Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

Innovative base leveling methods were developed in order to optimize the speed of finishing work and reduce labor costs. Recently started installation of adjustable floors. The design provides owners of apartments and private houses with many technological and user benefits. With their help, it is possible to quickly and easily prepare a draft foundation, without any special skills.

Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

With the help of adjustable floors, it is possible to quickly and easily prepare the preparation of the subgrade.

Universal designs of adjustable draft surfaces are used in order to equip the premises of any types, areas and configurations. This design can be used:

  • in old buildings where the floors are not very reliable;
  • in low-weight cottages made of wood or foam blocks;
  • in houses New construction with low ceilings, so as not to reduce the height of small rooms.

Modern floor constructions of this type are solid and very thick flooring with various elements, with the help of which it is possible to adjust the floor horizontally. The main features of this technology:

Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

Laying a lag for an adjustable floor should be done by level.

  1. Floor constructions with regulating elements are installed in a few days.
  2. Similar constructions can be installed even by a person who performs the device of a floor base for the first time.
  3. After installing the adjustable floors, there will remain a technological gap between the draft base and the overlap, which improves the quality of the insulation. In this space there is an opportunity to establish communications or to lay insulation material.
  4. The plane of the floor base can be raised to 20 cm. With this design, you can reduce the thickness of the leveling layer up to 3 cm and arrange a multi-level base with one or two podiums.
  5. It is possible to provide reliable fastening of all elements of the leveling construction to a concrete or wooden surface.
  6. You can not use the substrate used in the process of laying parquet and other types of flooring. As a result, the cost of such a design will be reduced by approximately 50%.

Floors that are installed using this technology will not creak or warp.

Existing types of adjustable floors

Adjustable floors can be divided into the following types:

Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

Typical supports for adjustable floors can be made from durable plastic.

  1. Systems made of high quality chipboard are adjusted horizontally with the help of special elements made of durable plastic. Installation of these structures in most cases is done in new houses, since the leveling capacity of the plates will raise the base of the floor to a height of 4-5 cm. In this case, you can install cable and insulation material under the raised floor.
  2. Constructions of adjustable floors on logs, stacked in the form of a multilayer cake with bars. It will be necessary to securely fasten the elements to the base of concrete or wood, as well as accurately correct the horizontals. This type of floor is used to equip apartments in old buildings.

Anchor bolts with thread will be firmly attached to the base material. These fasteners are able to rotate around its axis, which makes it possible to raise or lower the level of the subfloor. Installation of support for adjustment is made:

  • to the floor beams made of wood with self-tapping screws;
  • to concrete slabs and to the base with a coupler special polypropylene dowels used for brick and concrete ;
  • to the monolithic concrete base dowel-nails.

Anchor bolts perform the following functions: they take up half of the load, provide adjustment and reliable connection of the structure with overlap.

Installation of adjustable floors with plywood for leveling

Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

The pitch between the holes on the plywood depends on the intended load.

The main feature of this method of installation is that the bolts are installed in the holes drilled in the flooring of plywood or GVL. The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. From the back of the prepared holes, you need to insert the sleeve, on the inner base of which was threaded. The pitch between the holes depends on the planned load.
  2. Bolt-pins, which are made of high-quality polymer, are screwed into the holes with bushings.
  3. The fabricated structure is mounted on the floor.
  4. Bolts are fastened to the base.
  5. By scrolling the pillars around the axis, the horizontal plane is aligned.
  6. The remains of the bolts that rise above the base will need to be cut.
  7. The next layer of flooring is overlapped.

The joints between the plates of the initial layer of the flooring should not coincide with the joints of the next layer.

On top of the leveled base, you will need to lay any kind of top floor covering.

Installation of floors with lags for adjustment

Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

Sleeves are attached to logs with dowel-nails, self-tapping screws or dowel-wedges.

All types of leveling structures are produced by the same popular company. Today it is possible to choose a ready-made design for any height of the floor base, regardless of the type of surface and material that will be selected for finishing.

Leveling structures with lags can be raised and lowered due to the rotation of the bolts. The sequence of steps to install such a structure is as follows:

  1. Anchor bolts (made of high-quality polymer) will need to be screwed into the holes in the logs.
  2. Logs are mounted on floors with a step that depends on the characteristics of the floor base.
  3. Through each anchor bolt, a hole must be made in a wooden beam or in a concrete base. Dowel the nail or self-tapping screw into the hole.
  4. Lag leveling is performed. At this stage, you need to align the building level of their position.
  5. Excess plastic bolts are cut off, the floor of the draft floor base is laid on top.

A set of structures prepared for installation must be selected on the basis of the strength characteristics of the planned floor covering and the distance between the elements, as well as other parameters.

How to make an adjustment anchor by yourself?

Installation of adjustable floors - a sequence of actions (video)

The protruding parts of the sleeves must be cut off after level adjustment.

If you know the design features, then you can do leveling elements with your own hands, because in the building supermarkets you can buy all the necessary elements: plywood, chipboard, logs. It is difficult only to find polymer bolts with a large thread, but this element can be made independently.

For the manufacture of an analogue of a regulatory device, the following elements are necessary: ​​

  • anchor to be hammered into the structure;
  • hairpin;
  • 2 nuts and suitable washers;
  • ordinary metal plate.

The stud performs the function of a supporting element that attaches to the base base through the anchor. As a support for the timber, you can use an ordinary metal plate, which is attached to the stud with a bolt and a suitable nut to it. By means of this nut adjustment is also made. Another nut with a bolt is needed to secure the timber at the top of the structure. To the upper nut in the future did not interfere with the installation of materials for finishing, in the upper part of the lag you need to make a groove. After alignment, the excess stud must be cut off.

A leveling adjustable structure, made by hand or acquired in a building supermarket, will make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of money for repairs and finishing in new buildings. This method of laying is fast. In the process of using it, practically no dust and dirt will be generated.

It is quite simple to carry out the installation of such structures yourself, if you know the technology and have all the necessary tools and materials for the work.

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