The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

Today, devices for various purposes can be used for repair and construction work, among them not the last place is occupied by a screwdriver. As you can see from the name, this device is used to fasten fasteners. Screwdrivers today are offered various models. You can find not only mobile rechargeable batteries, but also mains, which are powered directly from the electrical network. The choice of a network screwdriver depends on many parameters, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics, usability and use.

The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

Screwdriver device.

The advantages of network screwdrivers

Network screwdrivers today continue to enjoy popularity, as they are in many cases more convenient than cordless. It is necessary to note such a number of advantages:

The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

Uninterrupted power to the network screwdriver improves the performance and power of the unit.

  1. In this case, the equipment does not depend on the battery, you can not fear for its discharge. Just connect the network cable and then start working.
  2. Power is provided uninterrupted. This improves the performance and power of the unit, which in many cases is so important.
  3. The discharge of the battery is accompanied by a drop in power, and this affects the quality and speed of work. For a network tool, such a problem simply does not exist, although it is necessary to provide constant uninterrupted power, that is, the network must be in good condition.
  4. The weight of the screwdriver is less, it is more convenient to use. The hand does not get tired, at one time you can do much more than with battery equipment. Screwdriver much easier to keep on weight, if you want to assemble furniture.
  5. The number of revolutions is higher, which is also ensured by the availability of mains supply. Batteries can not provide such conditions for work.
  6. Since there is simply no battery, it is not necessary to replace it over time. Problems that are associated with the use of batteries, in this case are excluded. For example, you can work in the cold, with sharp weather changes.

But there are a number of drawbacks that you should not forget:

The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

The cord for the screwdriver must be long so that you can get to all hard to reach places.

  1. It is difficult to get to difficult places with such equipment, as the network cable prevents this.
  2. The cable must be of the necessary length so that work is comfortable and fast.

Most often, network screwdrivers prefer to acquire for professional work, where performance and the possibility of long-term uninterrupted work matter . For domestic use, it is better to use convenient rechargeable batteries that provide mobility and convenience.

Specifications for choosing

A network screwdriver has the following characteristics:

The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

Screwdriver attachments.

  1. High power. It is the network equipment that provides greater power during operation than even many professional cordless tools. It is necessary to choose the equipment, paying attention to this indicator. The higher the power, the better the work and the productivity of the tool. Typically, domestic screwdrivers have a not very high power, for professional it is higher, but they can work much longer. If the works are planned to be small, for example, furniture assembly at home, homework, then the usual household class tool is also suitable. But for the construction, overhaul, permanent use of the tool power matters. Therefore, it is better to purchase a professional version of the device.
  2. Torque is an indicator of the force of rotation on which the quality of work depends, the possibility of using equipment for fastening various materials. The greater the torque, the higher the quality of the surface being treated, and the greater the number of materials that can be worked. For example, for domestic use, the possibility of drilling and twisting screws into wood, brick or concrete walls is sufficient. For more serious work, completely different functions may already be required, it will already be possible to work with more durable materials that simply will not give in to a home appliance.
  3. Possibility of adjustment of turns. The rotation of the drill may have a different speed. The presence of such a regulator allows you to adjust the speed, make the use of equipment more comfortable and high quality.
  4. Reverse - not all models have this function. Why is it needed? For example, when repairing a house, a situation may arise when the drill sticks.It is difficult to pull it out, here the reverse function is used, with the help of which the return stroke is activated, the drill is easily removed from the material, and there is no need to break it.

What parameters should be taken into account when purchasing?

When making a choice of equipment for a house, in some cases it is required to consider such parameters:

The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

Different speeds will allow working with different surfaces.

  1. Often, ordinary household tools develop a small speed, it is sufficient for assembling furniture or screwing the screw into the wall, but it is completely unsuitable for construction and for large-scale repairs.
  2. The ergonomic indicator is also important, because the quality of using it depends on how comfortable the tool is in the hand. It may even be an expensive tool to be extremely inconvenient. In his hand, he is bad, is too heavy, the control is not located as we would like. Therefore, when buying, experts advise not only to pay attention to the parameters, but also to hold the screwdriver in your hands, try to turn it on.
  3. Illumination of the workspace. Such a function is not necessary, but it is useful if work is required to be carried out in a dark, poorly lit place, in the niches of bathrooms and toilets, in basements or cellars.
  4. Availability of various speeds. Such a parameter may not always be present, but it is extremely desirable, it allows you to work with different types of materials.
  5. The presence of a percussion mechanism allows the use of a screwdriver as a perforator. Such a function may be necessary when working with hard surfaces. Apartment owners in high-rise buildings face the fact that the usual wall tool simply does not “take”, work becomes impossible. But the presence of a shock function allows you to cope with a similar task quickly and easily.

Screwdriver Operating Rules

The choice of a network screwdriver - the main technical characteristics

Characteristics that a good screwdriver should have.

For the equipment to be used for a long time and reliably, it is necessary to follow certain rules of its operation. Manufacturers always provide instructions that many ignore. Namely, it may indicate the necessary parameters of the power supply network, the conditions for uninterrupted operation, features and additional functions. You can familiarize yourself with them from the seller before buying, but as practice shows, it’s much safer to buy a screwdriver and familiarize yourself with the characteristics that the manufacturer indicates. This avoids many unpleasant situations and damage to equipment due to its misuse.

The following rules will help to prolong the service life of the screwdriver:

  1. Water and moisture should not be allowed on the tool, as this can lead to engine failure. It is necessary to work only in the absence of moisture or when using protection against it.
  2. Before starting work, the screwdriver needs to be adjusted, set the mode of operation that is suitable for the particular case.
  3. If the working conditions change, then the screwdriver settings should be changed. This is a prerequisite, it can not be violated.
  4. If a nozzle change is required, the power to the device is necessarily turned off. In no case can not change the nozzles from a working screwdriver.
  5. Wear protective gloves when working. Experts advise the use of transparent masks or glasses for the eyes.

A network screwdriver is a network-powered equipment.

It is much easier than a battery, it is easier to work with, and its power is much higher.

But such a tool strongly depends on the electrical network, since it is powered by it. This makes it impossible to use it in those places where there is no connection. A network cable makes movement very difficult, unlike a more mobile battery pack. Despite these shortcomings, professionals prefer to use network tools that have rich functionality and excellent technical indicators.

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