technology of creation (photo and video)

What could be nicer than having a cup of aromatic tea or coffee in the morning in the open air? Alas, not everyone has country houses with cozy gazebos and verandas in which you can spend your morning tea drinking. But for those who are used to spending their free time in comfort, there is always a way out. Having built a table on the balcony with your own hands, you will create another cozy spot in your apartment, where you will be happy to spend time outdoors with a laptop, book or a nice treat.

technology of creation (photo and video)

A folding table is very convenient to use, since at any time it can be removed and free up space for something else.

Since the size of the balcony most often does not differ in large dimensions, the furniture in it should be as compact and functional as possible. The table for the balcony should be suitable for breakfast, and for study, and for playing board games with friends. At the same time, it should not impede movement around the room. Considering several models, it is best to choose a folding table on the balcony. Such a model will not take an already small area of ​​the balcony - you can only lay it out of necessity. Anyone can make a table on the balcony if they wish. The main thing is to understand the technology and arm yourself with the necessary tools.

Tools and materials needed to make a table on a balcony

technology of creation (photo and video)

A folding table and chairs can be made without using plywood.

  1. A file or sandpaper of moderate roughness.
  2. Chipboard sheet or durable plywood.
  3. Screws.
  4. Brush and varnish for painting.
  5. Metal corner.
  6. Drill.
  7. Ruler.
  8. Square.
  9. Roulette.
  10. Pencil.

It is best to fix the tabletop under the window that adjoins the room. Such a location will allow the table to be used by at least 3 people at a time. You must choose the size and shape of the tabletop yourself. It should be so convenient for you.

For a small balcony, it is best to choose a semicircle-shaped tabletop so that no one is hitting the corners.

The table can be cut in the shape of a flower or a butterfly - here everything depends on your imagination and preferences. The width must be such that the input is not blocked.

Technology of creating a table on the balcony

  1. Work begins with cutting out the table top. The edges of the cover are carefully processed with sandpaper or a file. Since the balcony is very often an increased level of humidity, the material must be pre-treated with antiseptic agents.
  2. A folding table consists of 2 panels (folding part and central part), a rack, screeds, a rack, a support foot and a key. In more detail the device of a little table can consider in fig. 1. Fixing the table is very simple - just install a metal corner under the window. The corner will not be noticeable if the length of the protruding side of the tabletop is less than the length of the side that adjoins the wall. Corner strengthened in 3 places. Fastening is best done with long screws.
  3. After that, loops are attached to the corner (they can be purchased at any building or hardware store). Such hinges are usually installed on wooden window frames. The master must secure the table in a horizontal position. This can be done with the help of 2 supports.
  4. In order to fix the stop on the reverse side, you need to make the corresponding groove. If a rectangular model of the tabletop is chosen, then 2 slots will be required (along the 2 edges). To create a groove, you need a large-diameter drill bit.

To the table you can immediately make small stools or a bench (under which a container for storing things will be placed). Near the table you can put an electric grill or barbecue, set shelves for flowers or decorative items.

It is desirable to paint all the furniture in the same style. Choose colors that will lift your spirits every day! On the balcony you can afford to arrange any color experiments. If you like chamomiles, paint the table with chamomiles, love the sea - arrange a real deck on the balcony. You can sew an original tablecloth for your table with your own hands.

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