Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

And which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom? This question naturally comes to mind when carrying out repairs in this room. After all, you want to do something beautiful, durable and modern. In this material we will describe how to do this and which ceiling to choose for a given room according to its requirements.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Features of the bathroom and requirements for the ceilings of this room

# 1. This room is very damp, and therefore it must be finished with waterproof materials. Swimming in the shower, you can inadvertently send a stream of water to the ceiling - it should easily withstand that. In addition, a good ceiling will carry out and suddenly rushed water from above. But this happens in the bathroom - for example, a neighbor will forget to turn off the faucet or the washing machine will flow.

# 2. We also need a ceiling, which will not be very difficult to care for. Ideally, wipe it from time to time with a rag, that's all. No wonder - after all, in this small room there is usually a mass of any equipment and objects that prevent cleaning. It is inconvenient and unwise to climb a washing machine or bath, and sometimes there is no place to put a stepladder.

# 3. Well, the aesthetic requirements should not be missed. The ceiling in the bathroom should fit well into the whole atmosphere of the bathroom and the whole apartment, its style and interior. And to look at it was nice, taking, for example, fragrant bubble bath.

As far as one or another type of ceiling is suitable for use in a bathroom

Since we know the basic requirements for the ceilings of this room, let us now consider how much this or that type of ceiling meets this requirement.

Puttying and painting the ceiling

This is not only simple enough, but relatively cheap. Paint and putty are inexpensive, and you can do all the work yourself. But this option is beneficial when the base for painting is sufficiently even - then it is not particularly necessary to putty and level the base. In this case, we must not forget that all materials, namely paint, primer and putty must be waterproof. If there are large differences between the ceiling slabs, the process of leveling the ceiling with putty will be very labor-intensive, so it is better to give preference to other options.

Next, we list the shortcomings of this method (however, it is often easy to turn them into advantages):

  • The painted ceiling does not shine with originality, but you can turn on the fantasy and combine 2 or 3 colors in various bold combinations.
  • Such a ceiling serves for 10 years (but only on condition that there is no flood from the neighbors).
  • It is easy to care for him, but darkening (from time to time) is impossible to wash, as the paint absorbs dirt. But to refresh the ceiling is extremely easy - just walk on it with a brush or roller and the surface will shine clean again.
  • You won't be able to integrate lighting with any desire — there is no place. But you can buy beautiful pendant lights that will decorate the bathroom. Alas, communications under such a ceiling cannot be hidden either.
  • I think it is no secret to you that it is on these ceilings that mold and fungus often settle.
  • For details, see: Do-it-yourself ceiling putty - practical tips and tricks.

As you can see, from a practical point of view, such ceilings are not very good, but there are still many more options, more on this later.

Plastic PVC panels - light and cheap

When deciding what to make the ceiling in the bathroom, many choose PVC panels. This is a relatively durable and absolutely moisture resistant coating. You can mount them yourself, they look quite nice and do not need additional finishing. Their surface does not require special care, it will be grateful for periodic wiping with a damp cloth. The design of the ceiling allows you to mount spotlights.

Next, we list the disadvantages of such constructions:

  • At the junctions of the individual panels there are seams that get dirt over time. This is not very beautiful, but can be corrected by conducting periodic cleaning. Worse, if there is poor ventilation in the bathroom, then it is no longer dirt that dwells in the crevices, but a fungus, which is much more difficult to remove.
  • In addition, the metal frame may rust over time. It happens that even the galvanized coating on it does not help. But it can happen most likely when there is poor ventilation and high humidity in the room.
  • If you want to update such a ceiling, then get ready for the fact that it is not easy and fast to do this. You need to completely remove the old plastic, and then mount the new coating.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Other photos of PVC ceiling:

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Rack the ceiling is beautiful, durable, stylish

The lath-type ceiling is also assembled on the frame.Slats are narrow long panels. They can be plastic, steel or aluminum. Of course, metal is better than aluminum - they are absolutely waterproof, and corrosion does not "eat" them. The color scheme of the slatted ceiling can be varied, since the panels are made of gold plated, chrome, monochrome, and patterned. Installing them on the shoulder even amateur - because they are going as a designer. And care for such a ceiling is quite simple. Therefore, deciding which is the best ceiling in the bathroom, many choose precisely the ceiling of the rack type.

Another very convenient thing during installation is that the slats are quite flexible. Therefore, it is possible to make a similar ceiling not straight, but curvilinear. And the polished surface of the rails has reflective properties, and the ceiling of them looks almost like a mirror. This property, however, is also found in some ceiling tiles.

Disadvantages of slatted streams:

  • Of the minuses we can note the clogging of interpanel seams with mud. In principle, we do not even notice clean seams, but when they are contaminated, untidy dark stripes are formed. However, this trouble is easily repairable - you just need to clean the ceiling from time to time.
  • Not every bathroom will look harmoniously with a ceiling of slats - it does not fit all styles of interior.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

More photos of slatted ceilings:

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Plasterboard ceiling

This structure is made on a frame - wooden or metal. However, in bathrooms, wooden frames are usually not used. After the installation of the frame, it is made "stitched" with sheets of drywall, which is necessarily moisture-proof, containing protective additives from fungus and from excessive moisture. When buying, in order not to be mistaken, you need to look at the marking - it should be written "GKLV". That is - moisture resistant plasterboard. Look at the color of the sheets - they are usually green. Such "correct" drywall does not rot, does not dampen or crumble.

Such ceilings allow you to decorate the bathroom in an original way. After all, they can be made multi-level, as well as beat the location of the fixtures embedded inside the frame. Hiding all the flaws and irregularities of the ceiling, ventilation communications and wiring, we get a beautiful and durable ceiling. Its service life is from 5 to 10 years.

Disadvantages of using a plasterboard ceiling in the bathroom:

  • Unfortunately, you cannot call such an installation cheap. The skeleton needs to be made, the sheets should be fastened, and then another walk by putty, primer and paint.
  • If you do the installation yourself, then in terms of time and labor, such a design is also very costly.
  • In addition, you will occasionally have to refresh the paint coating, as it will lose its appearance. As in the case of painted ceiling, the absorption of dirt over time is inevitable. But the construction itself will not require replacement or repair.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Other photos of plasterboard ceilings:

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Tiled false ceiling

On a similar frame, like the drywall, you can build a ceiling of ready-made veneer sheets, also called suspended ceiling tiles. The result is a cassette or cellular ceiling. Unlike drywall, it does not require any priming or staining, which is a definite plus. After all, these plates have already processed surface. They can be made of various materials. In particular, for this purpose, moisture-proof modules made of Plexiglas, metal or plastic, mineral plates are used. Beautiful and a little magically look such designs with light.

What are the disadvantages of using tiled ceilings in the bathroom:

  • However, it can be noted that a cellular or cassette-type ceiling does not always fit well into a cozy bathroom setting and the whole apartment. Sometimes it looks somewhat cold and official, and involuntarily you want to move it somewhere to a public bathroom. However, it all depends on the style of the bathroom interior. If this is, for example, minimalism or high-tech, then such a ceiling will fit into the design very organically.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Photo examples of suspended ceiling ceilings:

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Mirror ceiling

If real mirrors are used, then the ceiling looks simply gorgeous. But such a construction will cost oh how expensive. The framework will need metal, reinforced (approximately the same as for fixing drywall). To attach to the frame of the mirrors, holes are drilled in each of them. Only an experienced craftsman can collect all this, but this ceiling will last for a long time. But also it is necessary to look after him with all care, polishing and rubbing to shine.

There are budget options for the ceiling in a mirror-type bathroom - their cost is several times less. For example, you can take light shiny plastic panels by mounting them using the Armstrong system. Installation is quick and easy - and the master, inexperienced in such works, can handle it. However, the frame of this system is rather weak and not very resistant to corrosion - it eats it in a relatively short time.

What are the disadvantages when using mirrored bathroom ceilings:

  • Such a ceiling creates a large amount of shine that not everyone can enjoy, especially if the ceiling is not and high, and you are in the room for a long time.
  • Since the surfaces are mirrored, in terms of care, there will be all the same difficulties as with a regular mirror. But if you have a regular mirror vertically and care for it is easier, then behind a mirrored ceiling care will be much more difficult.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

See more photos of mirrored ceilings:

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Stretch PVC ceiling - do not miss a drop of water

A great option for the bathroom - it does not dampen it, and will save walls, floor and furniture with appliances from the flood. If a whole "lake" of water (up to 100 kilograms per square meter) is poured on such a ceiling, nothing will happen. Experts will drain the water, and the ceiling is stretched again. And it will not change its properties at all. Care of stretch-type ceilings consists in wiping them with a wrung out damp cloth.

We also note that stretch ceilings fit into any design, they look modern, noble and elegant. They have so many color options and design, which is not considered. Matte and glossy, with drawings and monophonic, with photo printing and with convex patterns. You can choose for every taste.

Next - on the disadvantages of using them in the bathroom:

  • Unfortunately, the installation of such a structure cannot be mastered - you have to call professionals. Only they have the necessary equipment and materials.
  • And one more minus of the stretch ceiling - it's pretty easy to make a hole. Well, after that, the ability to retain water will evaporate, unfortunately. Therefore, you need to be more careful, not touching the PVC film with sharp and hard objects.
  • In the case of a white stretch ceiling, its yellowing can be observed in those places where fixtures are fixed. These spots do not rub off and do not paint over. Therefore, if this happened, then you have to completely change the tension fabric.
  • See: Reviews about the use of stretch ceilings in the bathroom.

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

See other photos of stretch PVC ceilings:

Which ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroomWhich ceiling is better to do in the bathroom

Deciding on what ceiling to do in the bathroom

Choosing a ceiling from a design point of view

As already mentioned, first think about how the design of your ceiling (and the whole bathroom) will be combined with the interior of the apartment. Well, for example, "classics" is a snow-white variant. Moreover, it may be a tensioning structure, drywall, hemmed or suspended, with or without built-in lights. Smooth and smooth white surface (perhaps even just painted) fits wonderfully into any interior. Particularly chic looks a combination of white ceiling and black floor (and sometimes the walls).

Using textured ceilings, you can "play" with the size of the bathroom, making it visually wider or narrower, higher or lower. These include the modular, plate, lath, cellular type structures. All these ceilings are visible strongly pronounced texture strips or tiles.

If the bathroom is large, you can also use multi-level ceilings. The easiest and cheapest way to make them out of plasterboard. It will look good, for example, a round convex design with lamps, located above the bathtub of a round shape.

Which option will stop from a practical point of view

If we consider which ceiling in the bathroom is better not from the designer's point of view, but from the practicality of the ceiling cover, then there is definitely going to the first place stretch ceilings from PVC panels. Stretch ceiling for the bathroom is just perfect. No wonder that more and more people choose this option. Thin, but such waterproof PVC film is both practical and beautiful.


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