Painting the house outside with their own hands: preparation, technology (photo)

Country house owners often have a question about which finishing materials to choose. A wooden house inside and outside is best covered with paintwork materials. Choosing paint for processing wood, you need not only to rely on your taste, but also to take into account external factors that influence. It is especially important to pay attention to this when painting a wooden house outside.

Painting the house outside with their own hands: preparation, technology (photo)

It is better to cover the wooden house with paint and varnish materials.

Under the action of rain, snow, sunlight over time, the tree begins to crack, and mold and fungus can appear on it. A lot of troubles are also delivered by the bark beetle, which can appear if you do not treat the wood with protective compounds. We can not allow your house began to collapse, we must make every effort to preserve its durability.

Preparing the house for painting

If you will paint the new wooden house with your own hands, then you must take into account that this can be done only after the final shrinkage of the house. To do this, it may take from six months to two years. Indeed, in the process of shrinkage, the dimensions of individual structural elements may slightly change, which will negatively affect the quality of painting.

Painting the house outside with their own hands: preparation, technology (photo)

For painting a house from a bar, special paint is needed for exterior work.

First of all, it is necessary to splash water on the walls from the sprayer and use a hard brush to clean the wood from contamination. If you find areas with mold, you must immediately remove them by special means. All metal parts on the walls must be coated with a primer for metal against corrosion. After that, the wood should dry well for about two weeks, it is better to cover the house with polyethylene from the rain.

If you want to renovate an already painted house, you first need to carefully inspect it. The paint left behind the surface should be cleaned with a scraper, and the entire wall should be cleaned off with water and a brush. If any irregularities are present, they must be removed and sanded with sandpaper or a sanding machine. Be sure to putty all cracks, if any. Places with a mold cleaned with a scraper. If desired, you can completely clean the old paint with a metal brush or a special chemical means.

Choosing paint for wood

Painting a house begins with the choice of paint for painting. Paints come in all sorts of colors, matte and glossy. Wooden walls of the house outside can be painted with oil paint, acrylic or cover them with antiseptic. But after applying an antiseptic, you need to take care of applying a layer of varnish for wood.

Oil paint is weather resistant and well absorbed by a wooden surface, it is relatively inexpensive, but dries very long. The life of such paint is about 6 years, but after 2 years it can change its color and become matte, especially if the wall is on the sunny side.

Painting the house outside with their own hands: preparation, technology (photo)

The main advantages of water-based acrylic lacquer are the lack of a specific odor and antiseptic properties.

Acrylic paint has a longer service life - up to 10 years - and perfectly retains its color and shine, is resistant to fungus and moisture. The composition of such paint is acrylate, from which it becomes elastic. He does not allow her to crack. In addition, this paint does not interfere with wood breathing. It dries quickly and does not leave stains after application.

You can simply cover the wood with an antiseptic that penetrates deeply into it and reliably protects it from rot, mildew and weather changes. Antiseptics are transparent, which retain the entire texture of wood, and opaque, which hide it, keeping only the relief. The service life of such coverage is about 7 years. If for the construction of the house they used expensive types of wood, then it is better to cover such a house with varnish that will only add to its attractiveness. It is advisable to choose for this one of the types of alkyd varnish, which dries quickly and is non-toxic.

If the house is painted for the first time, then the choice of paint remains entirely with the owner. If the coloring is done again, then you need to choose the same composition that was before. You can determine the old composition, if you cut a small piece of paint. Oil paint will break easily, and acrylic rolls up.

To determine the color of the paint, you first need to apply it on a small inconspicuous area, just as you do when choosing a varnish. The final version will depend on your imagination and desire, as long as you later enjoy the result of the work done.

To calculate how much paint you will need, study the instructions that are on all cans of paint, and calculate the material consumption. At the same time, consider how many layers you will apply.

Painting technology

Painting the house outside with their own hands: preparation, technology (photo)

Synthetic brushes for painting timber keep their shape better and do not leave hairs.

When the surface of the house is prepared, first we coat it with wood primer. It plays a huge role to protect the tree from fungus, mold and increases the service life of paint and varnish coatings. Particular attention should be paid to the ends of the logs and boards, they should be applied a greater amount of primer and paint. Be sure to paint on the tree must be applied one of the flame retardants. Paint is applied only after the walls have completely dried, usually it happens the next day. All unpainted surfaces should preferably be covered with plastic wrap.

Paint or antiseptic applied in 2 or 3 layers, be sure to dry each layer thoroughly. Periodically, the paint should be well mixed so that it evenly falls on the walls and does not change its shade. Painting the house should be in calm, dry, but not sunny weather in order to achieve the best quality. Otherwise, the paint will dry very quickly in the sun and there will be stains on the walls. Air temperature should not be below + 5 °.

It is better to paint with a brush, not very thick and only in the longitudinal direction. For convenience, install scaffolding near the house, because using a ladder it will be inconvenient and even dangerous to paint walls. Do not allow large intervals in the work, so as not to get on the wall stains.

The painting of the house is over.

On how well you will paint your wooden house outside, depends not only its beauty, but also protection during operation.

A correctly painted or varnished tree is able to withstand large temperature drops and moisture. Choose only quality compounds, and then the house will delight you for many years, without bringing any additional worries and problems.

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