repair of rotten logs (photos and video)

Wood as a building material has undoubtedly many advantages. However, the peculiarity of the tree is that it can rot over time. As a rule, lower, fixed rims in a wooden house are most often affected. This may be due to improper use of the house, deformation, poor quality waterproofing. In addition, the lower part of the building is experiencing the greatest load, and therefore it becomes unusable faster. Replacing rotted crowns is a difficult job. However, subject to all rules, it is quite possible to fulfill it, but on condition that you possess certain building skills.

repair of rotten logs (photos and video)

Scheme of raising the house above the foundation and replacing the crown.

Replacing the crowns of a wooden house

In the work on replacing the rotten crown, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • wooden boards;
  • compactor (jute or tow);
  • wood preservative;
  • waterproofing material - roofing material;
  • 4 hydraulic jacks;
  • chisel;
  • chainsaw;
  • sledgehammer;
  • ax;
  • electric drill;
  • saw;
  • plane.

There are several ways to change the crown of a wooden house.

It often happens that the crown has partially rotted, that is, only part of it has suffered. In this case, resorting to the simplest way - the replacement of the rotten area.

In this case, the procedure will be as follows:

repair of rotten logs (photos and video)

Tools for replacing the rims.

  1. Accurately identify the decayed area.
  2. Using the chisel, find out how deeply the tree has rotted, clear it from both edges.
  3. Pull back 40 cm from each side of the rotted area.
  4. Install screeds with a height of 2-3 crowns. Knock to the log house outside and inside the board with a thickness of 40 mm. Make holes in the first and the last crown. Insert through the studs with a diameter of at least 12 mm.
  5. Cut the decayed area using a chainsaw.
  6. Cut 20 cm wide cuts for a secure fit with a new insert.
  7. Wood inserts are made of such diameter and length as the dismantled section. Do not forget to make reciprocal cuts on the new insert.
  8. Place the insert in place of the deleted segment. To make it firmly in place, use a sledgehammer, putting a bar under it.
  9. In the place with cuts of 20 cm, drill through holes 3 each from 2 sides and hammer them into the dowels to fasten the old wood and insert.
  10. Clearances need to be carefully dug. For this you can use jute or tow.

This method does not require much time and effort, but at the same time the integrity of the log is violated.

Repair of the crowns at home with the use of a jack

For a quality and thorough repair of the lower crowns you will need a jack. It is easier to work with a columnar base. In this case, the base for the jack is made between the pillars (for this you can use a concrete block, a shield of 50x50 planks). Note that a stove or fireplace must be installed on a separate foundation. But before you raise a house, you need to be very thoroughly prepared for work:

repair of rotten logs (photos and video)

Layout of the walls with the help of struts: 1 - washer; 2 - bolt; 3 - compress; 4 - strut; 5 - staples.

  1. Take out the window frames and doorframes, carry out all the furniture.
  2. The chimney must be separated from the ceiling and roof, otherwise there is a risk that it could damage them with its weight.
  3. Separate the floor from the walls. If it is not embedded in the lower crown and it is not necessary to change it, then you can leave it. Otherwise, the floor must be disassembled, install support columns under the logs and separate them from the crown.
  4. Those crowns that you will not change, fasten well with boards 40 mm thick. Having retreated 50 cm from the corner of the building, nail them in a vertical position to the log house. Fix the lower edge of the board to the lowest one of those that will not change. Secure the top edge in the upper crown. The boards are fixed inside and out. Fasten the upper and lower edges through the pins.

After completing all the preparatory activities, you can begin lifting the house.

Repair of rotted logs in the house on the column foundation

First you need to prepare a place for a jack. He must rest on the upper serviceable crown. To do this, in the lower logs that will change, you need to cut a segment to install the jack. After that, measure the height of the jack with the stem raised and lowered and compare it with the height from the ground to the beam, which will need to rest the jack. Sometimes for its installation it is necessary to pull up undermining. Then a solid base is prepared for the jack. In total you need 4 jacks. They should be installed by stepping away from the corner of the building 80-100 cm.

Repair of the crowns in the house on a tape base

  1. In the logs you are going to replace, you need cut out the grooves to get a lever there (they can serve as a beam, channel).Inside the floor must be disassembled.
  2. The jacks are placed outside as close as possible to the foundation of the house.
  3. Get the lever into the cut groove and put a support under the inner end - a block of concrete.
  4. Place the edge of the lever on the outside on the jack.
  5. Thanks to the jack, the lever will rise, and with it the building. At this point, substitute the wedges between the foundation and the raised house.
  6. Repair the crowns. Note that using levers, each side must be lifted alternately.
  7. Having completed the repair of the logs, the recess through which the lever was turned will need to be repaired.

Ensure that lifting the house on the jacks occurs evenly.

Having completed all the work, do not forget to process the crowns, this will prolong the service life and preserve the appearance of the wood. To do this, use a wood preservative and insect repellent. In addition, be sure to take care of high-quality waterproofing lower rims. To do this, lay 3 layers of roofing material, treated with bitumen mastic. And only after that the first mortgage crown is laid.

Repair of the crowns of a wooden house is a rather laborious and responsible work.

Therefore, if you have any doubts, it is advisable to enlist the support of professionals. It is desirable to carry out work in dry weather. Properly executed repair of rotted logs will allow the house to stand still for a long time, increasing the strength and reliability of the whole structure.

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