in a brick, wooden and frame house

Building a floor is one of the most important tasks for future owners when building a house. The design of the floor may be different. 2 possible options:

  • floor on wooden beams,
  • floor on lags.

in a brick, wooden and frame house

Wooden flooring scheme for logs

Most often, flooring is preferred for logs, as it is easier to lay. However, the device of the floor on wooden beams has several advantages over the design of the logs. Beams are an important functional element of a wooden house construction. If the floor spreads along them, then the house acquires additional stability, as the beam bars are embedded in the load-bearing walls. However, this is the only drawback of such a device floor. By means of beams embedded in the frame, any mechanical impact on the floor is reflected on the load-bearing walls.

In addition, low material costs can be attributed to the advantages of flooring the beams, since it is not necessary to make a lower floor slab, as well as a low weight of the material used. Moreover, if you build a frame for the floor, which will not have points of contact with the walls of the house, then the only drawback of this design will be eliminated.

How to build a beam into a brick wall?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the required number and size of the section of beams. As a rule, beams with a section of 15x15 cm or 20x20 cm are used. The distance between them should be no more than 60 cm. Such a construction will have the necessary strength and stability.

in a brick, wooden and frame house

Scheme of mounting the beam into a brick wall.

In a brick house in which the upper part of the foundation is laid with bricks, the bars must be sealed into the walls tightly. This should be foreseen at the stage of laying brick walls. In the necessary places are left nests for installation of beams. In order for the edges of the beams, which will be located in the nests, not to rot, it is necessary to evict the openings under them with ruberoid in 2 layers, and the ends of the beam must be treated with an ognebiozashchitny composition. It is recommended to apply such compounds to all wooden elements of the structure. The ends should not be applied to the composition, which prevents the tree from breathing. If this is not foreseen, then condensate will accumulate on the wooden elements. Do not apply resin on the ends.

If the openings in the wall are larger than the cross section of wooden elements, then the space remaining free must be filled with insulation (for example, foam plastic or mineral wool) or cement mortar. It should be noted that an air gap of 3-5 cm should remain between the timber and the walls of the sockets in the brick wall. The timber cannot be attached to the brick. The minimum allowable distance between the supporting wall and the first beam is 5 cm. Their supporting part must be at least 15 cm and the depth of the opening in the wall is 18 cm.

Be sure to provide for cutting the end of the beam at the right angle. This angle is 60 °. In addition, the end face is laid so that the cut in the upper part is at a greater distance from the wall of the opening than in the lower part. That is, the lower edge of the timber should be as close as possible to the brickwork.

Installation of beams in a wooden or frame house

in a brick, wooden and frame house

Floor plan of the logs in the frame house.

Bars of lower ceiling in the construction of a frame or wooden house are laid in a different way than in the brickwork. If we are talking about the frame structure, the beams of the lower overlap are mounted on the bottom trim of the house. Bars fasten to the bottom strapping with nails.

Building a house from logs or lumber provides for cutting openings in the wall under the floor beams. These openings must be treated with antiseptic composition. In this case, the bars constituting the lower overlap should be located at a distance of not less than 40 cm from the base of the furnace and chimney.

Laying the floor on the floor

For the beam ceiling there are certain rules for laying the flooring.

It is recommended to adhere to the following tips:

  1. Each bar with 2 sides should be attached with bars. They will serve to fit the flooring closely. As a flooring, you can use gypsum boards, boards and more. The flooring should be constructed at the level of the lower plane of the floor slabs.
  2. Above the deck you need to perform waterproofing work. To do this, you can use a solution of sand and clay, which will be spread on the flooring, or roofing material. Waterproofing is designed to protect insulation.
  3. Tile materials, slag or sawdust can be used for floor insulation.
  4. After all the above work is done, you can begin to lay the floor. The floor is most often made of planed boards. Their thickness should be at least 3.5 cm. If lags are laid on the beams beforehand, an additional air gap will be created that will provide ventilation.

Thus, it is quite simple to build a floor on wooden beams. But it is necessary to take into account some nuances that will ensure the durability and reliability not only of the floor, but of the whole structure. This is very important, as the wrong floor can cause a violation of the stability of the entire building.

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