, moreover, the creator can be completely confident in the safety of the materials used.

Materials and tools

The baby can use this cute and, most importantly, durable chair for several years. The dimensions of the furniture are ideal for a child aged 2-4 years. Additionally, the product can be decorated with a bright ornament or pattern on the back.

To complete the product you will need the following tools:

Baby chair do it yourself: materials, assembly

To make a high chair, you may need a hacksaw, screwdrivers, pliers, self-tapping screws, a hammer, nails, a screwdriver etc.

  • saw;
  • electric drill;
  • sandpaper or sander;
  • self-tapping screws and screwdriver;
  • building corner and pencil;
  • furniture lacquer, brush, solvent.

Of course, each parent wishes only the best for his child and tries to take care of his health. Such a chair will help protect the baby from unnecessary contact with materials that emit harmful substances. For the manufacture of furniture, you can use natural pine timber. It is easy to handle and completely eco-friendly. To make a chair with your own hands you will need:

  • 20 mm thick furniture board for sitting and backrest;
  • bar 40 * 40 * 210 - 2 pcs. ;
  • bar 40 * 40 * 450 - 2 pcs. ;
  • bar 20 * 40 * 160 - 4 pcs. ;
  • bar 20 * 40 * 200 - 4 pcs.

Pine bars can be purchased off-the-shelf or cut by yourself. If you decide to cut a solid timber or board with your own hands, it is important to closely monitor the perpendicularity of the cutting lines.

After purchasing a furniture panel, 2 blanks should be cut from it: 280 * 150 mm and 280 * 260 mm. When cutting, it is important to carefully check the correspondence of the corners and the parallelism of the lines with the help of a building corner. Only a perfect match will save the future highchair from distortions and gaps, which the baby can get hurt.

Preparation and assembly

Baby chair do it yourself: materials, assembly

Design of the high chair: 1 - top bar; 2 - rear leg; 3 - carved crossbar; 4 - middle crossbar; 5 - seat boards; 6 - lower crossbar; 7- lateral crossbar and tsarg; 8 - front foot; 9 - front bar and tsarga.

Before proceeding directly to the assembly of the product, all parts must be carefully prepared. Depending on the quality of wood processing, it is necessary to use a sander or sandpaper. If there are unevenness and scoring on the bars, it is necessary to use sandpaper in the following sequence: rough processing - 40 grit, intermediate - 80, final polishing - 120. Only after the bars have been brought into proper form, you can start assembling the highchair.

Details 40 * 40 mm are the legs of the future highchair, respectively, long bars - the backrest base. Details 20 * 40 jumpers, fixing the legs. We need to act according to the following scheme.

  1. All 4 legs of the future product should be placed vertically and fastened with jumper bars at a distance of 10 cm from the bottom edge.
  2. After that, attach the top jumper end-to-end to the top of the legs. For fixing you need to use furniture screws with a large thread pitch. The frame of the chair is ready.
  3. After that, you can fix the seat and backrest. It is better to do this from the back of both parts, which will hide the caps of the screws.
  4. After this, the almost finished high chair needs to be improved. It must be covered with furniture lacquer in several layers and allow it to dry.
  5. To ensure that the coating is perfectly smooth, you can reassemble the product and process each part separately. This method will help avoid stains of varnish and drops that can spoil the final appearance of the chair. Furniture can be assembled after complete drying of the coating.
  6. After the smell of the treatment product evaporates, you can give the new ready-made highchair to the child.

Highchair from old chairs

Baby chair do it yourself: materials, assembly

Diagram of the highchair with dimensions.

You can also make a comfortable highchair with your own hands. Since this piece of furniture is used for a short time, it’s not always advisable to spend the family budget on it. All you need is two old strong Soviet chairs and two wooden slats.And, of course, a tool that can be found in any homeowner.

It is important that the chairs are reliable, equipped with slats connecting the legs, these parts will serve as side rails to ensure the safety of the baby.

One of the chairs should be turned over and positioned as shown in the diagram. The back of the lower chair will perform the function of the front legs, it should be strong enough. The rear legs of the lower chair must be additionally fastened with a strap. After the approximate frame is ready, with the help of wooden slats both chairs need to be combined into a single stable structure.

For a seat, backrest and table top, you can use any smooth board of a suitable size. It is possible to improve such a highchair with the help of a soft cushion on the seat; it will make feeding the baby as comfortable as possible.

Whatever method of manufacturing a highchair would be chosen, it is important to take care of the safety of this furniture.

All varnishes and materials for processing must be non-toxic and dry completely before commissioning. For upholstery better use leatherette, it is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. The caps of the self-tapping screws must be sufficiently buried and closed with smooth plastic plugs. And, of course, all the details must be carefully processed using sandpaper.

And the decoration of new furniture can be entrusted to its new owner. Co-creation will allow to get closer with the child. And the kid will always be proud of the fact that his own person personally made him such a practical and beautiful gift.

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