What is the foundation for a one-story house?

Everyone knows that the reliability and durability of a country house under construction is largely determined by the correctness of the choice of the foundation for it. At the same time, you can decide what foundation is suitable for a single-story house , only after a thorough study of the deep soils in the place of the proposed works. Immediately, we note that such surveys are recommended to be carried out with the involvement of specialists in geodetic survey, which will allow you to avoid serious mistakes that are unacceptable in preparing the most important part of the future structure.

In arranging the foundation foundations for single-storey houses, the most commonly used are such traditional types of support structures as:

  • prefabricated or monolithic strip type foundations;
  • classic pile foundations;
  • supporting foundations on the basis of reinforced concrete slabs.

In the subsequent sections of our narrative, we will acquaint you with the factors that determine the choice of one or another type of support base.

Peculiarities of strip foundations

What is the foundation for a one-story house?

The so-called strip foundations are usually used for small houses, and in most cases the basis for their construction are such popular building materials as concrete or brick.

A characteristic feature of concrete structures of this class is that when they are selected, it is possible to achieve quite good indicators of the bearing capacity of the foundation with a minimum of material and labor costs.

A typical workflow for arranging foundations of this type usually includes the following steps:

  • preparing a trench (trench) with a depth of at least one meter;
  • arranging special "cushion" (based on sand and gravel mix);
  • installation of formwork from ready-made shields, followed by reinforcement and pouring free space with concrete mix.

Using the pile foundation

What is the foundation for a one-story house? Using the pile foundation

For small single-storey brick house can be used and this traditional type of support structures, as well-known to all piles. This kind of column type construction is used most often for lightweight garden and summer houses, assembled from typical frame shields.

What is the foundation for a one-story house? Foundation types

For its preparation around the entire perimeter of the equipped area (in accordance with the technical design) wells are being pulled out, the bottom of which is closed by a sand-gravel “cushion”. Then, metal pipes are clogged into these wells, the cavity of which is filled with previously prepared liquid concrete. The length of the used pipe blanks should be sufficient to ensure that they are securely fixed in the solid layers of soil.

In the event that you plan to build brick walls, it is best to use a slab type foundation.

Foundations on the basis of reinforced concrete slabs

What is the foundation for a one-story house?

Preparation of the so-called slab foundation usually includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the pit to the size of the building area.
  2. Laying a special non-woven material (geotextile), which is a kind of durable film that does not separate the soil and sand pad.
  3. Backfilling and tamping of sand.
  4. Caster PVC film, which prevents the penetration of moisture from the concrete solution into the sand pad.
  5. Preparation of formwork and reinforcement, followed by pouring concrete or laying finished slabs.

Note that in order to avoid the formation of voids in the process of pouring concrete, it is necessary to make it tamping using an ordinary electric vibrator for these purposes.

Choosing a foundation of this type will allow you to get a reliable support structure that does not require additional care that can “take” heavy loads (due to the use of a sand cushion that serves as a kind of shock absorber when pressure is transferred from the structure to the ground). In order to increase the reliability of the slab support structure, it can be supplemented with a basement part. The only drawback to the use of foundations of this type is their high cost and significant costs of working time and materials.

Pile foundation of combined and precast driving piles

What is the foundation for a one-story house? Combined pile foundation

The use of prefabricated (combined) driving piles is one of the possible solutions when figuring out which foundation is suitable for a one-story house.

What is the foundation for a one-story house? Driving piles for the foundation

Arrangement of foundations of this type can be done as by driving into ready-made soil piles, and their direct pouring into pre-prepared wells. At the same time, they can be placed in the ground both vertically and with a slight slope.The cross section of the driven or flooded piles can be in the form of a square, circle or polygon.

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