Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond

What can you think about when someone says that he has an artificial reservoir? It is clear that in the imagination everyone will have their own image, so this structure can be designed for a variety of purposes. Namely:

  1. A small pond that serves only for decorative purposes. It is intended to please the human eye, and does not represent the possibility to use it differently.
  2. Decorative ponds. Such a structure is intended for family recreation, so such a reservoir must fit into the landscape so that there is harmony. Water can be supplied through an improvised waterfall, or a fountain.
  3. A pond (or home pool) in order to swim in it.
  4. A large body of water, which could rather be called a lake, for growing fish.

Let us consider in more detail what each of them represents and how you can make an artificial reservoir with your own hands.

A small pond

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond

Consider how such beauty can be done on your site. There are several options for this.

  1. Cast iron bath.
  2. PVC Bowl.
  3. Film pond.

Pond from the cast-iron bath

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond Pond from the bath

Such The approach to the manufacture of a reservoir is acceptable for most people, since it is less expensive, especially when it has its own cast-iron bath. If there is no bath, then you can search for this “construction waste” in the places where people did repairs and changed the bathroom.

In order for the reservoir to turn out to be non-shallow, the bath must have a capacity of at least 100 liters, otherwise in the summer heat the water from it will evaporate quickly and the plants will die.

First you need to bring it to the object, and then decide on a suitable place for your reservoir - best of all, if the reservoir is not in lowlands, and in partial shade.

Preparatory work

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond Pit for installing bathroom

So, the place is chosen! Now perform the following work:

  • Depending on the depth of the intended bathroom layout, dig a hole. Since the land is not required, it must be removed.
  • Condense the bottom, install the bath in the pit, checking the level of its horizontal position.
  • Pour into the void with soil and tamp with a stick.
  • If the reservoir is created on a well-groomed lawn, then you need to cover it with a film, and lay excavated soil on it.
  • If the reservoir is two-tier, and the main tank is located below ground level, then along the perimeter of the dug-in bath, you need to dig a trench to its upper edge.
  • Since the bath looks rough, you can buy glue for ceramic tiles to improve the design. Add to it the dye of the desired color, and apply this mass in a thin, uneven layer on the inner walls. Cover the bath and let it dry for a day.
  • Now, on the outer rim of the bath and into the excavated trench, lay a metal grid and fill it with thick concrete solution, adding stones. Such a construction will not crumble, and will contribute to the strength of the edges of the reservoir.
  • Plants are best set at the bottom in pots.

PVC Bowl

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond

Pond from a purchased PVC bowl. The form may be the most diverse, but the multi-stage design is more difficult to mount. During installation, it is necessary to level the edge level well so that the artificial origin of the reservoir is not visible. The principle of its installation is similar to the installation of a cast-iron bath.

To prevent damage to the bowl, remove all stones from the bottom, level the ground and put 5 cm of sifted sand on top.

Film pond

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond

This design is very primitive, but the cheapest, since you only need to buy film. For the manufacture of such a reservoir, you need to dig a hole of the appropriate size, make a cushion of sand, and lay it out with a film, securing it with bricks. It remains to pour water, and can be used for its intended purpose.

If you use high-quality film, and protect it from damage, then such a reservoir can last more than 10 years.

Concrete pond

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond Stone pond

Dug out for such a pond the pit needs to be concreted in the formwork, but with a complex shape it can be laid out with a brick, or a stone, and plastered. A plasticizer specifically designed for swimming pools will need to be added to the solution. The disadvantages of such a reservoir can be attributed to the appearance of mold on the solution, and over time it penetrates into it, and is not washed out.

It will take more time and money to care for such a reservoir.


From this movie you will learn about ten basic mistakes made in the design, construction, and maintenance of concrete basins.

Decorative pond

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond

This place is intended for rest and relaxation. Its arrangement is similar to small ponds, with the difference that in this case it is necessary to make a fountain or a waterfall.To do this, you will need to install a submersible electric pump and carry out communications, as shown in the diagram.

If you plan to fish in a pond and use tap water to fill it, then let it stand for at least 3 days. Such water contains chlorine, harmful to fish, and during this time it will evaporate.

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond The waterfall pattern

The arrangement of such a reservoir most often consists in laying the bottom with stones, and adjacent territory.

Bathing pond

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond

The arrangement and maintenance of the bathing pond is much simpler than the above, and makes them, starting from the film, and ending with the concrete.

Do not cover the bottom of a concrete pond with glossy tiles, because such a coating will be very slippery.

According to the statistics, children under 3 years old can be choked in a puddle, at least seven centimeters deep. Therefore, such a reservoir must be protected.

Fish pond in the yard

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond Fish pond

A lot of fish you cannot grow in it, but for personal purposes it is enough. In this case, the artificial reservoir will serve for these purposes for more than one year. Digging it by hand is difficult, but possible.

Large pond for industrial fish farming

Artificial pond do it yourself - how to make a pond Large pond for fish farming

Hardly anyone wants to dig such a reservoir by hand, but this is a personal matter. The main thing is to be able to fill it with water. Let's skip the process of digging, and proceed to the arrangement.

Most often the bottom is covered with PVC film, and glued with special glue intended for this purpose. In some cases, when there is a constant flow of water, the bottom is covered with industrial clay, and rammed.


Accelerated video about making a film swimming pond.


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