Screen for the room do it yourself

To add an original and functional decor to a room, it is not always necessary to immediately buy expensive items. To date, there are many options and ideas that can be implemented from scrap materials. In this article, you will learn how to make a folding screen for the room, which will allow you to save your family budget.

Features and benefits of the design

Screen for the room do it yourself

The first screens appeared a few decades ago in Japan. Due to the compactness and versatility of the subject, it is used in the modern interior of the bedroom, nursery, dressing room and studio apartments. The screen in the room simultaneously performs several functions:

  • zoning;
  • separating a small space from the total area;
  • decorating.

The design of the screen can be varied, and differ in the number of target. The following types are distinguished:

  • single-winged;
  • bicuspid;
  • tricuspid;
  • four-leaved.

A special advantage of the production of a screen is not only the minimum cost of its creation, but also the possibility of decorating with various materials. As materials, you can use the remnants of textiles from the design of curtains or curtains. Each flap can be made of different materials. If you need to quickly change the interior, it is enough to paint the frame in a different color.

You can use appliques, embroidery, drawings and photographs as decoration.

A few ideas for making

Screen for the room do it yourself

You have the opportunity to realize a variety of ideas, below are just some of them:

  1. Sliding screen partition from MDF. This option is the simplest and does not require much time and money. All that needs to be done is to bond the finished MDF boards. Since they already have decorative door hinges, they do not need to re-buy them, and this is a saving. The basis is ready and it is possible to start its dressing.
  2. Screen with frame. This option is more time consuming. The basis is a special frame made of wood or metal. Since the process will be more labor-intensive with metal, it will be necessary to use welding and special tools, it may be worthwhile to give preference to wood. It is enough to choose wooden bars that are glued with wood glue and reinforced with a corner. Before starting to decorate the frame, it is necessary to prime and paint its surface. As a material for decorating, you can use thick cardboard, wrapping paper, floristic paper, textiles.
  3. Screen in oriental style. To give the eastern interior zest, you can consider the option of manufacturing of bamboo. For the base are selected thick stems, and for the target - thin. Connect them with each other with a jute cord. Light fabrics will give the interior some airiness and ease.

To increase functionality, just attach the wheels to it.

Selection of materials and tools

Screen for the room do it yourself

The exact list of the necessary tools will directly depend on the type of construction and the material chosen for the decor and the base. To make a simple wooden screen, you need to purchase such materials:

  • wooden beams;
  • fabric;
  • threads;
  • paint;
  • putty;
  • door hinges (2 pieces per section).

The list of tools will include:

  • paint brushes;
  • fine sandpaper or sanding machine;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • tape measure;
  • pencil;
  • saw;
  • scissors;
  • fasteners (screws, nails, decorative hats).

The type of material, the color of paint, the size of the screen and the number of doors are selected individually depending on the planned interior.

Step-by-step instruction

Screen for the room do it yourself

When creating a three-leaved screen of wooden bars, you must follow the sequence of work:

  1. Material preparation for the foundation. It is necessary to cut 6 bars, 180 cm high and 6 pieces of 50 cm each (width is 15 cm). All workpieces are carefully processed with sandpaper or a grinder until a smooth surface is obtained.
  2. The prepared elements for the foundation are laid out on the floor. Short bars should be located between the long (main). With the help of a screwdriver and screws you can proceed to the fastening, on both sides. This scheme applies to each of the three target.
  3. If there are irregularities in the form of cracks on the surface of wooden bars, it is necessary to level it with putty. After drying, it must be carefully rubbed with sandpaper.
  4. In order for the paint to lay well on the surface, it is necessary to apply a layer of primer on it. After that the paintwork material is applied in one or two layers.
  5. While the paint is drying, you can begin cutting and preparing the fabric.It must be secured on both sides of each wing. For this, 6 patterns of 152 * 52 cm in size are prepared.
  6. The fixing of the fabric to the bases of the sections can be done in any convenient way (elastic, loops, construction stapler, etc.).
  7. At the last stage, all the wings are interconnected by means of door hinges.

When processing the bars for the foundation, attention should be paid to the corners. To carefully paint the tree, it is recommended to apply the paint in 2 layers. For additional decoration of the screen and its greater functionality can be sewn into the fabric of the target pocket.

The screen will be an excellent element for zoning a large room. For a small area, it will be inappropriate. Practically everything can serve as a material for the basis and design. The main thing is to decide on the tasks and functions that this interesting piece of furniture will perform.

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On how to make the simplest model of a screen, you can find out by watching the video we offer:


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