Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself

Modern stretch ceiling structures are distinguished by excellent operating data, attractiveness and relative ease of installation. It should also be noted that they look especially good in large and high rooms. In order to make a two-level stretch ceiling with your own hands, first of all you will need to familiarize yourself with the techniques for working with the material used in its arrangement.

An example of such a material is a special vinyl film or similar elastic materials, of which combined mounted structures are most often constructed. In their preparation, special attention should be paid to the quality of the surface being built, taking into account the use of a wide variety of design solutions, distinguished by the following features:

  • using special built-in elements (combined design);
  • variety of surface textures ( matte, glossy or so-called satin);
  • a large selection of colors.

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Wiring under the stretch ceiling

The stretch ceilings obtained from these solutions are distinguished by their practicality (under them wiring and other household communications are easily hidden), beauty and convenience of operation. They can serve a potential user for many years without distracting his attention to special services.

Features of tension type constructions

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself The ceiling is very even

Before to make a two-level stretch ceiling it would be useful to become more familiar with such remarkable properties as:

  • the possibility of creating a perfectly flat surface;
  • protecting the room from water flooding;
  • design appeal.

Under the elements of the tension structures it is very easy to hide all the irregularities of the draft ceiling with the guarantee of obtaining a perfectly smooth outer coating.

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Flooding of the stretch ceiling

In the event that the stretch ceiling is installed correctly - not it is worth worrying about the safety of the interior of the apartment (furniture in particular) in the event of its flooding. The fact is that such a construction does not let in liquid, but accumulates it in its volume. To eliminate the effects of flooding, it will be enough to drain the accumulated water, temporarily dismantling the edge of the stretch fabric.

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Drainage of water from the stretch ceiling

In addition, a wide selection of colors and textures of used canvases makes it easy pick the material that best suits your environment. However, like any ceiling coverings, such constructions are not without a number of drawbacks, which include:

  • coatings are not protected from accidental damage with sharp objects;
  • poor tolerance to low temperatures ;
  • high cost of tensioning material and specificity of work on its installation.

Preparation for work

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Primer ceiling

It is necessary to prepare the base of the ceiling by compulsory cleaning it from the remnants of the old, crumbling plaster with the subsequent wiring of electrical wiring in the locations of spot lights.

Before starting work on self-construction of the ceiling, special attention is always paid to preparatory activities carried out in compliance with the following requirements:

  • literacy of the marking of the ceiling surface, which ensures obtaining a perfectly even hinged coating;
  • special care when cutting the fabric itself, eliminating the likelihood of material damage;
  • possession of safe work practices (including the gas heat gun used to stretch the fabric).

Regardless of the design of the suspended ceiling, the following tools and consumables may be required for its preparation:

  • a classic screwdriver;
  • a perforator required for mounting fastening profiles ;
  • level;
  • special heat gun equipped with a gas cylinder;
  • frame profiles;
  • ceiling stretch fabric;
  • ordinary stepladder , as well as special spatulas used for ease of tensioning and securing the web in profiles.

The surface of the base must be treated with a special antiseptic primer, eliminating the possibility of the formation of mold and mildew on it. With the order of assembly of the frame of a two-level ceiling, you can find on the corresponding video on the work with mounted structures.

Installation of two-tier structures

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Installation of a two-tier structure

Before you buy Canvases It is desirable to prepare a small sketch with the proposed design of the future ceiling, including the smallest details of the surface.In addition, on the sketch must be marked zones of interlevel transitions, as well as the point of placement of spotlights. And only after that you will be able to proceed to placing an order for the canvas in a company engaged in the manufacture of suspended structures.

Self-assembly should begin with the arrangement of a frame made of profiles with a set of baguettes used to secure the tensioned web. In the case of manufacturing a combined structure, plasterboard inserts are installed in the right places of the framework, which are then puttied and painted in the desired color, after which spotlights are mounted in them.

At the next stage of work, it will be possible to proceed to stretching the fabric itself, which must first be heated with a heat gun to a temperature of about 70 ° C. After warming up, the straightened film is fixed with special spatulas in the previously installed profiles (it is fixed on the housings of the lamps by means of special latches).

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Two-level curvilinear ceiling

In the event that you are not completely confident in your Power - entrust the installation of suspended ceilings to professionals.

In conclusion, we note once again that due to the high cost of decorative paintings, it is necessary to work with them very carefully so as not to damage them during installation.


This video shows how to make a complex stretch ceiling with two levels and LED backlighting:


Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Multi-colored two-level ceiling

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Stretch ceiling

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself The original ceiling lamp

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself A combination of different lamps

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself A beautiful chandelier on a stretch ceiling

Two-level suspended ceiling do it yourself Two-level stretch ceiling with colored canvas


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