What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

Thinking through all the details of their future home, developers are paying a lot of attention to the roof. After all, I want her to be beautiful and strong, pleasing the hosts for many years. And today, when choosing, the question often arises: what is better - a metal tile or a soft roof? Well, yes, these two materials are now the favorites among roofing coatings. Now we compare them.

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

What is what - briefly about each material

First, about what is common to both coatings. This is their purpose - they are used in organizing the roof, the slope of which is not less than 12 degrees. They differ in the small weight, durability and the long term of operation. Now more about each material.

# 1. The metal tile is made of steel sheet figured profile. From above, it is covered with a layer of zinc to protect against corrosion. The topmost layer is coated with one type of polymer. In particular, it can be plastisol, polyvinyl chloride, polyester, pural.

Sheet dimensions:

  • Width - from 1100 to 1200 mm;
  • Length - from 400 to 6000 mm;

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

# 2. Bituminous shingles, or soft roofs, has other names - shingles, shingles. Reinforcing basis of this material is a sheet of fiberglass. On both sides it is filled with oxidized (aged artificially) modified bitumen with additives. Due to the modification of SBS (styrene + butadiene + styrene), bitumen becomes more elastic, flexible and resistant to temperature effects. Sprinkling the outer side of the roof with stone chips gives high strength. And from the inside put a self-adhesive layer, protecting it with a film of silicone.

Sheet dimensions:

  • Width - 350 mm;
  • Length - 1000 mm;

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

Let's compare the main parameters

What is the base and roof system needed for each of the roofing materials

Both coatings have a small weight, so when using them, the rafters are quite suitable for 60 -80 centimeters. The rafter section is either 200 or 150 by 50 millimeters. At the metal tile, the crate step is selected in accordance with its wave step. Typically, these values ​​lie within the following limits: from 30 to 35 centimeters.

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

The base under the flooring of metal tile

Well, and it will not be possible to lay the flexible tile on the grid base - it will not hold the shape. Therefore, it is necessary to construct a structure of OSP-3 plates (OSB-3). Perhaps the use of sheets of PSF (waterproof plywood). On the one hand, a solid base and heat will help to keep, and the extra noise will muffle. On the other hand, additional costs will be required during installation. And this is not less than 150-200 rubles per square meter.

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

Base under the flooring of a soft roof

Metal tile + / Soft roof -

Easy installation, depending on the shape of the roof

Soft roof is perfect for the roof of any shape. After all, the dimensions of one sheet are quite small, and therefore it is possible to cover the most complex surfaces with this material. And no ornate bends, domes, turrets, ribs with kinks and valleys will not serve as a barrier. Anyway, there will be little waste - 15 percent, not more.

Two installation rules:

1. A soft roof is not laid at sub-zero temperatures — it becomes brittle;

2. In the heat of the shingles can not walk - bitumen softens.

But with a metal tile the situation is different. If the roof is quite simple, with one or two ramps, the installation will not be difficult, and there will not be much waste. But if the shape of the roof has bends and complex details, then almost half of the metal tile can be found in the remains. There are also roofs for which this roofing is not suitable at all. For example, if they have the shape of a cone or dome. Metal roofing can be installed in any weather, except for strong winds.

The main thing is to act according to the rules:

1. It is necessary to use special screws with a rubber gasket;

2. You can not cut the metal tile "grinder" - you can only work with a circular saw with electric, scissors for metal or jigsaw.

Metal - / Soft roof +

About weight and thickness

Metal tile weight per square meter - 4.5 to 6.5 kilograms. This value depends on the type and thickness of the polymer layer, as well as on the characteristics of the metal sheet. Thickness ranges from 0.38 to 0.55 millimeter.

A soft roof will be slightly more weighty - from 7.5 to 15 kilograms per square meter. Accordingly, the sheets of its thicker than the metal - from 3 to 5 millimeters.

Metal tile + / Soft roof +

Which roof has a longer service life

Manufacturers guarantee metal tile from 5 to 20 years perfect service. In reality, the roof of it does not lose its properties from 10 to 50 years.It largely depends on the type of polymer coating that protects the metal tile. And if you take a composite metal tile belonging to the class of elite materials, then it can be safely operated for 50-70 years (with a manufacturer’s thirty-year warranty). This roof has the strongest aluzinc coating, on the outside it is covered with a layer of colored stone granules.

Soft tiles made of fiberglass and bitumen can last a little longer than metal tiles - from 16 to 70 years. After all, neither fiberglass nor bitumen is corroded, unlike steel. Manufacturers give a flexible roof a 30-year warranty.

Metal tile - Soft roof +

Attitude towards fire

Soft roof basically contains combustible materials. However, its upper layer is stone granules, which are able to perfectly protect the roof from fire. Melting tiles at close proximity to fire will occur, of course. But no more than that. So a soft tiled roof can not be damaged by a firecracker accidentally thrown there, or by a spark of a chimney. Temperature limit - 110 degrees.

As for the metal tile, everything is immediately clear. After all, the steel sheet inside it cannot be set on fire or melted. An open flame, reaching to the roof of this material, will not be able to spread further. Temperature limit - 130 degrees.

Metal tile + / Shingles -

Protection from extraneous noise

Speaking of metal tile, hardly anyone will come to call it noiseless. When it rains, drops sound like knocking on metal, and this sound is clearly audible in the house. You can make this rainy accompaniment quieter by picking up a suitable heater, which will also absorb sounds well. And it should be at least 15 centimeters thick.

The bituminous tile laid on continuous plates, absolutely "silent". And there is nothing to make noise in it - there is no metal in the middle. Such a roof is especially good if you have plans to build a room in the attic. There is nothing to think about, which is better - shingles or soft roofs (the second option is better, as you probably already guessed).

Metal tile - / Soft roof +

How the roof will behave during the snowfall

in winter when snow avalanches come down , it is better not to walk close to the house - it is dangerous. That is how things are when the metal tile is on the roof. Its surface is smooth, and snow can accumulate on it fairly. And then suddenly the whole crumbling down, but with such force that the root with the root pulls out. Do not forget to arrange on such a roof a system for the retention of snow.

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

Example of a snow retention system for metal roofing

A rough bituminous tile is free from such a disadvantage - the snow that accumulates on it does not descend. Therefore, systems for the retention of snow are not so necessary. Although some manufacturers provide them. However, the decision to install them depends on the angle of the roof and the local climate.

Metal tile - / Soft roof +

Aesthetics and design

Both materials look just fine. The metal tile repeating the classical tile from ceramics with the look, looks stylishly and elegantly. She has more than 30 standard colors, which can be combined in various ways.

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

Soft roofing can also pamper the consumer with a variety of colors and patterns. The roofs covered with this material, in terms of aesthetics, are in no way inferior to those made from metal tiles. However, bituminous material has a clear advantage - a hidden mount. This allows not to violate the aesthetics of the entire building. But the metal tile is fixed in an open way, and fasteners are quite noticeable, although not critical.

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

What is better metal or soft roof for the roof of a private house

Metal tile + / Soft roof +

Let's talk about

prices. One square meter of metal tile will cost you 180-480 rubles. For example, an excellent roof with a coating of Pural and a thickness of half a millimeter costs 350-400 rubles per square meter. And the elite composite tile has a price of 600-1200 rubles per square meter.

The main varieties of soft roof have a price of 200-570 rubles per square meter (elite varieties - 700-2000 rubles). The final price depends on the composition of the bitumen, the thickness of the tiles, the type of granulate. If we add here, the fact that a soft roof requires more investment in the foundation on which it is laid, then at the price such a roof will be more expensive.

Metal tile + / Soft roof -

Other nuances

The metal tile is basically metal, therefore:

  • She often has condensation on the inside, so we need good insulation, hydro and vapor insulation.
  • To avoid static electricity, it is advisable to make lightning protection.
  • In order to prevent corrosion, it is necessary to paint over all sections.
  • With a strong wind, large metal sheets have a sail.

Soft roofs are not afraid of corrosion or condensation. Her small tiles and windage do not possess. Only UV rays for shingles are dangerous. But the oxidation and the layer of stone granules save them.

Total: Metal 5 + and 4 - / Soft roof 6 + and 3 -

When it is better to use what roof

Metal tile, durable and not very expensive, is good for a house with a simple roof (with one or two rolls).

A house with a residential attic and a roof consisting of complex elements would be nice to cover with a soft roof. This is especially rational when the roof has a complex shape.

For the rest, rely on your own taste. And on the size of the wallet, of course.

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